Cain and Mabel Excerpt #2

Page one

Panel 1
Mabel is in Santalune forest, her home and she’s playing with her friend a Fletching. It flutters around her head as she tries to catch her

You can’t catch me little Fire-fox

Oh yes I can!

Panel 2
An acorn hits the fletchling, knocking it to the ground. Mabel goes to her aide


Panel 3
We see in the trees a Pansage, with two scatterbugs laughing at them both

Look boys, it’s pika-ears!

Scatterbug 1 and 2
Pika-ears! Pika-ears!

Panel 4
Mabel gets Ophena onto her back, the Pansage throws another acorn and it hits Mabel’s tail

Hungry? Would you like a light bulb? Spark plug?

Scatterbug 1
Or some cheese!

Scatterbug 2
Mousy Fox!

Panel 5
Mabel tries to look determined against the nasty monkey and his bug buddies

You leave us alone you big meanies!

Panel 6
Pansage smirks as he readies another acorn

Or what?

Panel 7
The acorn hits Mabel’s face

Panel 8
Mabel runs away crying, the Pansage laughs as does his bugs


Page 2

Panel 1
A chubby looking pikachu is resting by the base of a tree eating a berry, looking perfectly content. Special features about Papa-chu is his father is a togekiss so he has little togetic wings on his hind legs (like pokemon crossbreeds you see on the internet) but not too obvious

Num num~

Panel 2
Mabel rushes towards the pikachu whom stops eating when he sees she is upset


Hey there chu-cheeks, what’s the matter?

Panel 3
Mabel tearfully nuzzles her father whom in turn huggles his little daughter (whom he is probably not much bigger than)

A-A-A mean Pansage was throwing acorns at me and Ophena while we were playing…calling me names! C-C-Can you do something about him

Oh honey, believe me, nothing would please me more than to mess up that stupid monkey!

Panel 4
He gently holds his daughter’s face whom still looks teary eyed, he looks her in the eyes and winks

But I can’t fight your battles for ya.  You just gotta remind him what’s special about you.


Panel 5
The next day Mabel walks right up to the Pansage and his bug buddies whom are still in the trees. She looks much more confident now but still has her sweet smile

Look who’s back, do we have to make you cry all the way home again

Panel 6
Mabel smiles sweetly at the monkey and his bugs

No, you don’t have to do that at all. In fact if you like you could come down and play with me, you don’t have to be mean at all. We can be friends if you want

Panel 7
Pansage and the bugs look a little confused but the monkey still smirks and Mabel smiles sweetly still

Oh yeah, why should we?

Well it wouldn’t be a good idea to pick on me


Panel 8
Mabel smiles her sweetest smile, and the monkey and his bug buddies…look horrified

I may have pika ears, but I am still a fire type

To be continued…


Best Fonts Released on March.

March! This month was full of good typefaces, for some reason I saw many display and handmade fonts very successful like In and Out and La Chic.

Is super difficult to show you the details of every font presented here, but don’t be fooled by the images that I showed you here, there are many fonts that have beautiful details and accents, and example is Acustic wich is a set of script and roman letters with cap,swashes and italic variants.

Here is the full list of the best fonts released on March, feel free to click on the name of the fonts to see full details (almost all the professional typefaces introductory offers up to 90% off, meaning that you can get a font for $1, $2 and $5 and a whole family of up to 21 fonts for les than $20 like Festivo):

  1. Crique Grotesk (85% off)
  2. Dream Script (30% off)
  3. Courtesy Script Pro (30% off)
  4. Festivo Lowercase Letters (84% off)
  5. In & Out (75% off)
  6. Core Deco (90% off)
  7. Modum (70% off)
  8. Microbrew (50% off)
  9. La Chic Font (50% off)
  10. Mariné (77% off)
  11. Rein Grotesk (70% off)
  12. Woderhand
  13. National Champion Lines Series (50% off)
  14. PiS Wanderlust (35% off)
  15. Korb (50% off)
  16. Acustica (778% off)
  17. Supermolot
  18. Coming Home (30% off)
  19. Sarine (80% off)
  20. Duval (80% off)
  21. Gist Rough (65% off)
  22. Predige Rounded (80% off)
  23. Sofia Soft (75% off)
  24. Pinto (50% off)

Did like it? Then you should see the past best fonts: February, January and past year.

If you want to see more lovely fonts and beautiful lettering visit: Facebook | Twitter


By the end of this, you’ll hate me just as much as you love me.

looks around

now where’s that hc that gabe was captured by talon and brainwashed to hate jack bc boy howdy, i’ve got a bone to pick w/ you

EDIT: some tags reminded me that i didn’t clarify–in the future, they probably have enough advanced tech to replicate someone’s voice and visage almost perfectly given enough data. jack likely speaks in public all the time so talon probably has tons of footage of him to recreate a digital version of jack that’ll say whatever they want

and over time, gabe just can’t tell the difference between the two anymore.

part 2

dsjkdsl uhm. lol more preliminary concept work for… something… a comic… maybe.. sdfjh i mean hahahah its not like. im making a. Vegeta/Cinderella crossover doujin comic thing. perhaps. pgffttt. haha i mean. thats jsut cuh-RARAazyyyy…. >x>

ReDeath - Excerpt

My name is Alex Helms.

