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Worry - Thor x Reader

It was the battle of New York. You were a Shield agent helping the Avengers with locations of important events. You sat in a small but bullet proof black van, communicating to the Avengers through their ear pieces.
You were using the security cameras around the city which fed informations to your screens.

“Captain Rogers, there’s a hostage situation at the…” you trailed off, watching the feed from the camera on the back of the van. There were 2 of them. Two of the aliens which Thor’s brother brought to the earth.
Your breath caught in your throat.

“Agent (y/l/n)? Come in.” Steve’s voice.

“Go through the building behind you to the next street. It’s the building opposite that one.”

“Got it.” Steve said.

You watched the screen warily, they were looking around. You wondered if they could smell you.

“Lady (y/n)! Are you alright?” Thor. Thank god.

You spoke to Thor and only Thor, “The Chitauri. They’re here.”

“Stay where you are.”

“I really don’t think that’s an option.” You said, watching as they came closer.

“Do not fret, (y/n). I am coming for you.”

“No! Thor, don’t. I’m fine. I’ll sort it out. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

You heard his throaty laugh, “Nonsense. It will only take a few minutes.”

Then he was gone.

You continued to watch the screen. There were now 4. What the heck were they doing?

Suddenly, one of them ran down the street towards your van, tearing the camera off and shaking the van.
You covered your mouth to hold in the scream.

“(Y/n), I need an update.” Your friend Clint said.

“Uhhh.” The van was shaking. You had no idea what was going on outside.

“(Y/n)? You alright?”

You turned your attention to the view of Clint.

“The rooftop beside you has a good view of the street below.”

“I’ll get on it. Are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, Clint.” You shut off his line.

You heard the ripping of metal. It was only a matter of time before they reached you.

“(Y/n), where’s Thor gone off to?” Tony.

Your camera feed was gone. You only had audio now.

“I don’t know. I can’t see anything.”

“You got it under control?”


“Alright. Tell us if you need help.”

There was a loud bang on the roof and two footshaped footprints appeared.

There were a few other bangs and cracks and then the roof was torn off the van. Thor.

He looked down at you, grinning but still looking concerned.

“There. Are you all right, (y/n)?” He said, offering you a hand to pull you up.

As you stood on the roof of the van, one of Thor’s arms around you, you looked around to see several chitauri dead.

“I will be. Thank you, Thor.”

“You will come with me now. You can help close the portal.”

You nodded.

“I’m glad you’re safe, (Y/n).” Thor said before pressing his lips to yours.

You blushed, “You need to worry about New York, not me.”

“I will worry about both.”

Thor’s Cape

Summary: Imagine using Thor’s cape as a blanket.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 586

Notes: hey guys Its Anahi im not really sure how I feel about this one but I thought about it before going off to bed so yeah this is what my mind created before going to bed. The other admins will be officially announced tomorrow in the afternoon so yeah. The pregnancy is going swell I decided to really put effort in that one and research a little about pregnancy so it could be as accurate as possible im not sure when that will be out though so sorry. Anyway here this little one shot hope you enjoy.

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Andrei Shishkin - Perun

While the exact pantheon characterization differed between the Slavic tribes, Perun is generally believed to have been considered as the supreme god by the majority, or perhaps nearly all Slavs, at least towards the end of Slavic paganism. The earliest supreme god was probably Rod; it is unclear precisely how and why his worship as the head of pantheon evolved into the worship of Perun. Another candidate for supreme deity among at least some Slavs is Svarog.

As a thunder deity, all manner of rain-related phenomenon were associated with him. Perun’s family all had roles in the coming of rain. His sons would make the thunder and cause the lightning to strike. His daughters and wife would sift the rain. Together, they brought the moisture, thus making the land fertile so crops would grow. This would have been very important to the agricultural societies which worshipped Perun. To invoke Perun’s favor or call upon him to bring the rains, worshippers would give food offerings to the god. It is considered unlikely that human sacrifices were made to Perun.