A full Dragon Age: Inquisition party is here! The domains between the characters were a lot of fun to capture and the cosplays everybody has put together are amazing!

Credit goes to morgothiacosplay for Inquisitor Lavellan, asteroidzart for Dorian Pavus, kazombie for Sera and listless warrior​ for Warden Blackwall!


And to wrap up our Dragon Age photos here is a group shot of all the outstanding cosplayers, who have survived the icy wind of that morning! WE had a ton of fun working with this group and hope to work with all of them again soon!

morgothiacosplay as Inquisitor Lavellan

 asteroidzart as Dorian Pavus

 kazombie as Sera

 listlesswarrior as Blackwall

shrimpssss as Flemeth

Michelle as Morrigan

ohheyimstealthy as Hawke 


IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!!! I am honestly so proud of this, it took so damn long to paint. Everything is made by me except the weapon, my hubby made that, I just wrapped and painted it. Materials used are wonderflex, EVA foam, craft foam, PVC, fabric paint, bolts and wire/cables. Lady KRIEG IS HERE TO CONDUCT YOUR POOP TRAIN. uh…or maybe just take your scalp. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I just made a cosplay page! Not much up yet but there will be! /p>


Say Cheese!

Blackwall appears to be such a serious character, and yet that cheese shield perfectly contrast him! Can you tell we absolutely loved the cheese ring prop, and it looks so realistic! We might have tried to take a bite out of it ;)

In all seriousness look how great this cosplay is! The armour is perfect, the wig and facial hair are incredibly accurate and the way the jacket is sewn together ties the cosplays and makes it so realistic!

Credit for Blackwall goes to listlesswarrior, who did an outstanding job with this cosplay!

As near as I can tell, Honey Badger Brigade is a trio of pro-Gamergate MRA women who produce execrable podcasts railing against phantasms of feminism and asking buhhhh what about men’s rights?? and other such balderdash. They’re big with literal hate site A Voice For Men, for which one of the Honey Badgers (please don’t make me type those words again) has written.

Anyone who has had any interaction with MRAs or Gamergate people understands that they’re disingenuous, raving paranoiacs who are best ignored in the hopes they’ll tucker themselves out from yelling about women in video game’s. They’re not the types you’d want around an event called the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, a convention with a muscular sexual harassment and abuse policy that’s the first item on their FAQs. So if the H____ B_____s wanted to attend Calgary Expo to spread their message of blarggghhhh they needed to employ a little sleight of hand, as The Mary Sue reports:

However, Honey Badger Radio did not use their website to apply for vendor/exhibitor status. The “Honey Badger Brigade” on the Calgary Expo website links to a webcomic site (run by Honey Badger Tieman) instead. If you didn’t think all of this was enough to warrant expulsion from the convention (it is), there’s more.

The H____ B_____s managed to not only secure a booth but raise nearly $10,000 in a homegrown crowdfunding campaign in order to do something no less innocent than:

We plan to infiltrate nerd culture cunningly disguised as their own. Each of us has been carefully crafting a persona of nerdiness through decades of dedication to comics, science fiction, fantasy, comedy games and other geekery, waiting for this moment, our moment to slip among the unaware. Once there we will start distributing the totalitarian message that nerd and gamer culture is… perfectly wonderful just as it is and should be left alone to go it’s own way.

That’s it folks.

As men’s issues advocates and defenders of creator’s rights to create unmolested, that’s what we have to say to the nerds and geeks and gamers. You are fantastic as you are, carry on.

Why, that sounds perfectly reasonable and apolitical. Sounds like these folks just wanted to attend the con to spread a message of “keep it up!” and “you’re doing great” to the gamer’s and nerd’s. That must be why 200 MRAs opened their wallets to send people who have spent years blogging about false rape epidemics and spermjacking or whatever to a comic con: positive reinforcement. So what did the H____ B_____s do when they got there? From The Mary Sue again:

Panelist Brittney Le Blanc gave us this account of the events that transpired:

We were about fifteen minutes into the panel when a woman in the second row stood up and identified herself as a Men’s Rights Activist. She and her male companion both came to raise issues they felt would not be covered by our panel. Raising points about the way men are portrayed in comics struck a note with all the panelists, as we agreed that we want to see a diversity across body types, characters, races, etc in mainstream comics. Not everyone wants to see a hero who looks like he’s built like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. They also accused us of presenting all women as victims, which was an outright lie and derailing tactic.

Their questions did take up quite a bit of time at the panel and served to derail the topic onto another tangent, which was frustrating for the panel and for those in the audience. It’s what they came to do, and in part, they succeeded. I would say that it brought up some great discussions though, allowing us to talk about the lack of representation for people of colour in comics and to give well deserved props to artists like Sophie Campbell, who has done an amazing job in showcasing a broad range of bodies with her art in Jem and the Holograms.

It’s disappointing that they weren’t there to have a conversation or to listen to what we, and members of the audience, were saying. They wanted to stand up and have their say, but not to listen or try to understand the points of view other people in the room had. This was further proven by the video discussion they posted later last night, in which they mentioned our panel and that we were “donning the ball gowns of our victimhood”, which I’m not even entirely sure how to take. I will admit to not watching the whole video, and I think anyone who attempts to watch it would understand why.

Ahhhhhh yeah, that’s the shit. On Day 2 of the event, the H_____ B______s were kicked out by Expo organizers. The best part? According to the exhibitor package, “No refund shall be given to exhibitors who are removed
from the show.”

$9,300 down the tubes. Ethic’s in video game journalism. Men’s rights. Your crowdfunder sucks.

Honey Badger Brigade: Stand up to censorship!

Okay, okay, I just have to share this photo and a little story behind it cause it’s one of my favorite things that happened last weekened!

Basically I noticed this little Megman outside and thought he was awesome, and decided to go ask him & his parents if I could get a picture of him. As I approached and was about to ask for a photo, some of the people nearby just kinda started yelling “Lucina!! SMASH! SMASH BROS!” and in response, we ended up posing to fight each other (Made me wish I had a Falchion, but oh well! Fisticuffs it is, I decided!) while people took photos. 

It was just super adorable and fun an love this silly little picture!