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Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

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137 Winter  Writing Prompts!

1. “Come out in the snow with me!”

2. “I can’t believe it’s already snowing,”

3. “Want some cocoa?”

4. “I’m baking!”

5. "I can’t feel my legs.”

6. “Don’t open those till later!”

7. “What’d you get me?”

8. “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?”

9. “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.”

10. "I’d rather stay inside.”

11. “The house is so warm.”

12. “It’s warm inside.”

13. “There’s no way I’m going out in that weather!”

14. “Is this the first time you’ve seen snow?”

15. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

16. “Happy New Year’s Eve eve eve eve eve eve eve!”

17. “It’s New Years, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

18. “I wonder where that mistletoe came from.”

19. “Do we have to kiss at midnight?”

20. “Hug me so I can Get warm.”

21. “You’re like a heater!”

22. “Bah humbug.”

23. “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”

24. “Why did you get this for me?”

25. “Merry Christmas, you dork!”

26. “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.”

27. “I hate waiting.”

28. “Let’s listen to Christmas albums and get drunk off of eggnog.”

29. “Eggnog sucks, fight me.”

30. “Eggnog rules, bite me.”

31. “You’re as red as Rudolph!”

32. “Christmas hats are the bomb, okay?”

33. “Let this be over now.”

34. “No, you can not start listening to Christmas albums before Halloween.” - “Well I disagree.”

35. “Halloween is better.”

36. “Let’s have Hallowmas!”

37. “Isn’t the snow just amazing?”

38. “No white Christmas this year…”

39. “Let’s see who can catch the most snowflakes with their tongue!”

40. “Snow angels!”

41. “Do you wanna Build a-” - “Absolutely not.”

42. “You look cute when you’re cold.”

43. “Let’s sit by the fire.”

44. “Up to roasting marshmallows?”

45. “Come on! Can I open just one?”

46. “You have flour on you face.”

47. “Who knew making cookies was this hard?”

48. “Easier said than done.”

49. “Let’s go get some pre made dough.”

50. “We burned it all…”

51. “Ginger bread people are very serious!”

52. “Cookie frosting contest!!!”

53. “I think I’ve has enough cookies for two years… Wait is that pie?”

54. “Let’s have an all pie Christmas!”

55. “What do you mean ‘too many cookies’?”

56. “Can you reach that spot on the tree?”

57. “We have to get that tree!”

58. “Did someone spike the eggnog?”

59. “Yes I have four trees. Don’t judge me.”

70. “Where’s the topper!”

71. “The tree looks… Nice…”

72. “Oh wow.”

73. “We must win the house lights contest!”

74. “I think we need glitter.”

75. “I made too much tea. Didn’t i?”

76. “Want some tea?”

77. “Did someone eat half of the cookies?!?”

78. “Just because it’s Christmas/New Years doesn’t mean I have to dress up.”

79. “It’s New Years/ Christmas! Of course I need to dress up!”

80. “What the hell do I get them?”

81. “That’s perfect for them!”

82. “Light the candle!”

83. “Why is it so damn cold?”

84. “Happy Hanukkah!”

85. “Let’s watch stupid Christmas movies and get wasted.”

86. "It’s too cold to do anything!”

87. “thanks for the gift… I guess.”

88. “Hey, at least you tried.”

89. “Snow ball fight!!!”

90. “Our ginger bread house is just… Sad.”

91. "My cookies are far better than yours.”

92. “Oh my GOD how did you make these!?!”

93. “This is the best cookie I’ve very eaten.”

94. “This is the worst cookie I’ve ever eaten.”

95. "How could someone make food this badly?”

96. “tea is so much better than cocoa!”

97. “Cocoa is superior to tea!”

98. “Why are we fighting over beverages!?!”

99. “Sit down and eat the damn food!”

100. “We need to make food for how many people?!?”

101. "You’re cute when you’re freezing.”

102. “All I want for Christmas is you!”

103. “No way you’re going out in the snow in that!”

104. “Did you actually get a Santa suit?”

105. “Catching snowflakes with your tongue is harder than it looks…”

106. “I may die if it gets any colder.”

107. “Finally! Snow!”

108. “Happy Festivus!”

109. “So you’re telling me that you got everyone dollar store makeup for their gifts?!?””

110. “It’s Christmas! You’d think at least someone would be selling trees!”

111. “Wake me up when it’s Christmas.”

112. “Wake me up when Winter’s over.”

113. “Winter is my favorite time of the year!”

114. “Who stole all the gifts!?!”

115. “There’s so much snow in my boots.”

116. “We’re snowed in!”

117. “Are you sure you want to get me a gift?”

118. “I don’t deserve you…”

119. “So… Looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh.”

