just an FYI

• harleen quinzel is the villain who came the closest to killing batman 

• she’s the one girl who keeps up with the joker, of all people

 • she slept her way through med school because she was cunning enough to manipulate her professors

 • she wields a giant hammer that probably weighs over two hundred pounds 

 • she is immune to all toxins, thanks to poison ivy 

• people underestimate her based on her blonde hair and childish voice and she uses it to her advantage

 • she is a killer, who’s helped joker in many heinous crimes 

• she is an abuse survivor who currently undergoes relapses

 • she is a complex villain who sees the world in a cartoon-like view

 • she is a extremely skilled gymnast with Olympic level feats

 • she grew up with an emotionally abusive father who committed crimes

 • she wanted to be a psychiatrist to better understand her father’s ways and to write a tell-all book about arkham asylums rogues

 • she is extremely close with two of the most reclusive and dangerous batman villains ( joker and ivy ) 

 • she is strongly hinted at being bisexual

• she’s beaten stronger opponents like killer croc and catwoman with ease

 • even HELL couldn’t contain harley quinn and satan kicked her out 

Where is all the content about Zevran being the absolute badass that he is because yes he’s had quite a few misadventures but he is by no means bad at what he does. For all his mistakes as a Crow, he always got the job done in the end.

you catch a glimpse of what that side of him is like in his cameo in DA2. He’s incredibly skilled and capable. He’s hanging out in a cave filled with giant spiders, and tells the Dalish clan to tell anyone looking for him exactly where he is because he can handle whatever is thrown at him. He doesn’t need the warden to protect him by any means and has killed all the assassins that the Crows have sent after him. 

so can we please start talking about how incredible at being an assassin Zevran is and stop making the same jokes about how he can’t pick locks because, man, I’m so done