Seduced by Loki at Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

kassmajesty asked:

Any luck looking at cons in Canada? Might I suggest AnimeExpo or Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo? The fact that I live in Edmonton and would easily be able to meet you if you did HAS NO BEARING on this suggestion whatsoever. Nope. None.


Sylar and I would murder innocents to go to Edmonton Expo. Or Otakuthon. :_;  We have friends in Canada too!

Hey tumblr nerds! Specifically, my fellow albertans! I’m currently writing this post in prep for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in April of 2016!
I’m quite new to the comic-con experience, and for my first one, I will be cosplaying as Gamzee Makara, one of the trolls from Homestuck.
The purpose of this random tumblr post on my rainy day is aimed at all the teenage and young adult cosplayers; whether you plan on being a Homestuck character or not (though I would love some fellow trolls!). I would like to ask anyone who lives in the southern Alberta area who plan on going to the Calgary Comic-con to please come forward and say hi to me here on tumblr! I would love to make some new friends in the possibility of meeting them at the Expo, as well as find some fellow Homestuck nerds!

Anyways, sorry for wasting your time with this long post-unless I didn’t, then cool, message me for sure-I just figured I would put this out here way in advance!
Have a lovely day everyone!

#FlameCon 2015: A Snapshot of What Geek Conventions Should Be

Don’t get me wrong, I love conventions. From my first venture to Long Island’s I-Con at the tender age of six (parents were huge geeks, too) to spending four days at NYC Comic Con as press two years ago, I’ve always felt a sense of homecoming and belonging the second I see a stream of people walking down the street who are “clearly heading to that con” and know I’m going the same place. But Flame Con, New York’s first queer comic con, was something else. It was a window into what conventions should be and how they could feel: inclusive, innovative, and inspiring.

Created by Geeks OUT, it’s a “one-day comics, arts, and entertainment expo showcasing creators and celebrities from all corners of [LGBTQIA+] geek fandom, including comics, video games, film, and television.” They were also supported by Gaysiansgame, Fun Home, Atari’s Pridefest, MailChimp, Northwest Press, Cockyboys, and another queer con GaymerX (which will be happening this coming December in San Diego for all you West Coast readers). Flame Con had all the essential ingredients of a geek convention: a wide array of vendors selling merch, an assortment of panels, a cosplay pageant, a game demo room, etc. But what really defined Flame Con and made it so different from other cons I’ve attended was that this is the first time I really felt like I was at a con for me.

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Chapter 03 Page 08

Chapter 03 Page 08

I apologize for abandoning my comic for nearly three months. I was dealing with depression after my expulsion from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo for allegedly harassing people during a panel. See my “banned ” page for more info. This is Page 8 of Chapter three; there are an additional ten pages left to go. I’ll be updating them one a day till I’m done.  If you’re interested in…

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TCE² | Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015
Join us, Denni Towle & Megalodon Entertainment, for the first ever Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo on October 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2015

Kickstarter for a brand new Con in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

An amazing opportunity for us Midwesterners to meet a great group of Power Ranger Actors!

So far for Power Rangers Generations they have

Ciara Hanna (Gia) - Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy (Bulk and Skull) - MMPR - Lost Galaxy and Samurai/Super Samurai

David Fielding (Zordon)

Nakia Burrise (Tanya) Zeo/Turbo

Blake Foster (Justin) Turbo

Alison MacInnis (Dana) Lightspeed Rescue

Keith Robinson (Joel) Lightspeed Rescue

Michael Copon (Lucas) Timeforce

Dan Southworth (Eric) - Timeforce

Kevin Duhaney (Ethan) Dinothunder

Jeff Parazzo (Trent) Dinothunder

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack) SPD

Steven Skyler (Antonio) Samurai/Super Samurai 

Cosplay Couples!


This year for 2015 Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo, me and Nicholas are going there for the 19 in September (MY BIRTHDAY!!!) as Greg Universe and Rose Quartz. BIGGEST OTP we share with eachother and, it would be perfect since I’m taller then him by a lot! HA!

If anyone is in Saskatoon area and going to that Con, contact us or meet us there! Whatever! We hope it will be fun! Thanks for being lovely my beautiful gemstones!


I am gonna be at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo this September and I was wondering if anyone else was gonna be there!  I am dressing up as Windblade (I’ll post pics when I can).  I love meeting new people, especially those that have a shared interest in nerdy things (because to be honest, I am the only Transformers fan that I know personally…).  So, I dunno…  I’d like to meet some fellow Transformers fans (and people in general :) ) so, maybe let me know if you are going :D?

GR2 Weekly- 02 August 2015 Edition

02 August 2015 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! How have you all been this fine day? Azzy here and I can’t complain too much myself. I will for sure be going to Titletown Comic and Entertainment Expo this October as I won a pair of Tundra VIP passes through a contest they held on their Facebook page a few days ago, so you’ll see at least one more Recap this year (besides the one for Geek.Kon). Speaking of…

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Long time no see!

Updates, updates and MORE UPDATES!

Lets see, where shall we begin? OH! Nicholas here got his test results in for the level of testosterone and he can DEFINITELY go on it. Only thing though is that he has to wait till 18, but his doctor said wait till 22. But why 22? I don’t know but they need to do surgery first on the bottom area to stop estrogen or whatever, I didn’t really understand it so I can’t explain it well enough but I know they need to do surgery first. Then he can go on T. But at 22?! WHY? I don’t know, you can get the surgery at 18. So he’s a bit confused what to do, wait till 22 or do it at 18? I think 18 but, his choice!

Also for the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo, we’re going as Kurloz Makara and Tavro’s Nitram. Odd pair but that’s what we had last convention so we are going to update it a bit and change things to make it better and hopefully it WILL be better. 

If anyone around the Saskatoon area is going to the Con on Sept 19, and cosplaying Homestuck. Meet us there <3 

That’s about it, but we’ll try to post sooner! <3