Hatsune Miku: VOCAL ANDROID in: “LOVE WARD?!”

During a day of volunteering at the local hospital via concert, Miku stumbles upon a new Module power-up…that turns her into a magical nurse! Combined with final exams and romantic tensions, how will Miku get through the week with this new transformation that seems to activate on its own?

OK…so…I apparently just spent the past three hours making this out of pure inspiration because I love the mood of this song and the Spacy Nurse module.

Yes, this is supposed to be a sort of fake comic book cover for one of the Vocal Android episodes, and no, there is no actual comic as of right now. Maybe one day. But for now, enjoy this sort of peek into what nonsense this fanverse details.

I’m not entirely sure what else to say for now, except that under the cut is the illustration version (no comic text).

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