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Vintage Book And Record Set - Man-Thing: Night Of The Laughing Dead (#Pr16) (1974)

Art by Mike Ploog

From The Grand Comics Database
“Includes 45 RPM record. Sound is produced by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Sanders for the Charlotte Russe Synthesizer by Univox. This set is produced by Power Records as part of a series of promotional superhero and monster records with a comic book included. The 7’ inch 45 R.P.M. record has been especially designed so that the reader can read the story and follow the record word for word.”

Arcturus - Uber A/AD

Hero - Charles DiLaurentis

I think it is safe to assume that Arcturus is Uber A, and possibly a friend to Lucas and Charles. Hanna says that the hero (Charles) is “this boy who gets picked on by other kids and by his own family.” Charles was picked on by his family (mainly Kenneth) because he hated Charles for wearing dresses and wanting to be a girl. Charles was probably picked on by his friends because as we’d seen in the 6x10 flashback with Bethany, he liked to wear dresses. Kids can be terribly harsh so Charles probably copped a lot for wanting to be a girl.

The hero then meets an alien woman in the woods who becomes the heros protector, getting revenge on everyone who bullied the hero. So, Arcturus pretty much tortures whoever picks on the hero. The boy also shapeshifts into Arcturus so that he can experience the payback that is given to the bullies.

So, the hero (Charles) becomes A to experience first hand revenge. This means that someone has been Uber A/AD all along, which is the Arcturus of the comic, and that Charlotte was Big A but was not at the top of the A hierarchy.

when I got time I wanna revisit an old idea that Stanley has his own journal.(here)

Ford and the twins discovering the journal and with Stan’s memory loss, not rememebering writing it. They try to help figure out the mysteries of what happened during Stan’s 30 year period in GF ( finding old friends? old enemies?! deep dark secrets? it’s a mystery).