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Have you written in to a comic?

I love hearing about what motivates people. So out of curiosity, to my fellow comics readers: Who all here has written into a comic? The letters section has become an art form in itself, with essays and personal columns included in books like kellysue‘s Bitch Planet, Ed Brubaker’s Fatale and whatever mattfractionblog and zdarsky do in Sex Criminals because that’s…yeah, that’s a whole other thing. 

I’ve only written in once, after the launch of brianmichaelbendis‘s and Mark Bagley’s Brilliant, because I was so excited about the concept of that book (hopefully it reemerges one day!) but I was in college and a total nerd about it. I think I just babbled something encouraging? And maybe ribbed them about using so many sports metaphors? Can’t remember exactly, it’s in Brilliant #2 if you want to see. 

I definitely informed Bendis that my headshot was next to his in that “submit your photo” thing Marvel did when Avengers relaunched at #1 in 2010. Because I was so cool like that in college.

Soooo - have you guys written in to a comic’s letters section? Which one(s)? What’d you scribble about? What about a book compels you to write to the creators?

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Just finished up yet another issue of Creepy Scarlett! And now I am announcing that, I’m now leaving Creepy Scarlett as colorist after many great issues! Check them out, and the latest to see the newest release:


Written and Created by Graeme Buchan
Pencils/Inks by Felipe Sanhueza Marambio
Coloring/Lettering by Jessica Jimerson
Product by Last Sunset Films

Happy to see the series fall to a new very capable coloring artist (Tamra Bonvillain)!
Tricky to say good bye to the CS series, after having been with it from the very beginnings (issue #0, #1, #2, #3 and “Book 1”)! But I wanted to move on (that’s probably shortest answer).

The History of Comic Lettering: Early Years to 1940

by Drew Bradley

Lettering – adding text representing speech, thoughts, and sounds to images – is much older than the modern comic. It was an invention of political cartoons, and was a natural progression of an image’s caption moving into the image itself. Its first use is impossible to track down, but the method of putting words into balloons has been around for at least 270 years.

An example from 1762 can be seen to the right. Note the crudeness of the balloons in both shape and orientation. The forms are wavy instead of smooth. Instead of being a planned part of the image, they conform to the negative space in awkward ways to prevent obscuring any details.

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Comic Layout Tutorial: The Comic Lettering Spell

TweetEmailI was never interested in lettering. …until I learned that good comic lettering is one of the most important ingredients for casting a story-spell on my readers. I just have to make sure the words don’t cover any important element in the art and I’m done, right? Early in the making of my webcomic, I …

Something I stumbled over while desperately googling for Manga Studio 5 advice. I did find what I needed AND this is a pretty good tutorial about the finer details of lettering.

I just got some of my first two comics reprinted.  You can get them from while stocks last, which I’m predicting will be until the end of time.

I’ve been pretty slack lately with my letter writing.  So in typical Sam fashion I’m gonna go in the opposite direction and try and write a letter every day in the month of August.  If anyone is interested in receiving a one off letter send me your address in a message.  It doesn’t matter where you are from.  Depending on your tumblr or how well I know you it is quite possible you could receive a rather random, mysterious letter. 

I found out at work today that I can listen to music in the office so I’m gonna start learning either french or russian again.  Four hours a day for two years and I should see some results.  Wish me luck.