FF #300:

Uncle: I think when and if I get married, I’m going to use this as the art on my invitations. That’ll make the family glad.

Anyway, why don’t you start us off by telling us why you chose this issue?

@traincat: There are two things that can get me to read any comic, and that’s Johnny Storm and weddings, so in theory this should be my favorite issue. It’s not, but in theory. One of my favorite things about long running superhero comics is how malleable canon get. Nothing is sacred! You write Johnny Storm marrying Ben’s true love and 57 issues later, Tom DeFalco’s saying this Alicia is actually a shapeshifting alien spy from outer space after one issue of foreshadowing! Anything’s possible! It’s the kind of storytelling you can’t really accomplish with a lot of other mediums. I love that sense that anything can happen, as long as it’s for the drama.

That being said, Ben and the Puppet Master are both big moods here.

i’m going to start off slow.

i’m furious.

i’m a young jewish woman, and i deserve to be treated with basic fucking decency. i should be able to relax and enjoy my holiday, say shanah tovah and not have to deal with goyische bullshit.

for those of you who haven’t heard, this years cw superhero supercrossover fuckdome is entitled “crisis on earth x”. earth x is the earth of the CWSeed’s new animated show The Ray, where canonically jewish characters/jewish coded characters such as barry allen, ray palmer, and kara zor el along with multiple other superheroes are nazis. i’m not going to explain why this is gross because you have google right at your fingertips.

comic books are jewish american culture. that’s right, say it with me. COMIC BOOKS ARE JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE. every classic comic superhero you love was created by jews and tells a jewish story. batman? jewish. superman? jewish. wonderwoman? jewish. every single one of them tells a jewish story.

by making these characters nazis, they turn our own creations against us. we contributed to society, but they’d rather see a world where we’re dead than one where they give us credit for everything we’ve contributed.

so here’s the deal: don’t watch the crossover live. don’t give them the ratings. if you’re really despesrate, but the seasons on amazon or something and watch it right after it airs. watch it illegally online. don’t give them the ratings, let them know that this isn’t ok.

yell on social media. tweet the dctv writers. be vocal about how ugly this is. do something this is so bad please protect ur local jews.

I just saw Thor Ragnarok and my mind is brusting with confetti & fangirl tears

I’m extremely overwhelmed by how amazing it was so I simply cannot put it into words because I enjoyed every second of it.

Honestly every single character is perfectly written & well-portrayed

Loki is an epic-hair-flipping sass hero at his best

Hulk is absolutely adorable

Thor and Loki’s relationship is beautiful

Hela is a hela of a female villain

Loki attmpeting to kill Steven Strange is matter of 2 seconds is the highlight of my year

Devil’s Anus is a serious thing

• The movie is intense but hilarious at the same time, it’s also Marvel’s best feminist kind of movie

Dr. Strange is earth’s mightiest sass-master

Valkyrie made me emotional & proud because she’s nothing less than a male superhero

• Protect my adorable Korg in all costs

• I will never be able to control myself when I hear the immigrant song

Stan Lee’s funniest cameo so far

• I lost my shit everytime Heimdall appeared

• After this I feel safer for infinity war with the God of Thunder the one & only Thor the strongest Avenger (the irony)

Thank You Taika.

That is literally me, Tom and I are literally same person, his love for Spiderman is so strong ! I need to meet this man ASAP to tell him how much I love him and I’m so proud he followed his dreams. He ain’t no idiot, he perfect. Love of my life right there!