31 Days of Horror Event: Get Pumped for a Marathon of Horror

31 Days of Horror Event: Get Pumped for a Marathon of Horror

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Letter from the editor:

Wow! It’s already been a year, and although I feel older than I should, it certainly doesn’t feel like a long time has passed since our last ’31 Days of Horror’ marathon. I had a blast writing short reviews for films such as The Happiness of the Katakuris, Child’s Play 2and The Eye 2, and I know many of you were just as happy reading them.

Unfortunately, I was…

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Well, how was that for a chapter ending, fiends? Even though they got the lyrics right, those guys couldn’t carry a TOMB if their lives depended on it! BLECH!

Anyway, we want to thank you all for sticking with our little sickening stab at the real horror of Halloween – the PEOPLE WHO DON’T CELEBRATE IT! There won’t be a new page next week – don’t worry though, Jocelyn and I are just going to take a brief break and work on the next chapter, also move all our belongings to a new crypt and maybe visit a few of your cities! We’ll be exhuming… I mean resuming things Wednesday, April 14th!

[laughs maniacally and then groans in pain]

In the meantime, don’t forget, you can still preorder the PRINT VERSION of the entire first chapter (plus some extra stuff) and relive the whole thing in all it’s gory!