So Adrora best brotp in the world went to Comic Con, and we regret NOTHING! I’m the fool in Heda’s attempt at cosplay and @fknlol16 is Lexa’s spirit animal xD

to all the lovely people who took a picture with me, DM or something and let’s be friends ! ! ! I didn’t ask at the time because I was freaking out about you being so god damn sweet, sorry xD please find meeeeee

We have loads of more footage if you guys actually enjoy this, so lemme know MAY WE MEET AGAIN

some cosplayers seen at comic con today
  • one steph (my sister)
  • a lot of ravens (from teen titans)
  • one starfire and her son was dressed as beast boy
  • one red hood who didn’t have a helmet
  • a terrible iron man
  • a semi-functional iron man suit
  • many wonder womans
  • like 2 deadpools (i expected more from you, deadpools)
  • four or five batmans, but only one was legit
  • some unidentifiable robins
  • a cass cain (orphan) with a very very tiny nightwing (her son or brother, he was like 3)
  • some steampunk disney princesses who were bomb af
  • three different kuzcos
  • at around one our harley quinn count was at over 60, we then abandoned this count but saw many many more
  • various anime people
  • only two overwatch people (i think both were but i don’t remember)
  • a man in a wonder woman costume
  • a lot of eleventh doctors 
  • three fully functioning daleks
  • a captian america who i could’ve sworn was chris evans at first glance
  • a bunch of hogwarts robes
  • many disney princesses
  • a bb-8 girl wearing roller blades (she was like 8)
  • a deathstroke that looked fully threatening

some things to note:

  • children dressed as the joker is alright, adults dressed as the joker is not
  • we counted 6 little girls dressed in star wars outfits and i cried every time
  • kids have the best costumes
  • girls like to wear riddler costumes
  • men can really rock a genderbent harley quinn
  • every single woman in a zatanna, suicide squad harley quinn, raven, wonder woman, and that one black canary was amazing. you go for being secure enough to wear that in public and completely rocking it. 
  • zero wonder women said a thing about my outfit (cassie sandsmark’s wonder girl) and i was a liiiiittle offended. 
  • my favorite was this kid dressed as a shark

I went to London Comic con / MCM today!! It was insane. So many amazing costumes and characters!!
Then we ended up going to a club and daaaamn, it was odd seeing buzz light year and sailor moon grinding up each other. The DJ also played the Pokemon theme tune and Ash & Brock both ran in and danced on the dance floor. It was great 😂
Deffo going next year too!!
It was held right around the corner from our hotel as well. Pretty cool.
ALSO I’ve just got into bed. I spent the last hour standing in the rain fussing the cutest pug everrrrr, drunk, at 2am, in the middle of London. His name was frickin Boris!! Ahhhh. I love London.


I need some help from anyone whos ever sold things at cons. What are some services i can use for merch and table essentials I’d need to get?  I’m trying to put together a budget and collection. It’s the reason for commissions opened. I’ve never had the experience of selling anything at a con, and I’d like to try for NYCC. Any advice is appreciated, thank you! <3

The Evidence of a Psych Reunion

A few weeks ago, some tweets started making the rounds indicating a Psych reunion or movie was going to happen. 1 from Sage (Buzz McNab), 1 from a paparazzi/filming-locations twitter based in Vancouver, and then 2 Psych references around the same date as the paparazzi tweet from James & Dule.

But this was all speculation, so I didn’t want to post about it until they had their panel at Salt Lake City. During their panel there were 3 questions where James and Dule teased at something happening. 

  • 13:22-15:25 specifically i think its all leading towards me making another movie which will hopefully happen very soon"
  • 32:44-33:40 specifically “if only there was more psych coming…”

  • 42:25-44:07 where they are asked point blank about a reunion and they hint that Zachary Levi may be involved somehow as well.

Watch their faces while they answer. It has convinced me! I don’t know what is happening, or when, or if Zac Levi or Emilio Estevez are involved, but I’m excited no matter what it is!!


Killing Stalking: Q & A Panel

KS actor AU is bloomin’ brilliant. I’m sorry there are so many mistakes in this, my hand is done DONE \(〇_o)/   

All characters and disturbing plot lines belong to Koogi.

While I Was Clearing Out My Desktop, I Found This Gem

It Still Remains as One of My Life Goals: Find Someone Who Will Hug Me the Same Way Oscar Hugged Evan