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They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head


The Killing Joke original 1988 coloring vs. 2008 recoloring

Cover and panel artist Brian Bolland was reportedly displeased with colorist John Higgins’ work on the 1988 graphic novel:

Bolland envisaged the flashback sequences in black and white, and instructed Watchmen-colorist John Higgins to use “muted November colors”. He was upset when he saw the finished comic had “garish … hideous glowing purples and pinks … and my precious Eraserhead-esque flashback sequences swamped in orange.”

In 2008 DC Comics released a 20th anniversary edition of The Killing Joke featuring a complete recoloring by Bolland. Bolland made various alterations to restore his artistic intent, including replacing Higgins’ bright flashback panels with muted tones (save for items colored for emphasis, such as the Red Hood and Joker’s green hair) and removing the yellow oval from the Batsuit.


Hrm. Anyone remember how half a year ago I said I was planning to start up C’est la Mort again? I mean…it…okay. Lots of stuff happened. Health stuff. But now? <_>

Wellllll… For now here’s a doodle pile of past n’ future characters, teasing upcoming story arcs and such. I still don’t know where I want to post it when I finally resurrect this ancient comic. *shrug???*