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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems - Issue 3 comes out tomorrow, May 25th.

Hair Bows

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Various products reported seen in stores or Ebay that are believed to be official, but don’t have official websites to link to.

Cookie Cat Hat - seen at Spencer’s Gifts by @theoriginalpatpeez
Steven Universe magnets, pins, stickers, shirts, and air freshener - seen at Aahs!

(note: Spencer’s Gifts and Aahs! are adult stores, so please be mindful of that if you intend on bringing children)


“First Meeting”

100% linked to AU story, just some separated plots that are not necessary to be added in comic. That’s how I imagined them meeting for the first time, at Core, at least in my headcanon. If Sans did run the show as comedian, then there’s no mistake some kids would definitively watch it, especially Alphys. Cute, huh? XDD

So, LOOK AT THEM! How happy and innocent they were back then! Now, in the current situation, they’re nothing but some “gRUSTY married couple” loool.

Also, meet one of Gaster’s followers here, in the very last pages. Possibly Alphys’s teacher and Sans’s mentor as well. First time I tried designing him in my style, but pretty sure some things might change or need little improvement overtime but I am still happy with the result~ 

Enjoy and hopefully everything is readable~

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