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Mickey Z is out on the road, living the Rock'n'roll life style for the month! But here is her very first assignment with the Providence Comics Consortium. She came in and hung out at the Olneyville Library in November 2011 and the kids asked her questions about her posters and interviewed her about how to draw certain things. When asked how to draw a car, she replied, “I don’t know how to draw a car. Next question.” When asked how do you make a face, she replied, “You open up the fridge and get yourself some fruit and the face just makes itself. Next question." 


Sneak peek at a comic for Walker’s Comics Showcase featuring lots of amazing Providence artists.

This is for a character named Ka-Leal Ramirez was created by one of his students who also came up with this origin story:

“He ate so much salad rice and beans to give him gas to fart laser.  He lives on the moon where he was born with the dead bodies of his mother and father.  He wants to save the world from the zombie aliens who killed his parent.”