OC Roll Call 1/?

Orto Inciong

A 23 year old filipino journalist/reporter who used to work in a Noodle place in Makati. He’s definitely not the chosen one in any way but he always stumbles upon the supernatural.

(My best friend and my brother love talking about this OC to bits so I’m stoked that i actually drew him now!)

I’ve decided that this year I’m gonna do more OC stuff so I’ll be doing an OC Roll call list!

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HELLO I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading this comic for a few years now and I wanted to show my appreciation to the author for creating a very engaging story with very endearing characters and super varied designs. That’s really not easy to do in the storytelling world and besides it’s done with such humor and adorable art that it’s really such a challenge not to love it. And not only that but I’m pretty sure it must’ve been the first work of fiction in which I’ve seen a chubby boy as the main character (AND OBJECT OF ATTRACTION NO LESS) and I think that’s really wonderful since there’s not a lot of body diversity in male characters very usually so I thought it was really super neato and YEAH SORRY THIS IS REALLY OUT OF NOWHERE BUT ALSO THANKS A LOT TO THE AUTHOR FOR UPDATING AS FREQUENTLY AS SHE DOES it’s really not easy updating a webcomic but I’m so glad she still finds the time and dedication of updating and giving us this incredibly amazing story!!

(submitted by strawberrydaydreams!!!)

HI THERE OMG… THIS IS SOOOO SWEET both the art and the comment omg *crying loudly abt this* TT_____TT))) Thanks so much for reading TINF for all these years (!!!) and I’m SOOO happy you enjoy it + the characters!!! I’ve had these characters for so long now they’re really special to me and I’m super happy to be able to share them with you ;v;))) I’m really passionate about making this comic so I’m 900000% grateful to you for appreciating it + drawing me this MEGA ADORABLE PERFECT FANART ;3;))) he looks SOOO CUTE and these colors–the green and cutesy pink background–suit him so well!!!! ;V;))) You really got the soft shapes of him down perfectly and I love how his face looks in your style, my sweet boy!! Thank you so much, you’re very sweet and wonderful, thank you 4E&E for all these compliments!!!! ;v;))) ♥♥♥

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X-23 casting?

Isabelle Fuhrman

she was my pick a couple of years ago when i did an X-Force cast

she’s about the same age as Laura. Some people pick like 30-35 year olds to play X-23.

Isn’t she like still a teenager? I know she was 17 a few years ago but time in the marvel universe moves slower (it’s roughly 1 real year = 4 comic years) so i reckon at best she’s 19 now.

Unless her age has been mentioned recently of course


haven’t you noticed i’m a star?
i’m coming into view as the world is turning, haven’t you noticed i made it this far? now everyone can see me burning, now everyone can see me burning…now everyone can see me burning.

i was internetless for like a month! i drew this comic LAST YEAR and FINALLY I CAN upload it ohmygod (read from left to right!)

inspired by this beautiful scene from steven universe

i didn’t want the comic to get too long so i cut some parts of the song, sorry!
this was just an excuse to draw mettaton cause i love him so much oh god

>:I am so excited to say this to you all. You’re the first to know! I am anxious just thinking about it!

I am going to cosplay as my Sole, wearing the Diamond City baseball uniform, at New York Comic Con this year! This will be my first Fallout-themed cosplay.

Previous years I’ve been both Hei and July from Darker Than BLACK, Steve from Minecraft, and Dinklebot from Destiny. I feel like this one is going to be my best one yet! Especially since I’m going to put a lot of detail into it. PLUS I have the Pip-Boy to go with it! I am just so excited. I already ordered the uniform and hat. Once I get all of it I’ll post pictures.

Sorry for the abrupt little bit of excitement. The littlest things make me happy.