Alycia’s Comic Con Copenhagen Panel Recap (9/25)

This is all of the questions but not their complete answers. 

  • Her favorite type of music is jazz and old music and she grew up listening to that because her dad is a musican.
  • About Role Models: Not to be taken for granted, it’s changed a lot since she was a kid now that the internet exists. Things can easily be taken out of context. 
  • Favourite/Funniest moment on The 100: When her and Eliza consummated in 307 the crew played “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
  • Hardest scene to do in The 100: Not including the death, which does win, long shoots with lots of extras. 
  • How would she decide how Lexa died: Depends on the circumstance, if the character can keep on living then don’t kill them. However, in the end she wouldn’t change anything.
  • If Alicia Clark and Lexa met would they get along: Alicia would be sassy towards Lexa but no, they would not.
  • Would you be willing to go to great lengths to get a role: It depends, gaining/losing weight is hard but cutting hair she would.
  • What does she think the most difficult aspect in her career: Not booking a job for an entire year after moving to LA. LA is not an easy city because the industry can be so unforgiving sometimes.
  • Role model in life?: Parents. She looked up to a lot of leaders and scientists and medical professionals. 
  • Guilty Pleasures: Red and trashy tv.
  • Any actor to co-star with: Changes all the time and day to day but at this point Robert DiNero, cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts.
  • Instruments: Classical percussion and drum kit.
  • Her fandoms: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • How she met Maia and Marny: They all met when they did an audition, they lost contact after that. When she came to LA they stayed in the same hotel and became friends.
  • Do Maia and Alycia watch each others shows: No! She’s seen an episode of the fosters and teen beach but no.
  • Favorite TV show: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Friends and Seinfeld
  • Companion in the apocalypse: Family member or friend.
  • Madison/Alicia: A dynamic not often seen. A lot more tension. In the show they see the evenflo Alicia needing her mother’s attending while Madison focusing on Nick.
  • Alicia’s character development now vs what she thought first: Appeared tough at first. She has a nonchalant sassiness but is also naivie and smart because she’s always had to prove to herself to her family. She’s discovering her own.
  • What motivates her to stay in the business: She loves doing it. It’s never been about fame, always about loving acting. It’s nice to be in a generation where women are seeing themselves more.
  • Value of family in a post-apocolypse world in relation to FTWD: Construct of a family is changing from a family point of view. She didn’t really have a typical family since her dad was gone. Difference from TWD since they’re spitting up where TWD they’re becoming a family. 
  • Acting with Brenda Strong again: An amazing actress and it was amazing to work with her. It was an honour to work again. Wished she could have worked with her more.
  • Difficult words to pronounce in an American accent: A lot. Anything with a hard “r” in them. More used to doing an American accent since she’s done most of her roles in America. It was a little hard on FTWD because very little of the cast is American.
  • If Lexa hadn’t died, what more would she have wanted to see: Fall from power, starting a coup and regaining power. Regarding clexa, it’s up to the fandom.
  • What scene from The 100/FTWD was the hardest: For FTWD A long 4-5 minute talking scene from 213 that was very emotional and ADR’d. For The 100, the speech from 306 that was mostly cut because a lot of it was wrong and it was long. Also 214 when Clarke confronts Lexa in the tent because there was a lot of dialogue and they wanted to get it right but it ended up being one of her favourite scenes.
  • Weird rituals before shooting: Not really. Each role is different so she prepares for them differently. Going through the scenes bit by bit is the main ritual. 
  • Any of her quirks in Alicia: Beside the name, she tends to like her own space like herself. She’s a little bit of a geek inside as well and an inner strength.
  • Does Alicia have the capacity to go dark like Chris or leave like Ofelia: Definitely a lot less. Alicia has always had a fractured relationship. She’s more rational and seeing them as really choosing to leave.
  • Favorite thing about space: Black holes.
  • If you could eat one thing: Poached eggs on toast with a side of avo, and spinach, and mushrooms , and bacon. Fries and stake but she’d probably get of it.
  • Has she ever fanfiction from The 100: No, but she’s seen a lot of fan art. She knows it’s there but has stayed away from it.
  • Out of The 100 cast who would she have liked to have worked more with: Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan
  • Is she comfortable watching herself on TV: Doesn’t watch with friends/family. She’ll watch it once to see how it went but not again. It’s different watching yourself because you know what’s going on.
  • Would she fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses: 100 duck sized horses.

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I don't know if you've mentioned this before - and I apologize if you have, I just couldn't find it - but do you know if/when requests will be open again?

hey there! requests will definitely open again… i just have a lot of things to work on right now though. if i had to give u an estimate……. i’d say last week of October/around Halloween. hang tight, anon!! 


The best part about Civil War II? All the heroes complaining about being in Civil War II, or in big heroes-fight-heroes events in general. That, or going on a cruise to get away from the big event.

Between you and me, and yes I’ve said this before: Civil War II is really great, at least based on the tie-ins I read. Yeah, reviews of the main event comic by those who read it are less than stellar, but what can you do? Bendis does have his contract, and you can only have him doing exactly nothing of consequence with the X-Men for so long.

The tie-ins, though? This is something where the excellent All-New Wolverine does one of its best arcs yet, and still, in comparison, it ends up being one of the weaker ones. Generally, they’re all using it to explore darker corners of their premise. A-Force features the team falling apart and Nico possibly, finally getting to rip someone’s heart out. Power Man & Iron Fist explores mass incarceration, philosophical differences between heroes, appropriate response levels, the effects of vigilante “justice” on minority communities and so on. Ms Marvel asks what obligations Kamala has to her friends and her community, and which ends justify which means.

I love all of these. What I find interesting, though, is how all of these are ultimately speaking out against the event as a whole. It’s a good catalyst, but ultimately they all end up on exactly the same side of the debate. Not a huge surprise all around, we did all watch or read Minority Report, but a bit more variation could have been interesting. Because this predictive stuff could be useful, but when and how to use it is a very complex question. In comics the answer always boils down to “never!!!!” and that’s a wasted opportunity.

And since the point came up: I am absolutely not in favor of these things turning out to just be a dream or something. The fact that these are the real versions of these characters actually going through this crap is why I like this more than Secret Wars (even though I loved how much more creative that one could be).

Sources (in order):

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #8
Power Man & Iron Fist #6
Ms Marvel #7
Mockingbird #6
All-New Wolverine #12 A-Force #9

Red Dwarf YouTube event at 1PM today!!

Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge will be live from #mcmMCR16 at 1pm today watch them here: To get you in the mood, here is their talk from yesterday (Chris reveals some #reddwarfXI secrets)

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The last, but not least of starry scholastic month! 

This week’s entry: Black Holes


CIVIL WAR II: CHOOSING SIDES 005 (2016)  –––  in which i can’t tell which is more incredible a)  that tony stark is apparently weekly boxing bffls sparring buddies with justin trudeau;  b)  the canadian PM, justin trudeau, is more compassionate and empathetic towards tony than some of the actual people he knows in canon;  or c)  somewhere out there stardeau rpf probably exists