The cover of a short comic story I illustrated in 2009 for and his album ‘Fairytale’. The perfect square format for Instagram 😁 #fantasyart #comicbook #cover #illustration #markers #fantasyillustration #fairytale #natithegirlwithflaxenhair #ochreandblue #instaart #artistsoninstagram

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Time to give love back & show off my #art #swag from the past few shows! Copped these from my #HeroesAndVillainsFanFest partner, the stellar @joannekwan! #Overwatch prints, her #EerieWaters #GraphicNovel, her #HeavyHorns #ComicBook, & a #Saga #Marko #commission! 🙌🏼

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Yesterday i met Gerard Way, it was truly an amazing moment i shared with him. He might not remember it because he met so many people that day, but i will cherish that day forever. I wish i could’ve told him everything i want to, but it would
most likely take hours to explain how much he means to me. I hope that one day ill have the opportunity to do so. He was and continues
being the person i look up to. His passion and creativity inspires me so much, and is also why i admire him so much. I am beyond proud of his work, so amazed at how far a person could come, how strong and brave a person could be. I aspire to be as inspirational and influential as him one day. I wish i had the chance to tell him all this. I’m so happy he is doing okay and marvel at his accomplishments. It genuinely was the best day of my life. I will forever be grateful for all the motivation, creativity, inspiration, and help he has given me throughout the years. Today will be the day in a very long time that i fall asleep with a smile on my face.
Thank you, Gerard Way
-Xo A

I had the best time at @longbeach_cc Thx to everyone who dropped by my table. I met so many great artists, fans, people in general. Great conversations and much laughter. I had a sore throat afterwards. But it was worth it! Here’s one of the commissions I got to do. Too much fun! #ComicCon #artistalley #commission #illustration #design #comicbook #wolverine #marvel #sketch

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