Season 3 of Carmilla is coming up fast and we’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up, including a new way in which we are dropping episodes (that’s right, more than one episode will be going out at a time)!

So without further ado, here’s your go-to guide to the most epic season of Carmilla yet!

Things to know:

  • Next week is Silas Orientation Week and you won’t want to miss it! Tune into the KindaTV News next Monday to get the low down on the week and how you can join in on all the fun!
  • Acts! This season will be released in 3 acts, each with several episodes in it for your binging pleasure!
  • YouNow PreShows! Tune into YouNow before each Act release to join the cast & crew of Carmilla for a Q&A, live watch & more! More deets to come.
  • Finally we will be attending both Fan Expo Canada & New York Comic Con this year and hope you can make it out to see us. We love nothing more than getting to see all your beautiful faces!

Let the games begin!

Carmilla HQ


Say Cheese!

Blackwall appears to be such a serious character, and yet that cheese shield perfectly contrast him! Can you tell we absolutely loved the cheese ring prop, and it looks so realistic! We might have tried to take a bite out of it ;)

In all seriousness look how great this cosplay is! The armour is perfect, the wig and facial hair are incredibly accurate and the way the jacket is sewn together ties the cosplays and makes it so realistic!

Credit for Blackwall goes to listlesswarrior, who did an outstanding job with this cosplay!


Hello Followers, new and old! My art has seen a sudden surge in popularity, no doubt thanks to the wonderful ragnabrock putting me over, and I’m afraid I’ve got some good news! 

Casting Disney Princesses as classic WWE Superstars, the first five illustrations in my Princesses of Wrestling series are now available as prints, and I’ll be selling them this weekend at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. Come find me at Booth I-18 as part of Kendrick & Kendrick Art and Fine Wares!

If you won’t be at the Expo and/or you don’t live anywhere near it, send me an Ask, visit my Etsy Store, or email me at if you’d like to purchase any of them!

Love for Robbie Thompson

If ya’ll are anything like me, you know who Robbie Thompson is, and you love every SPN episode he’s ever written.

This is the man who gave us Charlie Bradbury, brought back our favorite Trickster Archangel, and glorified the most important object in pretty much the whole universe in episode 11x04, Baby. Not only that, but he has also written episode 11x20, which Jared has already told us might be his favorite episode OF THE ENTIRE SERIES.

Robbie is the man. Robbie is us. Well, Robbie is us, but with that touch of magic that makes him the writer we all wish we could be.

(Image credit to Fangasm.)

Now, to the purpose of this post.

Robbie is going to be at C2E2 3/18/16 - 3/20/16 here in Chicago. (C2E2 is short for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.) He’s going to be in Artist Alley because of his comic, Silk, and he’ll also be on a panel or two about SPN.

This is a rare chance to show Robbie some love. For whatever reason, he’s never been invited to a Creation Con, and having met him once before, I can tell you it’s a damn shame. He’s so freaking sweet, he fits right into the SPN Family.

So, let’s show Robbie some love.

Send me whatever message you’d like to pass on to Robbie, and I’ll print it all out and give it to him when I go to C2E2. 

Send your submission to:
Deadline: Wednesday, March 16th at midnight, Central Time.

I’m just planning on printing everything out and putting it in an envelope for him, nothing fancy. I can print in color, so if there’s art or something you’d like to include, I can do that.

I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m sure there’s something I haven’t considered. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me an ask or an email at the address above!

WIP - Pink

With a bunch of projects on my plate, it literally is #marchmadness . On today’s drawing table is #daddyslilmonster . Coming soon!

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