comics are srs bsns


“Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests. That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Batfamily, their personal lives basically suck.”  Dan Didio

5 Things I Have Learned From Your Blog

insane-troll-logic submitted:

1. You hate Rob Liefeld quite a lot.

2. You are the most lesbian straight girl in the world.

3. You dislike Jayne! Which is crazy to me!

4. You have a Young Adult Literature class, and those are apparently a thing.

5. Ballerina obsession

Most comics fans with any taste at all hate Rob Liefeld quite a lot. WHY IS HE STILL GETTING WORK AT DC RAUUUUUGGH

Indeed, if heterosexuality were a class, I would fail it. XD (I should really make that post outlining my complicated dude feelings sometime…)

I don’t…dislike him, exactly. It’s that I have the least amount of positive feelings about him of all the people on that boat. I find him amusing! As it happens, he’s just the type of character I happen to like the least except if it’s Starbuck yes I’m aware of the double standard okay. And I don’t like writing him at all.

It’s an amazing thing! (Well, for the most part.) There’s Childhood Lit too.

lololol guilty as charged. I think it’s because I am the least coordinated person ever, so I have this weird mix of envy and adoration for those who actually can do cool things with their bodies. And Summer, of course. :P

destroyingeye  asked:

Re: Killing Joke, assuming that was a semi-serious question: Presumably for at least two reasons, one being creepy + 'it's aduuuuuult see comics r srs bsns.' The other reason is that if you remove the pointless fridge-trauma Barbara Gordon suffers, the rest of the comic is a psychodrama about Joker trying to actually communicate and reach out for help, while being Joker. The fridge bullshit is what most people think of, for good reason, but there is good Alan Moore writing as well. :/ Comics! :/

The Dark Knight TRIED to do a similar “this is how the Joker works” story without the grosser sexual aspects, but it still ended up fridging a lady.  I’m starting to think the “better” Joker stories only work if we get to see HOW ZANY AND CRAZY AND OUT OF CONTROL THE JOKER IS but just so long as it’s targeted towards someone expendably female.  The dudes are too important for something like THAT to happen to.  

And, yeah, that bullshit is what I tend to think of.  

At least the last time there was a major Joker story, it was Alfred who got to suffer the requisite body horror????  thank you scott snyder for making joker’s shock value targets more gender balanced i guess