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Hi! I want to try the thing of the ships! I'm really into the world of comics, manga, games and shows since I was a child. I'm studying Japanese philology and I have red hair. (The color of the cocacola cans). I love heights, cats, roller coasters and junk food. I always wear baggy swearshirts, or tight pants and boy's t-shirts. And I want de Marvel fandom, please. Thank you!!

I Ship You With Peter Parker!

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You started off as Peter’s friend, the two of you met at the local comic book shop. He is surprised to see a girl into comics and you gave him the low down - OF COURSE GIRLS LIKE COMICS, YOU IDIOT!. Over time, he becomes infatuated with you. He’s clumsy and nerdy, awkward when he talks to you, but eventually things smooth out and the two of you realize how much you have in common. And you finally admit to liking the dork, too. Your first date consist of roller coasters and laughing too loud at each other’s lame jokes. Eventually, you find out he’s Spider-Man and it only fuels the teasing you serve him. It’s only fair, because Peter likes to constantly point out that your hair matches his suit - making the two of you a perfect couple.

This Black Queer Love Story Is Exactly What The Comic World Needs
You'll literally fall in love with this queer romance novella.

Black queer love between two women often goes underrepresented in any medium.

Writer Tee Franklin wants to help change this with her forthcoming comic “Bingo Love.” It follows the fictional story of Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray, beginning from the time they fall in love as teenagers in 1963.

Their parents find out and forbid them from seeing each other again. The women lead separate lives, marrying men whom neither of them love. Hazel and Mari reunite at a bingo hall and old feelings surface. They divorce their husbands and live out their truth as a married couple, a light in which audiences rarely see elderly black women. Their love story extends all the way to 2030.

The 80-page graphic novella is one of the first of its kind.

Franklin, who created #BlackComicsMonth in 2015 to promote diversity in the straight white male-dominated industry, said inclusive stories like “Bingo Love” are crucial. She said that sometimes white superheroes aren’t as exciting as representation in comics…

This looks adorable, I would love to read this :3 Representation in so many ways. This is actually what we all need! Thank you Tee Franklin!

I’m glad her crowd-funding was successful so she can bring this to light.

Hogwarts art classes though omfg. Harry and Ron staying up till 4am painting their homework last minute. Harry finding it surprisingly therapeutic and developing a love for art. Hermione having a meltdown because she isn’t the best in the class. Luna would be the Salvador Dali of Hogwarts and just paint the weirdest shit. Draco would have famous expensive art delivered and present it as his own creations. Beautiful.

(Harry James Haverford)
☆TCAF 2017☆

Guys! I’ll be at TCAF next weekend as a featured guest and ready to sign Check, Please: Year Two!

I’ll be signing copies of Year One and Year Two, speaking on two panels, and will give a one hour talk at the TCAF Word Balloon Academy. (Check here for scheduling!)

  • 12:00 PM – Spotlight: Ngozi Ukazu – Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu has taken the comics world by storm. Its giant readership and successful crowd-funding campaigns show how the series has tapped into an audience that is hugely underserved by mainstream publishing. Come and hear Ngozi talk about her life in comics thus far, her plans for the series’ future, and what it like to have a small side project suddenly turn into a huge hit!
  • 12:15 PM – Sports! – Comics and…sports?!?! This pairing isn’t as strange as you might think! From diehard sportos to secret jocks, come and hear what these creators love about the wide world of sports!Panelists: Michael Nybrandt, Sonam Wangyal, Ngozi Ukazu, Jarrett Williams. Moderator: RJ Casey.

When I’m not signing or in panels, I’ll likely be wandering the show floor and hanging out around @mynameismad‘s table being a nuisance. But otherwise, I’m psyched! I can’t wait to see all of you guys! TCAF 2016 was an amazing convention and being welcomed back is an honor.


Dear readers, 

Two of the of the original winners of Lezhin’s World Comic Contest were disqualified due to rule violations and forfeiture on the part of the creator, including Spring in the Heart and Rose Moon. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused our readers. Further inquiries may be sent to

Thank you.

- The US Lezhin Team

EDIT (April 13, 2017): Please refer to our latest announcement regarding Spring in the Heart.