Imagine how sick black women are of never being allowed to be children, but turned into sexual beings even as pre-teens.

Imagine how sick they are of hearing how their daughters “knew what they were doing” even as they were abused by adult men.

Imagine how sick they are of hearing white “feminists” tell them that their centuries of abuse was really “empowerment”.

Getting sick of white feminism deciding what should concern Black women about the way their bodies are depicted.


I’m growing right before your eyes

Song is “Young Man in America” by Anaïs Mitchell, which is a song I have many, many feelings about. There’s a violence and harrowing feeling to the song, but in the end there’s a sense of contemplativeness that  I feel really fits with both Alfred’s character and just… this country itself. "There’s a feeling that the American is something of an orphan, that we can’t trust we’re going to be taken care of,” says the songwriter in reference to uncertainty and unease in this country, but at the same time I feel like there’s a lot of hope, which is necessary to survival, which i tried to sort of capture with this little piece. :0 

Thinking about possibly expanding to do the entire song in the black/white/gold style just to see how it’d work out, but I was struck with emotions for APH America while watching the PBS Hamilton segment, so I had to do something featuring him. Hope you enjoyed!