TomCav’s Comic Book Men ep is FINALLY airing!

Remember when Tom filmed an ep of Comic Book Men back in AUGUST?

(this is the show filmed at Kevin Smith’s comics store: Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash)

It will FINALLY be airing in a couple of weeks:

Comic Book Men 6x16: Reverse Stash

The guys get a visit from Tom Cavanagh who plays Reverse Flash on “The Flash” TV series.

Airs Sun, April 23, midnight / 11c (this means 12am between Sunday and Monday!)

It’s airing right before The Flash 3x19, the ep Tom directed, but since they recorded it back in August I’m guessing we’ll get zero info at all about S3 and more of a focus on Reverse Flash and past events. It’s entirely possible they’ll all be psyched about Flashpoint. You know, that thing we were also psyched about 8 months ago and have pretty much forgotten.

But yay, #tomtent!


List of My Heroes/People I Admire (In No Particular Order)

2/12: Kevin Smith

“A pat on the back to an artist now could one day result in your favorite film, or the cartoon you loved to get stoned watching, or the song that saves your life. Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever.”