We’re a new blog dedicated to showcasing and shining the spotlight on the female members of the batfam who tend to get sidelined by the males. We post and or reblog comicedits, fanart gifsets, graphics, news from all  media platforms.

We’re currently looking to add 2-3 members to our team to help create content, to be accepted you must be able to post original content to the blog at least once a week and keep the blog active.

If you’re interested in joining us, please go here and submit the following info:


Tumblr Email: (sometimes invitations don’t work through urls)

Time Zone:

Link to your edits/gifs:

How frequently you can create new content?

What type of content will you be creating? (comics, graphics, gifsets, fanart etc or all)

If you have any questions/queries, please contact me on here or my personal blog.

Sorry the theme is still under construction as we’re only one day old.