There’s an awesome batch of TMNT comics coming in the month of December! Take a peek at the latest titles (from left to right).

• TMNT #65 (REG cover by @santolouco)
• TMNT #65 (SUB cover by Kevin Eastman)
• BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #2 (REG cover by @sommariva)
• BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #2 (SUB cover by Rick Burchett)
• TMNT Universe #5 (REG cover by @freddieart)
062: Facing Your Fears with Katie Rice
Katie Rice is an illustrator and cartoonist, She is the winner of Penny Arcades Strip Search and the creator of the webcomics, Camp Wedonwantcha and Katie Comics.

There’s a lot of negativity in the various art communities, which is why I really like Aaron’s Comic Manifest podcast. It’s upbeat and positive and focuses on talking to artists about things that can really be helpful to others. I enjoyed listening to it in the past when I needed a bit of a boost while working, so it’s pretty cool to have gotten a chance to be on it.


I’m not saying Eternity should have popped up in the Doctor Strange movie,
…but he should have.

darthbagel2332  asked:

Did you make a comic for your OCs or something? Because it sounds like you drew something with a plot or something, and all I can find is the thing you made of the two of them kissing

Haha there’s no comic, at least not yet :D the other day in stream people asked about the story so I revealed little something :3c the something being the moment the ship would go canon lmao 😂

i’m reading comics!flashpoint again and it makes me realize, again, how cheap show!Flashpoint was. the four part crossover should have been flashpoint and worked like the error ep where they could also be standalone episodes.

comics!flashpoint had an entirely altered world. a world that was at war, a world that was suffering, and it was hero vs. hero because it changed everyones lives. and barry fixed it, but depending on where you go, if it’s the movie, he set everything right. if it’s the comics, ‘fixing’ it shifted the world into new 52.

which is really what they should have done. not reboot the entire world when he came back, it could have been altered in the same way it was on the show, but i would have loved to show, immensely, you can’t fuck with time and change peoples’ lives.

that’s actually a HUGE part of barry’s comic book persona and why him doing it was such a big deal – he flatout refused, for a long time, to go back in time and change things. he wouldn’t do it. he thought it was wrong. and the show really cheapened this by not exploring or playing on it. his decision to change things was drastic.

and then he blamed eobard at first because he didn’t remember even doing it, he didn’t remember being in that much grief, and eobard was like “i’m not that fucking stupid lmfao.” and nora, NORA, had to be the one to convince him to change things back and that’s how he learned ot let her go.

i just.


anonymous asked:

wait so you're the dipshit who spread 4chan rumours about a crewniverse which if true is their personal business obtained through "months of stalking" according to them, and if fake (which the blog is saying was fake now but there's a comic artist saying that it was a case of mistaken identity) was you spreading malicious lies about a crewniverse because you believe everything 4ch puts out? Damn, guess I gotta block this account too.

?? what are you even talking about??? I have no idea honestly. Other mods??????

About Stand-in updating

Hello folks, I’ll update Stand-in whenever I have time or I want to draw it in the future.  There is no schedule for updating the comic. I can’t guarantee how far the story would go, either. 

Of course, I really enjoy making this comic and want to keep it going, but my resting time of this year is getting to the end, a college that I’m interested in has accepted me. There are so many things need to be prepared before I go, also I’m going to set up some projects of my original art.

2017 would be full of challenges for me as a foreign student.

But maybe the most important reason is, this comic is made for relieving myself always, and I don’t want to let it stress me.

Anyway, if you find this little comic enjoyable, it’s already a wonderful thing in my life. There are numerous comments with love and cheer from the people who read my comic. This is far more than what I expected.

Thank you very much.