Manga: A volume is 5-9 chapters long, and we release a new one about 5-6 times a year.

American Comics: A volume is however long we feel like and we’ll start a new one whenever and at random. 12 issues long? 52 issues long? 700? We’ll do anything. Once every year, every 3 years, every 60 years. Fuck it.


Here are some pins I made for Puerto Rico Comic- Con this year! I make these for personal use to just wear them at the con. I wore Asgore and Peridot on Saturday, Slippy and Bill on Sunday! The Foxy pin is the one from last year, this is basically the one that started this idea. Had tons of fun making these and I’m really glad that so many people enjoyed them! I hope to make some more elaborated stuff for next year though!

how i got noticed on tumlr was homestuck fanart then i thibk some body horror art which was bad and then i wrote some Stupid comics like 2 years ago which are still getting notes.. now a lot of my followers come from chicken posts which i think is sweet+fun

kvcshutterbug asked:

Hi! I've been a comic fan for two years or so, but I just got into DC in the Fall because Batgirl. (Need I say more?) Anyway, I'm going back now and actually making an effort to read stuff all over the DC spectrum and with lots of characters. Any recommendations for me?

Why yes, yes I do! Firstly, just so you know, DC has a BUNCH of free sneak peaks to their current or recent series on Comixology that they put out last June. Free ten page “previews” you can download and test out. 

Recs below. Since you said you wanted stuff all over the spectrum and lots of characters I put in a lot. Usually I only like recommending 4/5 titles at a time since I know comic recs can be overwhelming when you’re given 15 series to read, so if you ARE overwhelmed let me know and I can try to give you a more personalized list of what you might enjoy.

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Miraculous Ladybug exclusive for SDCC 2016

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The world’s largest distributor of English-language comics, graphic novels and pop-culture related merchandise, Diamond CD announced an exclusive Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir comic book TPB (trade paperback) edition to be available at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Apparently we will have an already announced Action Lab’s TPB edition of Miraculous soft cover comic book issues from #1 to #3, but with an exclusive SDCC 2016 cover art and by 500 copies limit! Because the synopsis of this particular exclusive is the same as of the soft cover issues themselves, so maybe it’s not so much of an exclusive as it could be, but, on the other hand, we could check an artistic level of Miraculous comic books – and it’s pretty OK. We also know that there will be new stories of Ladybug and Cat Noir, not exactly the ones we already saw on TV show, so the whole thing is worth of expectation!

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Aussie Pop Culture fans, if you’re planning on attending Oz Comic-Con this year in Australia then we want to hear from you. We are running a competition and the lucky winner will win free tickets to attend the event. The tickets will be available for either of the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane locations.

How Do I Win Tickets?

  1. We would like you to comment at the bottom of this article & tell us in 50 words or less who your favourite DC Comics Hero is and why! Also upload a picture of your favourite DC Comics item! Make sure you also Like Us on Facebook!
  2. Once you complete step 1, send through your contact details via this link so we can contact you (if you win).

When does the Competition End?

June 5th

When is the Event On?

For Melbourne it will be held  at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 11-12, with doors open from 9am until 6pm each day.

For all other details of alternate locations please click on the event link at the top of this article. 

About the Event

Oz Comic-Con produces pop culture events across Australia that celebrate TV shows, movies, comic books, graphic novels, anime and gaming. The events feature multi-genre content from across the spectrum appearances by film and television stars, comic book artists and voice actors; gaming demonstrations and Cosplay competitions; creative workshops and masterclasses; and hard-to-find merchandise. Oz Comic-Con proudly supports local Australian talent and businesses in many areas, providing a platform to showcase Australian creativity and endeavours. Oz Comic-Con is produced by international event organisers ReedPOP, a portfolio which includes New York Comic Con, C2E2, PAX Australia, Star Wars Celebration, Emerald City Comic con, UFC Fan Expo and more! Win Tickets to Oz Comic-Con here at DCN Aussie Pop Culture fans, if you’re planning on attending Oz Comic-Con this year in Australia then we want to hear from you.
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A Complete List of Really Fun Cool Things to do with Your Completely Platonic Good Friend/Teammate

in honor of jack and bitty’s one-year anniversary

  • tease him. constantly. “eat more protein.” jfc. (x)
  • even though you’re apart for the summer, make sure to regularly text him asking how he’s doing (because you miss him and you’re worried about him). how does he feel? is he recovering from his concussion alright?  you’re worried. probably you should text him at midnight just to tell him to go to sleep. he’s probably still awake and sleep is an important part of the recovery process. (x, x, x)
  • (you probably have recurring flashbacks to this horrible moment ok you’re just WORRIED)
  • when you get back to school, hang out in the kitchen just so you can talk to him a lot. (x, x)
  • ask if he vlogs about you, because like, he seems to tweet about you? (does he talk about you? what does he say about you?) (x)
  • t e a s e him. tell him you’ll never stop teasing him. seriously, chirp him about everything. his accent, his tweeting, his baking. anything. whatever. (remember: chirping and flirting are variants on the same idea.) (x, x, x, x)
  • get up at 4am to slam your body against his. wait. this one is surprisingly kind of legitimate. (x)
  • write him a cute note in french teasing him about tweeting too much while you’re studying together. he’ll have to translate it and that will be funny. maybe he’ll laugh. you like it when he laughs. (x, x)
  • steal his phone so he pays attention to you. you could also take his phone and try to post some quality chirps on his twitter. (that last idea is easier said than done, though. twitter’s difficult? oh well. you tried.) (x, x)
  • slap his butt. s l a p i t. (x)

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Last update this weekend!

It looks like an old family photo….

I feel like it’s unfair if only Frisk and Flowey get to see it, so…. here you go, guys c:

First page
/ Page 102 / Page 103 / Page 104



The last semester really rattled me in a number of ways and really got in the way of the things I want to do most: comics. So I’ve reworked my Patreon, restructured my life, and I’ve been making it a priority to get content up for a lower price (b/c hey, life sucks and throws a lotta curveballs). ANYWAYS. Hey! Feel like tossing a buck or two my way to help support a giant loser make comics and stuff? Want in on cool comic previews, sketchbooks, illustrations, and god knows what else? I betcha do. Click that link thing. I double dog dare you.

I’ll draw y’all shippy goofy art. C’monnnnnn

Any reblogs and shares are very, VERY appreciated!! :’^)