Best Fonts Released on March.

March! This month was full of good typefaces, for some reason I saw many display and handmade fonts very successful like In and Out and La Chic.

Is super difficult to show you the details of every font presented here, but don’t be fooled by the images that I showed you here, there are many fonts that have beautiful details and accents, and example is Acustic wich is a set of script and roman letters with cap,swashes and italic variants.

Here is the full list of the best fonts released on March, feel free to click on the name of the fonts to see full details (almost all the professional typefaces introductory offers up to 90% off, meaning that you can get a font for $1, $2 and $5 and a whole family of up to 21 fonts for les than $20 like Festivo):

  1. Crique Grotesk (85% off)
  2. Dream Script (30% off)
  3. Courtesy Script Pro (30% off)
  4. Festivo Lowercase Letters (84% off)
  5. In & Out (75% off)
  6. Core Deco (90% off)
  7. Modum (70% off)
  8. Microbrew (50% off)
  9. La Chic Font (50% off)
  10. Mariné (77% off)
  11. Rein Grotesk (70% off)
  12. Woderhand
  13. National Champion Lines Series (50% off)
  14. PiS Wanderlust (35% off)
  15. Korb (50% off)
  16. Acustica (778% off)
  17. Supermolot
  18. Coming Home (30% off)
  19. Sarine (80% off)
  20. Duval (80% off)
  21. Gist Rough (65% off)
  22. Predige Rounded (80% off)
  23. Sofia Soft (75% off)
  24. Pinto (50% off)

Did like it? Then you should see the past best fonts: February, January and past year.

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She descended the ramp and walked over to Leia. Leia held Rey’s face in her hands, then embraced her, sharing the girl’s tears.

TFA #6

a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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By the end of this, you’ll hate me just as much as you love me.

looks around

now where’s that hc that gabe was captured by talon and brainwashed to hate jack bc boy howdy, i’ve got a bone to pick w/ you

EDIT: some tags reminded me that i didn’t clarify–in the future, they probably have enough advanced tech to replicate someone’s voice and visage almost perfectly given enough data. jack likely speaks in public all the time so talon probably has tons of footage of him to recreate a digital version of jack that’ll say whatever they want

and over time, gabe just can’t tell the difference between the two anymore.

part 2

dsjkdsl uhm. lol more preliminary concept work for… something… a comic… maybe.. sdfjh i mean hahahah its not like. im making a. Vegeta/Cinderella crossover doujin comic thing. perhaps. pgffttt. haha i mean. thats jsut cuh-RARAazyyyy…. >x>


Most times I write a script like seen here. The top portion has the main comic what I would draw with the description first and the dialog under it. Sometimes I’ll be more descriptive about the description but I actually made a really rough thumbnail in my notebook for this comic first so most of that information doesn't need to be typed out. 

More often than not I have alternatives versions of the comic parts (normally the for endings) which you see near the bottom. 

And lastly notes that don’t go into the comic there just there for reference (mainly I have them on my more aph historical fiction comics.)  

sportarobbie au where robbie lives in the flat below sportacus’ apartment and they yell at each other from their balconies.
also, every time sportacus is aware of robbie having a hard time/being unable to sleep he just climbs down to his balcony like it’s no big deal and robbie has a heart attack every time because WHO DOES THAT WE’RE ON THE THIRD FLOOR.

Taste of the next comic script I'm working on - its Lewis forgiving Arthur, or is it?
  • Vivi: I told you not to scare him.
  • Lewis: Scare him? Vivi, he killed me. Scaring him is the least of my concerns.
  • Vivi: You said that already and I told you we are talking about this like a group of grown adults.
  • Lewis: I’m only doing this because you asked me to, this doesn't change my mind.
  • Vivi: I’m asking you to give it a chance too. Give him a chance. You two are best friends.
  • Lewis: We were best friends Vivi, not anymore.
  • Vivi: Lewis…
  • Arthur: Huh? Wha... What’s going on?
  • Vivi: Hey, are you ok?
  • Arthur: No, I think I'm seeing the dead.
  • Lewis: Yes you are Arthur. Feeling guilty about something you did?