comics are radical

I absolutely adore your blog! I wanted to draw these fellas to show my appreciation for you, you’re a really big inspiration for me!


DUUUUUUUDE! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY SWEET OF YOU! Gosh, ya got all the bois!! OOO I LOVE the black shadow you’ve got on the back of the skull there- I really like that design choice, it’s so neat!! Ditto for the shiny eyelids, o lordy <3 AAAAAAAA MAN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LINEART IS //KILLER//!!! and the composition of your panels are so neat!! It’s like the opening credits to an action comic and I’M SO ON BOARD. ✨/(@0@)\✨

Gosh gosh, you’re soo incredibly darling!!! Thank you for your kind words and generous gift art!! AAAAA 💖💕💖✨

We can be an inspiration to each other!! AHAHHA I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR STYLE! GOSHHHHHH

The Oni Cyborg: Genos! I loved this arm set the most, the Anti-Saitama Tactical Arms, so I drew these. I hope ya’ll dig it, and hopefully I’ll have these at shows as a print.

This was Deleter G-Pen and the Pentel Color Brush on Stillman and Birn gamma paper.

One Punch Man is the awesome comic by 2 radical geniuses that I hope to one day be as good as.


I’m so sorry for this stupid joke, please forgive me! But here you go, I love you and your art! You inspire me to keep drawing as much as I can! Thank you so much for being you!

o h s n a p . 👌 I^:’,

omg Grim, I’m so freakin flattered!! I’m glad you enjoy what’s on the blog here enough to feel motivated by it!!! (AND GOSH, YOU’RE SO SKILLED!!) Your Sans looks so cuuuuute!! It’s wicked cool to see ours together! AAA <333