I don’t buy a lot of comics at comic cons.  Mostly it’s because I spend 99% of the time stuck at my own table, hunched over sketches or talking to people.

So it takes something really unique to catch my eye when I’m browsing during my very rare chances to escape and check out the rest of the tables. This “Edible Comic” or “Comicake” by Dr. Shinystars did just that.  I like comics, and I like food! Why didn’t I think of this!


Nice, it’s bound with dental floss. So you can use that after you eat the comic, presumably.

I have to admit, the story of this comic wasn’t very engaging, it was just a series of pictures of various cakes with faces.  But I guess you don’t really buy a comic called “Comicake” for the plot.

After a quick Google to make sure that “edible glue” and “edible glitter” were actually edible, I decided to try tasting it.

Hmm… tastes really faintly of strawberries.