Some enlightening set photos from Avengers Infinity War are starting to arise! How awesome is it to see Bruce, Wong, Stark and Strange all stood together?! But of course, what everyone will be thinking of and looking at is the Iron Man suit, and what looks to be a new Arc Reactor on Tony’s chest, after obviously freeing himself of the original one at the end of Iron Man 3.

What’s strange is why he’d feel the need to endure a surgical procedure to replant an Arc Reactor in his chest after clearly not needing one since Iron Man 3, Age of Ultron, Civil War and Spider-Man Homecoming. Perhaps his suit requires more power due to the inevitable long hauls he’ll be enduring in the dangerous landscapes of deep space… or maybe it’s not a new Arc Reactor at all?

Stay with me on this one guys and gals, and yes you heard it here first (before the big news channels have the answer spoon fed to them in about 5 month’s time), that may not be an Arc Reactor at all. I actually believe it could be a homing plate attached to his clothing, which ensures the Arc Reactor segment of the suit always travels and attaches onto that specific part of his body, or maybe it’s to protect his chest from the emmense power of the suit’s reactor. We’ve seen Stark construct an iron hand out of his wrist watch in Civil War, so who’s to say that he’s flat packed his suit into something the size of that chest peice? Perhaps when he hits his chest, the suit builds around his body similar to the Extremis suit from the comics. All I’m saying is, don’t assume it’s an Arc Reactor too quickly!