The Incredibles 2 is coming soon, matter of fact June 15, 2018, is the official release date.

At Comic-Con some viewers were able to get a sneak peek preview of Bob a.k.a Mr. Incredible being a stay-at-home dad with Jack Jack, as Elastigirl went off to fight some bad guys. In this clip viewers were able to witness the immense superpowers Jack Jack acquires between laser vision, walking through walls, duplicating, fire, and the countless other powers that even the Incredibles seems to be scratching their heads about.

The Incredibles 2 will be picking up exactly where The Incredibles (2004) left off.


How has Steve kind of processed that or how is he gonna have to live with the fact that he’s had to watch his best friend die not once, but twice right in front of him and there’s nothing he could do about it?


Recently announced at SDCC, this hefty set is perfect for us super fans! I pride myself with knowing these films inside and out, but with 100’s of exclusive interviews from the stars, directors, writers and producers, it’s imperative that I own this!

As well as interviews, the books will offer never-before-seen artwork, and details on how the masterminds at Marvel Studios constructed this huge cinematic universe brick by brick. Excited? Well I suppose this is a bad time to tell you, you won’t be able to own this until Spring 2019 (“NOOO!”)

With good reason however, seeing as though the chronicles will feature Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers 4 also. If Avengers 4 isn’t coming out until late April/early May, I suppose that’s when you can expect them to go on sale - shortly after the film’s release.


It’s Day 3 of #MarvelSDCC! Watch for a big day of news, interviews, much more: