There’s been a lot of discourse on “But you don’t LOOK mentally ill. I think you’re faking!”, “But I’m mentally ill, I’m allowed to treat my partner poorly sometimes!!”, and “Why are people mad about _inputArtist_ making stories about mental illness and tragedy?! Is nobody allowed to talk about those things anymore?!”

and I just wanted to draw out my opinions on the different issues, because it’s more fun to draw comics than make text posts


Silly Comic #15! : Myopia…

I swear i’ll stop making fun of Tsukki bad eye sight…Someday 
BACK AGAIN WITH THE SILLY COMICS!, Don’t worry because Tsukki and Hinata are still canon on my comics, I just wanted to make fun of Tsukki. 
I love my son i swear
I also have a neww water mark!, did you like it? ashfjsafkas
Anyway, hope you like it! 
Love, Coco