Just look at the tiny details in each piece of art!

This one is pretty straight-forward. I really like the redesign for Catwoman though. 

I love how the movie that’s on is ‘The Happening’. That movie is about plants going rouge and dispersing chemicals to make humans kill themselves. Perfect.

Everything about this one is awesome. The “Mr. J” on the safe. The Batman bust. Her nod to Ivy with the Venus Fly Traps. What song is she listening to?!

They are watching Orange is the New Black… How does Alfred get cooler and cooler?! Haha!… Webflick and chill in the Batcave. 

Good Morning, Gotham by Ástor Alexander

Début d’un petite série des intérieurs de la maison de Perséphone, illustrations
et concept art à retrouver dans le carnet final présent dans l’album, qui devrait
être de sortie pour le premier/ deuxième trimestre de 2017. Bises :)


Persephone’s home sweet home. I’m preparing some illustrations about
P’s house that I will post… soonish. These drawings will be in the final book.
See ya ;) (simple left-click to see a bigger view)


Preview below:

Following “Night of the Monster Men” and his battle with Raptor, Nightwing heads to Blüdhaven for a fresh start. But that doesn’t last long when he runs into a crew of former Bat-villains!

Art by: Marcus ToCover 

by: Marcus ToVariant 

cover by: Oclair Albert, Ivan Reis

Written by:Tim Seeley

ON SALE 12/7