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Booster Gold #26

This is from Boosters perspective and he feels all these guys treated him and Ted like they were beneath them. 

Because they do

Justice League is like high school for super heroes. If your not with the big three you’re nobody.

This facet is one reason I like the unlimited series, it showed painfully fast how cliques and social circles were in the league. 

Also Identity Crisis. It was the first time I read a Justice League thing, and it was really jarring how fragmented and “cliquey” the JL seemed

the dialogue must be confusing 

based on a conversation I had on dev.

so like superior ninja au(largely based on the superior spiderman comics…LARGELY)

in this au viceroy gets in a lab accident and only has a short time to live. With the radiation damaging his psyche he decides to accomplish 2 things that will be his greatest achievements, destroying the ninja and cheating death, how you may ask by switching bodies with the ninja but there is a twist by switching bodies with randy he also gained all of randy’s memories and realizing he just killed a teenager with his whole life ahead of him in randy’s dying breath he made viceroy promise to protect norrisville and viceroy did. He promised to be a better ninja a superior ninja

well there it is, even if you dont like randy dying you gotta admit all the sass comin out of the ninja would be funny