Finally finish the first lesson!!! (Please read from right to left)

This is an “open mouth” of how Unknown knows MC and the course of these days before and after joining “RFA”.
There are 6 lessons that I will be working in total, then continue with the prologue and original story of my comic “Bad Ending? - Unknown Route”

So by the way, little by little you get to know my MC-Custom, (Your personality, attitudes, likes and others)

Soon I will upload the second part!

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l0rdl0g43n  asked:

Hi ! Im sorry, my question is going to be very vague and I'll understand if you do not want to answer it. Here it is : I always have beginnings, or very basic concepts, but I never know how the story will go between the beginning and the end (when I have one...). Like, I've been writing for nearly ten years and I came up with hundred of idea but I only found what happens in the middle only two times. Can something help me ? Sorry again for this vague question but I'm like... Desesperate.

I think that this is probably a pretty common problem, and one that I deal with myself a lot of the time. It’s easy to start off with a great idea, it’s harder to persevere through the middle of it and get it done, right?

To me, it seems like there are a few different factors that can make it really difficult to get through the middle part of a story (aside from the difficulty in itself of just sitting down and writing the whole thing, of course), so I’ll go through a few of the main sticking points in writing that I’ve come up against.

I have a beginning, but then what?

Figuring out how to continue a story once you’ve gotten past the ‘brainwave’ section of the idea can be really hard. If the first part of the story came to you so naturally and easily, shouldn’t the rest of it just fall into place?

Well, not really. At this point you’ve probably got to look at what you have so far, look at where you want to get to in the end (if you know that) and figure out the most satisfying path to take to get there. The middle part of a story is often the hardest part, you have to expand on all the great little concepts that you’ve thrown together and you’ve got to figure out how to make them all make sense.

Sometimes brainstorming ideas will help get through this, just to figure out what could possibly happen:

  • What is the protagonist trying to achieve?
  • What is the antagonist trying to achieve?
  • What would be the simplest solution for these things?
  • What is the biggest mistake the protagonist could make?
  • What happens if the antagonist succeeds?
  • What outside forces does the protagonist have to contend with in addition to the events of the main plot?
  • What could tempt or force the protagonist away from achieving their goals?

Figure out the simplest path from start to end, and then throw a big old roadblock in your protagonist’s path. Make them question their own motives, their own goals, make them question whether they’re the hero that’s really needed here.

Essentially, lay out all the possible things that could happen, and then pick the ones that make the best story/ the highest drama.

Too many great possibilities?

While having too many ideas is often more of a ‘good’ problem to have, it can also wind up getting you stuck just as badly as not having ideas, because when you get right in there in the middle of the story and you realise that of the two or three or five GREAT concepts that you’ve got on your hands, only one or two of them can possibly fit in and have the story make sense, it can be heartbreaking to have to pick and choose.

If you’ve got too many ideas on hand, don’t stress. Pick the one or two that are the MOST exciting/ dramatic/ fun/ heartbreaking and go with them. Don’t throw away the other ideas – put them in a ‘for later’ folder and use them in the sequel, or in another story altogether.

It doesn’t feel ‘natural’, or I want the rest of the story to flow like the start did:

Sadly, most of the time there are going to be sections of every story that are difficult to just sit down and write. It’s going to feel like pulling teeth, but the only way is to figure out what you need to happen, and how you’re going to do it, and then sit there and type until it’s on the page. Maybe it won’t be pretty, it won’t be as fun as the start of the story was, but once it’s done it can be edited until it shines.

You can’t edit a blank page, and you can’t finish a story with only a beautiful opening.

Can’t think of what might happen next?

It happens, doesn’t it, you write out a fantastic starter and you’re just as excited as anyone to see where it goes and then it just … doesn’t. You’ve stalled out in your own story and it’s horrible.

Go back and look at your characters, at your world building, look at the direction that it was all going in before you stalled and work on fleshing things out – a lot of the time in this situation you’ve gotten ahead of yourself and the reason that you don’t know what happens next is that you’ve dived in headfirst without really getting familiar with what you’re creating. That’s okay, it just means you have to go back and do the work that you skipped in the beginning.

Other tips:

If you’re attempting to jump right into longform stories, like novels or full length scripts or comic scripts etc, and finding that you just can’t get through the whole thing, why not scale it back?

Try writing short stories, ten minute films, single page comics, to hone your craft and exercise yourself in being able to go through the beginning/ middle/ end stages of your form.

As well as that, the feeling of finishing something, even if it isn’t a ‘full’ length work, is very rewarding, and as well as the practice, it can give you the motivation to get back into the slog of working on a longer piece.

I hope that this helps, and please feel free to ask if you have a more specific question.

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4th Depeche Mode Song Doodle!!! (」゜ロ゜)」

Fandom: the Hobbit (LotR)
Charakter: Thranduil, his wife (I named her Thivilya (Shining Sky)) 
Pairing: Thranduil/his wife 
Song: the darkest star

this was a pain, but I luv it ♥ (´ ▽`).。o♡ more Thraunduils wife stuff please

use the “Depeche Mode Song Doodle Tag or visit my blog to see the other song doodles. 

