Jingle and Sulley Get Married (part 1)
  • Jingle and Sulley Get Married (part 1)
  • catscater51

weretoons asked: Wait…We’re married? Where’s the wedding?


YES WERE! Don’t you remember!?!? Why, I remember it like it was yesterday!

It was a beautiful summers day and everything was perfect…

Well… that is until


BUT SUDDENLY, just when all hope was lost! In their shining armor and weilding their mighty sword Weretoons’ hero had finally arrived!

A rather dashing, pink haired, lovable, charismatic, charming and modest hero came to save the day! <3

weretoons: Oooh Yeah, I remember!! I can’t believe I accidentally married her

She took me to her company building on the very top floor, I remember how scary it was.

She put be in a cage in her office…


Absolutely! Her tower of capitalism is practically impenetrable!

Although, it wasn’t long until I, your gallent hero, was halfway up the tower…

But Boss$ulley was prepared…



*plops back into my chair* Whew! I’ve been waiting to finally record this comic for a loooooong time! This was a lot of fun to do X3 I can’t wait for what button you guys pick =u=

Art belongs to weretoons and sulleysoup

Jingle, Sulley, Boss$ulley, Priest, and British Computer were voiced by me catscater51

I own nothing but my voice.


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Interview w/ The Nerds of Color!! 

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[Satan and Me] Fall from Heaven

Felix: paulsjamminpowerplant

Anthea: totalspiffage

Editing: alexissam

Art: thisiskindagross


Here we are again, with another video dedicated to Bill Cipher.
Though, this one is a bit more intense on the feels….
Also, be sure to stick around until the end….

Bill Cipher - Me
Dipper - Me
Soos - Me
Grunkle Stan - Me

This awesome comic was created by: modmad

All music used in this video is owned an composed by Shiro Sagisu. I do not own any of the copyrighted material used in this video.

Be sure to follow me on tumblr:

I do not own anything, except for my voice.


I’m literally having too much fun voice acting Bill.
Also…. Prepare for another feels trip.

Dipper - Me
Bill - Me
Guard - Me
Wormwood - Me

This lovely comic was created by: lunarcrown

All music used here is owned and composed by Shiro Sagisu, Atlus, Madman Entertainment, Funimation, Manga Entertainment, and TV Tokyo. I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video.

Be sure to follow me on tumblr to stay up-to-date on both my voice acting and personal life:

I do not own anything, except for the use of my voice.

FEMALE voice actor needed for our comic’s Patreon video!

Hi there! I’m the Lead Artist on a cyberpunk fantasy graphic novel called “Midwinter”. We’ve published the first chapter, run a Kickstarter, and are now looking to create a trailer for our Patreon!

Nearly 2 years ago we searched for a voice for Nox, our main character, and were blown away by all the amazing applicants. This time we’re auditioning for Pendiah, our female lead! We’re looking forward to hearing more great talent.

Here’s a little more about her:

Name: Pendiah Hemera
Age: 33
Height: 5’ 7"
Title: Hospital Director (of Gemini Hospital)

She’s calm, collected, and sometimes comes off as distant and cold to appear professional. This is her default public image. However, those allowed into her circle can see the kinder, teasing side of her. She cares deeply for the welfare of her hospital and its patients. In this regard, sometimes the end justifies the means and she is not above underhanded tactics to get what she wants for the sake of Gemini.

Other keywords that might help: mature, professional, composed, intelligent, guarded, self-reliant, clever, sly.

Vocal notes: Clear and authoritative, she speaks in a refined manner with a modulated tone. When angered, her tone turns sharp and curt. If she is trying to be manipulative, her words are honeyed and tone slightly seductive.

It would be a TOTAL PLUS if you can sing, but it is not required. :)

I am in the U.S., so I’ve always envisioned her as American. Unfortunately I don’t have much more information on an accent, I’m sorry! That said, don’t be afraid to apply, even if you’re not from here.

As someone who’s been in the booth herself, I know context can be important. SO, since our product is a comic, I figured I’d share a couple pages for you to look off of. Improvising for the sake of flow is allowed as long as you preserve the original meaning. (And hey, we may even change our text if you find something that sounds better or more natural!)

~Line 1 Click for page!
~Line 2 Click for page!

Unfortunately, due to our schedule, we have a quick deadline—so get in on this while you can! That said, if you need another day or two, please let us know and we should be able to accommodate it.

Friday, May 8th 11:59PM GMT -5 (Central Time)


DIRECTIONS: E-mail us your MP3 or WAV file with the subject line “Pendiah Audition”. Feel free to record multiple takes*, especially if you want to try different tonal ranges. In fact, we RECOMMEND that you show us variants of your voice and anything else you think might work for the character.

* If you record variants, please do them in separate files and label them as such (ex. “YourName-Pendiah_Regular”, “YourName-Pendiah_Low”). If you’re simply trying different intonations with the same voice, just keep them in the same file.

Though this particular audition is only for the Patreon video, we may very well ask you for more voice work in the future when we do other promotions! Let us know in your e-mail if you’re open to doing more down the line.

Good luck!

If you’d like information on the plot or need to know more about the project itself, go to!

[[ EVEN IF you personally do not fit these qualifications, please spread this around so we can find someone who can! c: ]]

  • Rubix Rubes
  • Ian Murray

Another Hail-NekoYasha comic I did a Voice over for. But this time we have Marth and Roy :3.

anyway I may do more Voice overs in the future but I still have stuff to do school wise.

anyway enjoy

Voices = Myself

Music = Mii Plaza / Mii Channel /Nintendo

Comic = Hail-NekoYasha


Yazid, the silent oracle

An oriental mind reading sketch, a parody of acts of these genre.

  • Act: Solo, with a guest
  • Props needed: Music-stand / Projector
  • Lenght: ~4:00

Stan Lee’s Cameo School

Kumo no Ass-hole

I know a lot of you guys get disappointed about comic elders acting wild, but they old anyway. They mad square. Intellectually irrelevant. They’ll catch up… maybe, and if not, who cares, them and their whole crew will be dead soon anyway. I don’t know. Just keep making YOUR stuff. You’re the future. You shape what’s next. I’m excited to see what you guys do.
Most of these old guys are just glorified pin up artists anyway. Playing to a rapidly eroding; mundanely nostalgic; disproportionately vocal minority. Their ideas couldn’t break through the bottom of the wet longboxes where they plunder most of their material.

…I figure I can post this here without reprisal because they prolly JUST switched to facebook from myspace.

But don’t take my word for it, in a week I’ll be 36, so… Prolly shouldn’t listen to my old ass either.


Le Charmeur

A Casanova sketch: what happens behind Casanova’s door?

  • Act: Solo
  • Props needed: A table
  • Lenght: ~4:30