Bendy And The Ink Machine Comic Dub : UpStaged
What'll become of Bendy, now..? Check out the artist here! : Also, check out Skitzy, too! :

“A female leading role? Ridiculous!”


Squished the other two parts into a final trio video, special thanks to this lovely artist! :


As well as my partner in crime, @idofunnyvoices!

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I originally came here on Tumblr hoping to just use it for comic/animation purposes, but then I realized that I could share my fan art as well since I started improving on my drawing skills.  Though most people follow me for my voice acting and comic dubs, I’m still really happy that they’re starting to notice me for my artwork and getting some good feedback on them.  

The biggest thank you to that goes to @lilyaviarn for creating this awesome Discord chat, which gave me the opportunity to reach out to some lovely artists/fellow Bendy fans, including @shinyzango, @spudinacup, and my friend, @bilianna.  Seriously, you guys are amazing and kind people and I’m really glad to have met you and share my art and voice work with you.  I never would’ve gotten this far if it weren’t for your support, so thank you so much!  *hugs*

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Our last women’s history month post this month is also in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility on the voice actress Maddie Blaustein. Maddie was a major voice actor and creator in various industries, and if you grew up with anime, you’ve probably heard her voice at one time or another. Maddie was a transgender woman who worked for several companies.

Maddie was born in October 1960 in Long Island, New York. She was the second-oldest of five siblings, and was Jewish. She was born intersex and began transitioning later on in her life. She was a fairly well-known activist for transgender rights within the community. She has been credited with other names in work, including Madeline Blaustein and Kendra Bancroft

Maddie was perhaps most well known for her work as a voiceover actress, primarily in anime. She worked for family dubbing company 4kids, which was a New York-based company that dubbed anime for saturday morning cartoons. Perhaps her most famous role was that of the talking pokemon Meowth in the famous franchise, a role she carried for several seasons. She also portrayed Pokemon characters Lt. Surge and Bill, along with many minor characters. Other famous roles that she took on include that of Solomon Mutou (Yugi’s grandfather) in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! and  Chef Kawasaki in the english dub of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

She voiced a large number of characters in her lifetime, one of her most recent roles being that of Satorious in Yugioh GX. She was arguably one of 4kids’ more famous voice actors, having at least one role in almost all of their properties. Some of the other 4Kids dubs she had a role in include Ultimate Muscle, One Piece, and Cubix. She acted in other things as well, including the characters Li Zhuzhen and Colonel Hyuga in the game Shadow Hearts. She also portrayed characters in Samurai Deeper Kyo and Slayers Try.In the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, she played the robot Omega in several games as well as the president in Shadow the Hedgehog

Maddie did often work outside of animation. She wrote and did art for several comics, including Static, Power Pachyderms, and Hardware. She was an active content developer for the game Second Life under the name Kendra Bancroft, and gained a good reputation for her skills as a 3D modeler. She was also the creative director for the Weekly World News for a time. Her brother Jeremy Blaustein is a translator and video game localizer. 

Maddie passed away in late 2008 from an untreated stomach virus. Memorials poured in from fans who grew up with her work all over the internet.

Her work in anime, comics, and voice acting is not forgotten and lives on with the people who grew up listening to her work. Her impact on the anime industry in the west has been felt by many, and her dedication to excellence as an artist and a person is not forgotten. 


for those of you who don’t remember, refer to this little CN bumper right here:

This thing took a millennium to edit together but I GOT IT DONE NYEAH~!!

Original Comic By @c2ndy2c1d

@dawillstanator - Johnny Bravo

@speedjolt - Carl

@knittinggiantbeanies - Musical Guy and Flirty Guy


saw this old comic and decided I had to voice it.

Woman voiced by dustyoldroses


My thanks to Elson Wong and the talented team of participating voice actors for this highly entertaining “Hugsperiment” dub.  The outtakes at the end are a real treat!


Here’s another comic voice dub, though this time I voiced everyone myself.

Please give credit where it’s due!

Bendy's Panic Attack
Ian Murray
Bendy's Panic Attack

A comic drawn by @doodledrawsthings. I felt like doing some more Comic Dubs today and I thought Bendy would be fun to voice, and sure enough he was.

I love the Voice I gave him. He’s a riot xD. But I hope not only the original creator of this comic enjoys this but all you adoring fans out there enjoy as well!

Voices = Me

Comic = @doodledrawsthings