comic: wolverine & the x men no. 3

HEY GUYS welcome to my channel! today we’re going to be talking about the TOP TEN EASTER EGGS in the new x men movie, LOGAN!


now unless youre a super fan, you might have missed this one. here you can see that the character wolverine has what looks like claws in this shot. this is an obvious reference to the wolverine issue 126, where the character has claws that come from his hands!


comic book fans, you know this one! in the comics, the character “Charcoals Xavier” cannot walk and uses a wheelchair. this clear call back to the original character design is why we comic book nerds love x men movies! way to pay homage, logan writers! 


third and finally, fans might not have caught his cameo but this is an actor called Huge Ackman. he has played the character “The Wolverine” in many x men movies. what a call back to the original x men trology!

well guys, that’s all the insider info i have for you today! as always make sure to like comment and subscribe!!!!!

Drive-by Mothering (Part 3)

Part 1

Part 2

Here’s the conclusion to the Momstique Saga.  I’m not sure if I captured Rogue’s voice and personality right since I haven’t read a lot of comics with her yet and most of my knowledge of her comes from the XMCU, Wolverine and the X-Men TV series, and pop culture in general, but I felt it was important to bring her in to this storyline.  Big sis Rogue will protect her blue little brother from everything, even from her foster mother.  Several people including @babybells231 have asked if Rogue is a member of the KPS, and now she officially is!  Rogue’s appointment as the Captain of the KPS Mystique Special Task Force is also the result of this KPS comic.

Rogue is older than Kurt, right?  I’m not entirely sure?  She referred to him as a “little brother” in X-Men Evolution, but that doesn’t mean he’s younger in the comics ‘verse…

My comics are rapidly becoming their own X-Men universe with their own continuity.  Welp, hope y’all are keeping up okay, hahaha. ^^;;

Letters to Iceman.

As some of you might have seen from Iceman’s author Sina Grace’s post, Iceman will begin posting letters at issue number #4. Iceman #3 released today 7/26/17 and it’s the latest installment in a solo series about one of the original and most underrated X-Men. It details his journey feeling more comfortable in his own skin and defines his identity as a hero, a teacher, a son, and most recently a gay man just out of the closet. Coming out of the closet is an experience all members of the LGBT community can relate to. The covers are drawn by Kevin Wada and written by Sina Grace, both members of the LGBT community and brilliant artists! This book is in very good hands!

Iceman #4 is probably the most awaited issue given that the comic boasts the appearance of Wolverine’s son and bisexual icon Daken. 

A lot of people have asked me how they can help the comic. The fans most in need for a series like this are young LGBT kids, and most of them are still in the closet and depend on their parents for money. Some people can’t afford to spend money on comic books, or just live in an environment too dangerous to own a book about a gay superhero. 

While I encourage you to pre-order Iceman at your local comic shop (because these are the only sales Marvel counts), buying digital comics with Comixology or such other providers help spread the good word that Iceman is wanted. Read the book! Discuss it! Recommend it to your friends!

If you can’t do either, letters will help. With an e-mail to marked as “ok to print” w/ the subject Iceman Letters, you can show the people at Marvel and the author Sina Grace what this comic means to you. Ask him questions about the future of Iceman, the methods used to flesh out his characterization, Grace’s inspirations, motivations, and the direction he plans to take this comic into. 

Hype Iceman up to your friends! It’s a legitimately well written book, and I can promise you issue #3 will give you chills (;

Who is X-23?

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 (or Talon, a long time ago) is a member of the X-Men. She’s a genetic clone of Wolverine, and her codename stems from what the Facility who created her called her. She was their 23rd attempt at cloning Wolverine. She naturally has similar powers to Logan, including a healing factor, superhuman strength and senses, and bone claws. Like Wolverine, her claws have been coated in adamantium. But unlike him, she does not have adamantium throughout her whole body, only her claws. And she only has 2 on each hand, but she has 1 claw in each foot.

The evil people at the Facility raised her as an assassin. She’s killed all over the world (examples: 1, 2). There’s a trigger scent that the Facility who created her used to force her into a berserk killing frenzy, and made her kill her surrogate mother with it (pictured here, they’re really sad pages though 1, 2).

Laura may have been forced to be a killer when she was a child, but she’s actually not a bad person. She’s very selfless and wants to help others (though that selflessness is in part due to not even caring much for her own well-being). Like above, where she’s willing to sacrifice herself so that Sue Storm can have her daughter Valeria back. Laura is still very willing to kill the bad guys though (1, 2). She’s been through a lot over the years, and has gone through some great character development. 

Some of X-23′s relationships include a kinda father/daughter relationship with Wolverine,  friendship with Gambit, Dust (Sooraya Qadir), and Jubilee

Laura is a special character, because her first appearance wasn’t in the comics. She debuted in the early 2000′s cartoon X-Men: Evolution (pictured above). Also, her and her mom’s skin tones were considerably darker in that show compared to her very white appearance when put into the comics, she used to be a bit brown. X-23 was also a great playable character in the videogame Marvel vs Capcom 3, voiced by the famous Tara Strong

EDIT: This was originally written in 2015. More recently, X-23 had a huge role in the 2017 Wolverine movie, Logan

Fun Fact: When she attended school with her cousin for a little while, she was taught by the two guys (Jamie and Adam) from that Mythbusters TV show, no lie. (1, 2)

X-23 has grown a lot since she was first introduced, and is a really great character. One of my favorite mutants. You can check out my Laura Kinney tag if you’re interested in seeing more of her. Or my Who Is That Character tag for more write-ups on Marvel superheroines.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm pretty new to xmen, but Kurt is 1000% my fave. I was wondering which comics I should read to get more of his story! I love your blog too great stuff

Okay, first of all: there are too many books he appears in, so I just tried to list some important ones (and this not even close to listing everything!) And if you want to simply read books he is in, you really need to go through many team books.

