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Justice (Josiah al hajj Saddiq) aka  Josiah X   //  Marvel Comics

Racism and the Civil Right struggle have played and continue to play an important role in Josiah X’s life - since despite looking in his late 20s he’s a man in his 60s and his formative years took place during the thick of the Civil Right movement; he’s also lived in the ghetto for much of his life, as a matter of choice.


First ever superheroesincolor art challenge

Superhero royalty; Isaiah Bradley (Captain America), his son Josiah al hajj Saddiq (Justice) and his grandson Elijah Bradley (Patriot). 

A Bradley family portrait

Thank you so much for participating, here showing works by: 

I’ll be making the individual posts during the week.

Again thank you! If you have unfinished works, send them when you are ready. This was a very good first version of the challenge, gonna give more time and issue two or three challenges and give you to the end of the month to submit the work as you are finishing it. I’ll also do a little spreadsheet with the artists who want to participate so I can give them a heads up. 

2 to 3 weeks it’s a more manageable time-frame I hope. Later tonight the next challenges. 

Please sent me a message to my inbox if you want to participate so I can take note (just say YO)

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