I ve rebooted again this tricky sequence from my comicbook. But this is it. It is a non dialog sequence, an independant flashback so I hope you ll get the story. It’s about how nikita became a mad sociopath. It  is spending during the russia japanese 1905 conflict.. And yes I ve just decided he must loose his  arm …(it is only the storyboard)

Début d’un petite série des intérieurs de la maison de Perséphone, illustrations
et concept art à retrouver dans le carnet final présent dans l’album, qui devrait
être de sortie pour le premier/ deuxième trimestre de 2017. Bises :)


Persephone’s home sweet home. I’m preparing some illustrations about
P’s house that I will post… soonish. These drawings will be in the final book.
See ya ;) (simple left-click to see a bigger view)


Don’t forget to pick up your Free The Loud House Comic book tomorrow at your local participating comic shops. I got two full pages in this one. I got to write, rough and clean up my first ever published comic book. Amazing colors by our Art Director, Amanda Rynda.

Chris Savino also asked me to design the Gas Monster for “Deuces Wild”. I had a FARTastic time designing him.