The easy part, Nightcrawler series:

- Nightcrawler (1985-1986) - 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 2 (2002-2002)- 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 3 (2004-2006) - 12 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 4 (2014-2015) - 12 issue

- X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2009)
- X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2010)


Some important appearance/story from the beginning until now:

- Uncanny X-Men: start with his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) but I’d say read UXM of 80’s.
(AND/OR read Classic X-Men, which is a reprint of uncanny issues, but with new panels/stories!
-Classic X-Men #1-45,
-X-Men Classic #46-110)

- Excalibur (1988-1998) - a must

(After Excalibur he’s in Uncanny X-Men again - from 1998, so you can continue here )

- in 2003 he gets an origin story ‘Draco’ in Uncanny X-Men by Chuck Austen (but you need to know, it’s one of the most hated X-Men stories. For reasons.)
Chuck Austen’s run on UXM: #410-441, and Draco: #428-434 (2003)
(And before Chuck Austen, the priest story happend.)

- Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont from #444 (2004) (better story, good art)

- X-Men: Second Coming related books (2010) - (he dies here)

- Amazing X-Men (2014) 19 issues (resurrected) - a must
( the last solo series begins in 2014 too)

- Extraordinary X-Men (2015) -  (it’s not the best Nightcrawler story again…)

- X-Men Gold - current X-book  - (it’s ok so far)


Significant Issues: (by marvel universe wiki)

Killed foster brother (X-Men Annual #4, 1980);
first joined X-Men (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975);
first used image inducer (Classic X-Men #4, 1986);
first blended with shadows (X-Men #102, 1976);
first encountered Mystique (X-Men #141, 1981);
injured by Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #211, 1986);
co-founded Excalibur (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, 1988);
regained full powers (Excalibur #37, 1991);
formed N-Men (Excalibur #45, 1991);
learned Mystique is mother (X-Men Unlimited #4, 1994);
rejoined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #360/X-Men #80, 1998);
first seen studying for priesthood (X-Men #100, 2000);
first encountered Supreme Pontiff (Uncanny X-Men #400, 2001);
quit priesthood (Uncanny X-Men #419, 2003);
learned Azazel is father (Uncanny X-Men #432, 2003);
died (X-Force #26, 2010)


A few issues I can think of and recommend:

(there’s definitely much more!)

- Amazing Spider-man 161 & 162  (1976)
- Guardians Team-Up #6 (2015)
- Deadpool/Spider-Man  #14 (2016)
- Deadpool (2012) #27 (wedding)
- Nation X #1 (2009) - (road trip)
- Wolverine (2003) #6 - (I don’t need to say anything here :D)
- Axis revolution #2
- Classic X-Men #4 - The Big Dare!
- Male Bonding (Marvel Comics Presents, #101 - 108) (with Wolverine)
- Wolverine weapon X #16 (2009)
- Death of Wolverine: Life after Logan (2014)
- Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 (2017)
- Exiles #28-30 (2001) - (meets his daughter from another universe)
- Bizarre adventue  #27 (1981) (mentioned in his first solo series)
- What If? Vol 2 #98 (if Mystique had raised Kurt)
- Uncanny X-Men #204


A comic made exclusively for the movie: X-Men 2 (2003):

X-Men 2: Nightcrawler - Official Movie Prequel


Alternate univers Kurt

(this is not in order)

- Kurt Darkholme / Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler (Killer version of Nightcrawler):
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 ,
X-Termination 1 & 2,
Age of Apocalypse Vol 1,
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3

- Kurt Waggoner (Kid version of Nightcrawler):
X-Treme X-Men Vol 2
Astonishhing X-Men Vol 3


And lastly here’s another longer list of important issues about Kurt that are worth a read:


I hope it helps. If anyone wants to add something to the list, please do!
I might’ve made mistakes; in that case let me know.

Top 11 Favorite Comics featuring Younger Superheroes (Teen/Young Adult)

6. Super Sons (Jon Kent and Damian Wayne)

This one might be cheating because the series has not actually been released yet, however, if the “pilot” issues of Superman (10 and 11) are any indication, this one is a fun one. Its great reading the banter between Jon and Damian. I haven’t read much with Damian previously, and Jon is the newest Superboy, but I’m liking both. The dynamic between Jon and Damian is great and fun to read. Especially since it carries the dynamic over from their respective parents. I met Peter Tomasi at NYCC who was also enthusiastic about the new series, and I am too especially since he’s writing the book. Right now, the book is looking as a good and funny read.

Favorite Young Adult/Teen Heroes (links)
1. Nova (Richard Rider and Sam Alexander)
2. Avengers Academy
3. Champions
4. New Warriors
5. Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
6. Super Sons (Jon Kent and Damian Wayne)
7. Titans (DC Rebirth)
8. Darkhawk
9. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)
10. Runaways
11. Wolverine and the X-men/Nightcrawler (X-Students)
12. Honorable Mention #1 - Machine Teen
13. Honorable Mention #2 - Spider-Man
14. Honorable Mention #3 - Firebreather