I am 32 years old.

I am a coroner’s assistant.

I have 3 tattoos, two piercings, four moles and fifty eight scars.

The last two scars I gave myself are the biggest.

My wrists look pretty fucked up, now, huh?

The hospital they sent me to with that suicide attempt operated differently than the ones I’d been to after the cuttings, the fights and the drug overdoses.
This one was a ‘trust’ hospital.

They let you have pens and bedsheets and private baths with safety razors to shave yourself. Because even in recovery from feeling like you should die, shaving was still a societal fucking norm.

The only thing they asked was that you strip goddamned naked and let them count your scars, your moles, your tattoos. 

Every week. 

After twelve weeks, you get to go without showing your asshole to the nurses for an entire month. After three months, you just get looked over in your undies.


They stripped you of your dignity and gave you all the ‘trust’ in the world.

That was the worst fucking hospital I’ve ever been to. It was worse than the forced ECT they’re not supposed to do anymore, it was worse than the sexist orderlies in rehab, it was worse than the nurses who watched me shit. It was full of itself – it had confidence. It had GOALS. 

Even the therapists were shit-for-brains – spouting finding God and listening to your fucking biological clock to make it with a man. Wouldn’t a baby make you feel like living, Alex? 


This last hospital was my own private Hell. And I vowed it would be the LAST.
So I did what my therapist said. I finished my medical bullshit. I got a job. I reconnected with my parents. 

I made a friend. 

The final step was to find my own place. Being independent would help my shitty life, apparently. I was READY. I was a big girl now, or what the fuck ever.
But I wanted this bullshit on my own terms. I wasn’t going to be a stooge for ANYTHING. 


My Personal Apartment Checklist,


  • - Near the hospital I work at because fuck the bus
  • - Not a total shithole – working plumbing, semi-working electric, no noticeable rats, no needles on the floor
  • - Smells okay
  • - A door somewhere other than the front door would be baller
  • - Closets?
  • - Neighbors must be less annoying than last ones – no meth chemists, basically
  • - A private bathroom
  • - Shag Carpeting can get bent


And I found the perfect apartment. A nice townhouse on a quiet street. Tree lined and shit. It had a shared basement, a bathroom off my living room, a pull-down bed, even a fucking dining room. I’d never been in a place that posh by myself unless I was trying to rob it. And the rent was cheap. 

So I filled out the application (lied a little, of course – agencies hate mental patients) and threw in the down payment. 

It was mine in a week.

How fucking domestic. 

I bought sheets and paper plates and a big-ass candle because screw the electric company.
Everything was copacetic.


She turned up.

What my personal apartment checklist and I didn’t think to include,


  • - Not haunted
  • - Not going to make me crazier
  • - Not going to make my ONLY friend hate me
  • - Not going to be a hangout for resurrected corpses


Fucking. Oops.


Excerpt from a comic script, without panel layout. Still rough, but coming along.

Taste of the next comic script I'm working on - its Lewis forgiving Arthur, or is it?
  • Vivi:I told you not to scare him.
  • Lewis:Scare him? Vivi, he killed me. Scaring him is the least of my concerns.
  • Vivi:You said that already and I told you we are talking about this like a group of grown adults.
  • Lewis:I’m only doing this because you asked me to, this doesn't change my mind.
  • Vivi:I’m asking you to give it a chance too. Give him a chance. You two are best friends.
  • Lewis:We were best friends Vivi, not anymore.
  • Vivi:Lewis…
  • Arthur:Huh? Wha... What’s going on?
  • Vivi:Hey, are you ok?
  • Arthur:No, I think I'm seeing the dead.
  • Lewis:Yes you are Arthur. Feeling guilty about something you did?

In the end, this is actually the best format. The first 11 million panels are just an extended technobabble conversation that only matters if you really dig my Coded AU. For most of you, I’m sure the schmoopy pun ending is all you really need ;D

If you do dig that AU though, here’s a bit MORE technobabbling:

Keep reading


Dwayne McDuffie – On The Realities Of The Black Writer In The Comic Book Industry

“…But there is a hardcore piece of the audience whose back goes up whenever you go into these issues, and they don’t even realize it.

And what kills me about it is that when they’re writing about it, they’re always hyperrational. You know, Look the fact is, there are more white characters, and if you picked randomly, you would end up with all white teams. And the fact that there were three black people on this team is statistically ridiculous.

It’s obviously a quota. And the quota arguments on fictional teams crack me up. Because who’s actually I’m sorry, is somebody losing a job here? Which fictional character is losing a job? There’s no connection.

They’re not talking about what’s going on in the comics. They’re talking about what they think is going on in their lives (and that’s not really going on either.)”