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War of the fandoms

I will probably make many grammar mistakes in the following text, sorry for that.

To be honest, I only started watching Supergirl when the show was at around 2x11. I just finished my current addiction at the time, and I wanted to start something new. I liked the concept of supergirl, so I thought why not? Let’s watch this.

It took me about two days to catch up, and I think I can say that this show has easily become one of my favorits. I like literally every charachter and yes, I love the message it shares (please don’t argue with me on this under this post, it’s not the place and the time).

Altough, there’s one thing I really hate that I got in the middle of, and that’s the ‘war’ between different parts of the fandom.

I have seen many shows and many fans with different preferences, so I’m used to a little fight. However, I rarely experience this kind of hate in any fandom.

I gotta admit that I’m a Karamel shipper and I’m not ashamed of it. You can hate them, and I’m fine with it. What I’m not okay with is harrasing and attacking the fans who ship them.

And yes, I know what all of you who doesn’t ship Karamel think right know: of course I don’t mention the other side. And I understand why you think that. So I will mention it:

There are many Karamel fans who are simply assholes. There it is: they are idiotic, homophobic maybe even racist. And I mentioned above that I’m not ashamed of shipping Karamel, I am very ashamed of these so called fans of the show. I would like to grab the opportunity to apologize in their name: I am so very sorry if they have ever attacted you. You don’t deserve this. I fully support LGBT community and I despise homophobic people. I’m also ashamed of the people who trash Katie or any other actors you like and they don’t.

On the other hand, there are people way out of line on the other side (for example SC shippers or simply Mon-el haters) too, and as I see many of them can’t see that, because they think they are doing it for the right reason. They think that it’s okay to be rude to people who ship something that they think is toxic and abusive. And even if I don’t agree, they have the right to think that. Everyone has the right to have an opinion and to share it. What I don’t think they have the right to is doing it in an agressive way (that applies to Karamel shippers as well, obviously).

I know I have written about this topic many times, and I mostly got hate messages after it, but if only one person realises that this whole hating thing is pointless, it was worth sharing.

One more time, i’d like to apologise for sensless, stupid or even homophobic Karamel shippers. They are not welcomed in our fandom and we are deeply ashamed of them. And also, when I mention SC shippers, I know there are many people amongst them, who are extra nice and kind, ready to actually listen to others’ opinion, and I’m very thankful for that. What I also know is there are people who simply just hate Mon-el/Karamel but don’t ship SC. I just wanted to make this clear.