comic: god of thunder


Comic dubs are still cool, right?

This is maybe my first time doing one of these? Feedback is appreciated.

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Original comic:
Voices: All moi


mythology meme | Slavic gods & goddeses - Perun

(x Perun (Cyrillic: Перун) is the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. Able to take a symbolic form of a giant eagle, Perun’s other attributes were fire, mountains, oak trees, iris flowers and war.

Perun is described as a rugged man with a copper beard who can speak to wolves. He rides in a chariot pulled by a goat buck or horses and carries a mighty axe, which is hurled at evil people and spirits and will always return to his hand. Among South Slavs, a mountain plant Iris germanica is known as perunika (“Perun’s plant”) and was believed to grow from ground that had been struck by lightning.

Slavic mythology: Perun, the God of Thunder

He rules the sky and earth, and every thing in the living world. He is perched on top of the World Tree like a mighty eagle, ever vigilant of his enemy who rules the underworld below the Tree’s roots, and he is always eager to keep order in the world, stirring his domain away from chaos. He battles disruption and darkness with his powerful axe, and he sends his lightning and thunder at anyone who dares threaten the equilibrium of existence. He travels the sky in his silver chariot, pulled faithfully by his goats, the protector of the living realm. He is Perun, the God of Thunder.