Honestly like. The idea that any artist isn’t ‘allowed’ to draw stylized characters with unrealistic proportions is…Kind of stupid. People like to scream about not telling artists what to draw and then they turn right the fuck around and slam hobby artists for drawing their own female character that they made for fun with a pinched in waist.

40-something comic artists who are paid to do that shit? That’s not cool. Public media that is consumed or viewed in passing by many different people of all ages, that’s different than the work of a 20-something artist who draws every now and then and posts in a community of adults and older teens. Who cares. Let them draw what they want and slam actual big companies and media producers for not giving us diversity.

Yeah, young artists can become media producers, but designing characters for media meant be sold and consumed isn’t the same as making a fuckin grey alien for fun.

In short: Don’t tell artists what to draw. Don’t give them “advice” that they didn’t want. Don’t make artists feel like shit because they don’t draw what YOU want to see.


When you try to keep your stoic Inquisitor exterior, but an enormous horny Qunari shows up in your quarters. (A little Dragon Age Inquisition fan comic for fun and practice. 😂)

I see my ‘Quizzy Korinne as the sort to never return to her quarters until well after dark, and even then, she tends to take her work with her - there’s always some new missive to read or old book to study. She’s also been doing her damnedest to keep her blatant interest in her resident Qunari mercenary under wraps… but as it happens, you can’t slip much by a skilled Ben Hassarath 😅

In my head, these two love teasing the hell out of each other. Part of this includes the fact that if you can manage to startle the usually self-assured Inquisitor, she goes from a stoic young woman of clearly noble upbringing, to cursing like a sailor. This amuses the shit out of the Iron Bull, so naturally, he tries to get a rise out of her whenever possible. Hence the above scene.


Keith starts having frequent nightmares about losing Shiro… but luckily he’s right there when Keith wakes up.

This thing took me way longer than anticipated but it turned out alright!! thank you for your support aaaa

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