Fenris shot up in a cold sweat, his mind reeling for several seconds before he began to register the walls of the tent around him. He glanced to the bedroll beside his where Hawke was curled up asleep, snoring soundly and drooling on himself. Fenris huffed a small laugh through his nose; oh how he had missed this ridiculous man.  

- Big Wolf, Little Wolf

So after swearing Waking Nightmare would be the only fanfiction I’d ever write while I was writing it I wrote a short follow-up called Big Wolf, Little Wolf. Though the focus of the story is Fenris having a conversation with a mysterious character from the main text (who is probably obvious from the title alone) there is some FenHawke in there. Because all the fanfiction I write is FenHawke. 

Oh and spoilers, Hawke made it out of the Fade. Because i’m not a monster.

。◕ ‿ ◕。 Also please to be knowing that comments are welcome on my AO3 stuff. Encouraged, in fact. I like feedback. plz notice me senpai. 

Part One | Part Two | Part three

Who Lives Under Briar Elementary and High School?

Briar Elementary and High is a small school of just under three hundred students, from first grade all the way to senior year. It’s spaced between two buildings and has been running since the early 1900’s, although it was just a high school academy back then.

And apparently there’s a monster in there now.

It’s just little things that leads people to believe there’s something supernatural lurking in the halls. The things that would go missing, only to turn up later caked in muddy finger prints. The food theft, mostly lunchboxes, but sometimes whole pizzas would just vanish into thin air. Hearing something crawling under the floor. And the hissing you can sometimes hear while in the girl’s bathroom in the highschool. If you go in there alone, sometimes you’ll make out whispers.

There’s three rumors about what it really is. I’ll go over each one.

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I was iffy about posting this but fuck it. here it is

these are some test pages I made, while in a bout of artistic drive, for the upcoming fanmade webcomic I’m creating with my friend @umf01 , which we’ve titled Call the Ghostbusters. the comic basically follows Erin, Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann as they bust ghosts all over New York, each one more difficult than the last. keep an eye out for Call the Ghostbusters right here on Tumblr, my Twitter (@stuff_n_thingz), and my co-creator's Twitter (@PLara01)

this 3-page test sequence is just exploring one idea; what if the girls go see the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, and it turns out to be much more than it seems? this may or may not become a full comic in the future, but as of now I still have to storyboard our first scripted comic. enjoy my rushed tests.

anonymous asked:

How do you script the next couple of pages for your comic? I'm trying to script and figure out what I want to go down, but I'm having a difficult time finding a system that works for me.

usually my process for scripting is like this:

  1. i already have a general idea of how the plot should progress and know a handful of important scenes that will move it along
  2. i’ll sit down and write up short page summaries of everything that will happen per page for the next like 6-8 pages. (no dialogue, just a paragraph or so). this helps me with pacing and junk and is useful for giving me a roadmap of where the immediate story is going.
  3. i script page by page, so i don’t usually start seriously scripting until the previous page is totally done and posted online. when i script, i like to include 3 things: 1. descriptions of the scene/ environment 2. descriptions of actions and/or camera angle/type of shot if i already have an idea of what i want 3. dialogue.
  4. after that i thumbnail and i’ll type out the script alongside my sketch to make sure everything flows well (and i usually end up editing my dialogue a lot while i thumb)

and that’s p much it haha hope it helps!

Holy shit I don’t know why I’ve only just remembered this but years ago I wrote a comic script about a bunch of fairy tale princes failing to rescue princesses and just generally being shit at doing princely things and I genuinely want to come back to it and put it in Lock’s universe 


I’ve never done anything for Finnrey Fridays & I really really wanted to. So, I thought I’d try an edit since I’ve been learning photoshop. It’s a little messy ‘cause I got impatient doing it (not going perfectly haha), but hopefully it’s alright :D

From Star Wars the Force Awakens Comic + Script. 

anonymous asked:

Is it weird having Trish as someone else's OC? Like how much of what you draw/write about her comes from your imagination and how much from her creator? I was curious and checked out her creator's DA and found almost nothing on Trish, maybe one or two pics? It kinda seems like she's more yours now and is such a big part of your characters/stories it feels like she's become one of them. I hope this doesn't come off as rude, especially towards Trish's creator! I'm just curious :)

no not really, Trish is her character I just draw her a lot because she’s my characters gf aaaand she’s cute ;}. Here’s the thing I think people don't understand about me and @goblinqueenbluebie me and blue made up a lot of  these stories together if I printed out all of our RP’s we could literally have a novel I could have a comic script, we have almost every little thing about our characters and their stories planned out down to the layout of Trish's apartment lol and what kind of book shelves and couches she has. we know each other IRL we met in art school and have 1000% different art styles and the subject matter we like to draw I love drawing people and she likes drawing animals monsters fantasy stuff. She writes Trish I draw her  we bounce ideas off each other,  if I get an ask about Trish and I don’t know the answer  I send it to her and ask her about it I think because she doesn't draw her, people think that I make up everything about her but I promise I don't haha  I just make up my own ocs lives we have been friends for like 6000 years
me with the purple hair and Blue with the horns