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Interview w/ The Nerds of Color!! 

Have YOU registered for #MECCAcon2015? Tables are only $75!

Donation admission is only $6!! PLEASE SUPPORT! https://www.facebook.com/events/501568086654943/ *** #MECCAcon2015 will now be held at DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY, as part of their 150th ANNIVERSARY!!! Are we excited?? YES!! LoloL!

I’m so sad! I had so much fun at @calgaryexpo today with all of you and the day is over :( But there is still tomorrow! Make sure to come by and say hi!

Here’s the Sunday schedule:
10-12:30 signing @ Big Four Building table 3812
2:30 Photo op! Booth 1
2:45 -4pm signing @ Big Four Building table 3812

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I need your help.

I’ve been saving for San Diego Comic Con tickets and I finally have enough, only to find out that they just sold out this morning.

I was going to meet my best friend there. She’s changed my life and has gotten me through so much and I want to be able to finally hug her and thank her in person for all she’s done for me. We were going to cosplay Star and Marco together.

So, my 700+ followers, I need your help. I simply ask if any of you have or know someone with SDCC tickets but are unable to attend, please let me know and I will happily buy them. I need three one day badges; one for me, one for my dad, and one for my best friend.This girl means the world to me and I’ll do what ever I can so we can finally see each other face to face.