in the same way that i judge comic book artists for being misogynist crapheads based on how zipped up natasha’s bodysuit is and whether lady belly buttons are visible through clothing, i also judge them for weird power fantasies based on whether you can see bruce’s abs in the batsuit and how many abs there are

Decided I wanted to make a comic for these two. If you can’t tell (which I doubt you could) these are my OCs Big Brother and Alyosha. I was originally going to make a comic of them being romantic but thought that I should give some history on them first. 

Richard (Big Brother) lived in America for most of his life and ended up becoming quite the little shit. He would get into fights and get in detention a lot. In middle school some strange Russian kid moved in about a block away from him. He then met the kid at school. One of Alyosha’s personalities came out (should work on that phrasing) during lunch and he ended up attacking one of the kids who was asking him about if he was a communist and making fun of his thick Russian accent. 

In detention Richard can see that this kid needs help but knows that since he is so quick attack (Richard thinks he’s just changing his mood not his personalities until Alyosha is diagnosed in a few years. It was hard for both of them.) He decided that the only way he was gonna be able to help him is if he shows that he is more powerful and threatens the kid himself.