14 year old me writing fanfics: i’m gonna make an original character for this series. she’s gonna be latina like me. because fuck you, that’s why.

15 year old me writing with friends: alright i see your white characters, this is mine. she’s latina and black. and probably gay. 

17 years old me shopping in a bookstore: why are all fantasy books about white medieval europe??? I’m going to write my own fantasy novel and it’ll be set in ancient egypt and everybody will be brown. and gay.

20 year old me, still writing the egyptian novel: fuck every piece of whitewashed egyptian fiction ever. i’m gonna make my characters ever darker and gayer. because fuck heteronormativity.

22 year old me: why CAN’T I make my character gay in this comic. He’s gonna be gay. and my co-author informs me he’s also latino. 

26 year old me talking with my coauthor: alright the heroes for this space adventure are gonna be girls. are they brown. and gay. oh cool, they are. 

30 year old me working at the same bookstore: why are all the books for little girls pink and glittery?? I’m gonna make my own series of books for little girls with no pink and no glitter and no princesses and they’ll also gonna be brown! now i won’t write about any kind of romance, but i still headcanon at least two of them as gay. the latina one is gay.

32 year old me telling my editor about the sequel of the egyptian novel: there’s gonna be even more women in the story. they’re all gonna be brown. and probably all gay, too. 

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"You got what? Tattooed where?!"

“I got this, tattooed here,” Simon said, pointing to the words ‘bite me’ tattooed in comic sans on his neck. 

“I hate it.”

“You love it and you love me for supporting your vampiric existence.”

“I can no longer look at you, you’re officially a walking meme.”

“A supportive meme.”

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the next five!

Tee Franklin’s new comic Bingo Love narrates the decade-spanning romance of its black queer protagonists, starting in 1963 when their parents forbid their love at its very origins. 

Franklin, a queer woman herself, is using Bingo Love as a way of coming out to her family. She tells Huffington Post that she’s kept her bisexuality a secret out of fear, and this novella is a way of her sharing her truth with her extended family.

“I know that there are black women and men who have had to hide their sexuality,” she says, “due to the time era and I know that there are some that are still hiding it,” she said. “As someone who’s been married, sometimes you stay for the kids ― even though you know that the love is gone. Hiding your sexual orientation for decades and not truly being happy inside is what I wanted to touch on with this story.

Franklin hopes to distribute the comic before the end of the year.

The central theme: love is love is love.

“Once again, these topics aren’t discussed in comics and there definitely aren’t older queer black women around.” she says. “But, you can have a Magneto who’s in his, what, 60s? 70s? The only superpowers Hazel and Mari have is the confidence to leave their past lives in their 60s and spend the rest of them together living their life to the fullest.

If Shirley Stoler shows up in something you’re watching, chances are at the very least it’s not going to be boring—and she shows up in the damndest places, impossible to ignore when she shoulders her way on-screen. There she is, for example, dubbed into Italian to play the zaftig commandant in a German concentration camp in Lina Wertmüller’s Seven Beauties (1975), where she’s serviced by prisoner Giancarlo Giannini. And as nasty neighbor Mrs. Steve on the television show Pee-wee’s Playhouse, a toxic character axed after the first season in 1986, apparently because Stoler so rubbed Paul Reubens the wrong way. And in Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker (1990), of which little more needs be said than it’s titled Frankenhooker. And as the pawnshop proprietress who whacks off Alec Baldwin’s digits in Miami Blues (1990), George Armitage’s adaptation of Charles Willeford’s blackly comic detective novel, in which her casting, per Armitage, was a homage to her breakthrough role in The Honeymoon Killers (1969), Leonard Kastle’s road trip through an all-American hellscape.

Nick Pinkerton writes on Shirley Stoler, who found her Medea in the role of a glowering bandit on the run in Leonard Kastle’s seedy true-crime drama The Honeymoon Killers.

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So who would you want to see in a second monocolor Commander 'walker cycle? W Serra, U ???, B Leshrac, R Jaya, G ??? Although allied pairs might be more likely. WU Vronos, BR Sifa, any others you can think of?

Those are pretty good. Here’s a more fleshed-out list.

W - Serra
U - Dyfed
B - Leshrac
R - Jaya Ballard
G - Kristina of the Woods
WU - Vronos
GW - Daria
RG - Lord Windgrace
BR - Sifa Grent
UB - Tevesh Szat

This takes care of the rest of the Nine Titans that were part of the comic’s continuity, and some other major characters who didn’t get cards.

White people trying to justify Death Note, a Japanese creation, being whitewashed by saying “Well if you want a Japanese character just read the comics!”

Meanwhile, these same people can’t accept criticisms of Iron Fist being whitewashed. Instead they miraculously defy the boundaries of their own logic by using Danny being played by a white man as, “But in the original comics he’s white!”

So, what is the truth? Are all you white people pulling this shit going to finally admit you’re racist?

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Games I saw on Tumblr before knowing they were games:

Five Nights at Freddy’s: I swear to god, My first reaction to the screen cap I saw was “Is someone remaking crash bandicoot?” Because it was Foxy leaning into the office. I later saw Mark play it.

Undertale: I saw a comic of Mettaton talking to Robo-Blooky, something about him having a Stalker who Mettaton ends the comic by shooting. I figured “Oh, some dude’s original comic, with original characters, good for him.” And then later I just heard about it from my girl friend. 

Bendy and the ink machine: I saw a comic of Bendy being told he doesn’t have a neck, pulling off his own head, and making a joke of it, same post showed him running from Felix the Cat, Oswald the Rabbit and Mickey Mouse. Chasing him, he’s then stopped by the Cup heads and is put in time out. Ten minutes ago, I saw Jack play the first level.