Nerds Assemble episode 68: Talking with ComicBin's Jason Goldsmith

This week: cultural tests for films, the BBC being daft, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones and online comics.

Emily, Paul, Paul, Paul were joined by Extended Edition’s Martin Lejeune to natter about:

And for the final part of the show, Emily interviews ComicBin’s Jason Goldsmith, co-founder of the comics subscription service that was launched this year. Chatting about what could become the ‘Netflix of comics’ they also look at accessibility issues affecting comics today, support for indie comics and more.

So, are you sitting comfortably?

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You Missed that Issue?! Corrective Measures Volume 1

“It’s another addition of "You Missed that Issue?!” where I talk about a comic you’ve probably never heard of and need to read! Corrective Measures Volume 1 was published by Arcana Comics back in 2008. The first volume collects the first six issues of Corrective Measures and with each issue (dubbed “chapter”) comes more thrills, mystery and fascinating characters. I was given the chance to enjoy the story yet again when I participated in Comic Bin’s Preview Weekend. You can find the full volume at their site here (for the monthly price of $8.99 for hundreds of other comics plus this gem). But, without further ado and advertisement, onto the madness of Corrective Measures!“ 

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ComicBin’s Preview Weekend

ComicBin’s creator Jason Goldsmith previously talked to us about his service. A digital comic reader’s dream, ComicBin supplies subscribers (for $8.99 a month) with hundreds of digital comic books which are available on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 or any modern web browser and no downloads are required. They used to offer two week free trials but instead they now let you create a free account which you can use to preview the comics they offer and even allow you to read a few of them. But, for a limited time, you can experience their services first-hand for three days free of charge. 

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ComicBin Interview

“Today I am talking Jason Goldsmith, about his site. Another great twitter find for me, ComicBin is a fantastic monthly-fee service that can give you more digital comics than you’ll know what to do with.”

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