120. “Wanna kiss?”

121. “I’m alone on valentines day. What could get worse?”

122. “Looks like we’re stuck here until all the snow blows over..”

123. “Seriously!?! The powers out?”

124. “Who sent these chocolates and flowers?”

125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.”

126. “I think eating Chocolate alone on a holiday is completely normal.”

127. “Did i actually sleep through Christmas/New years/ Hanukkah?”

128.1 ‘Did you actually dye your hair red and green?”

128.2 “Seriously did you dye your hair blue for winter?”

128.3 “How is it possible to dye your hair gold for new years.”

129. “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. i won’t allow that!”

130. “I’m bringing the holiday party to you!”

131. “Please come over. I don’t want to be alone on Christmas.”

132. “Yes i’m out clubbing on new years. Please just pick me up!”

134. “I think i love you. Wow that sounds so cliche.”

135.  “I know that people usually kiss under mistletoe but.. I had other things planned.”

136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date.”

137. “You know i could never leave you alone on your favorite holiday.”

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I think the only times Dazai gets flustered are when he doesn’t account for something happening for once, but he also gets over it pretty fast… Also, an unrelated bonus doodle under the cut because I’m not sure what kind of “flustered” anon prefers, ahaha ;;

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Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can you please make a fanfic of Jason where y/n and him are on a mission, which may or not involved y/n stripping for a mob boss and Jason gets super jealous and finally tells her how he feels […]”

Warning: ehm… strong flirting???

Note: this is sooo long I’m sorry. I changed it a bit I guess, but hope you still enjoy it :)
Seriously over 2000 words I don’t know what happened.


You were observing Raymond Miller for a while now, knowing he was owner of a nice little computer virus that could make him be able to know all little secrets big companies, the government and any other human that used the internet had.
You and Jason needed to steal it from him before he used it, because knowledge is power and once he initiated that thing he would he the most powerful man on this planet.

The problem was he was smart. Very smart to be exact. And ruthless. Shooting his men when they did the tiniest mistake. He would immediately notice Jason wasn’t really interested in working for him, you couldn’t break in his house since it was way too risky even for the Red Hood and that was why you couldn’t find out yet where exactly the usb drive was hidden.

You watched Miller walk into a night club with a bunch of barely dressed girls and that was when it hit you. “Let’s meet at the house, Hood. I know now what we have to do,” you spoke through the comms, jumping off the roof, heading back to the place Jason and you shared for the sake of this mission.

You knew Jason for a while now. You were an ally of Batman and one day Jason was just there, fighting at your side.
The chemistry you shared immediately was undeniable, what caused a strong friend- and partnership to develop quickly. Even though you wished it was more. Jason was an angel. Literally.

You entered the apartment, throwing your mask on the kitchen table. A second later Jason entered too.

“So?” He asked, taking a seat.

“Women. It’s such a cliche,” you laughed. “We were too caught up thinking only you could infiltrate him, Jason.
I can.”

Jason needed a moment to answer. Was he getting you right? “So, you want to… flirt with him?”

“Whatever it takes–”

“Whatever it takes?!” He raised his voice, looking at you in shock. “You’re saying you would sleep with him??”

“No… I mean, no,” you shook your head.
If there was no other way? Well, Miller wasn’t ugly. The typical sexy gangster boss. There were worse things to do.

“It’s too dangerous. We find another way,” Jason crossed his arms. The simple thought of this asshole’s hands on you made Jason’s blood boil.

“Jay, I can handle this. Plus I have you as backup,” you tried to convince him. “I trust you always and now trust me.”

He sighed. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you. You were a great vigilante. Skilled, smart and devoted to what you did. “Okay, but I will immediately interfere if he hurts you… or gets too close and then we’re fucked.”

“Deal,” you nodded, walking to your room.
You quickly did your hair and make up, throwing your best lingerie on, a tight white dress that showed a lot of cleavage and wasn’t too long, black high heels and your favourite leather jacket to give you a bit more comfort.

“(Y/N), I–” Jason cut himself off as he saw you walking past him. That dress complimented your body perfectly.
Not that you had to wear it. Jason thought you were always sexy as hell.

“That’s the reaction I wanted,” you laughed it off, putting the ear piece in your ear. “What’s that?” You looked at the other devices on the table. A lighter, a beautiful necklace and a matching bracelet.

Jason cleared his throat, “eh. Uhm, lighter is filled with something you can mix in his drink or food and it will knock him out, but the clue is whatever you tell him in the next 5 minutes will be his memories, like it happened, necklace is a gps tracker and bracelet,” he pulled a little but sharp knife out of it.

“Where do you get all those spy stuff from?” You put the jewellery on and put the light in the pocket of your jacket. “It’s cool.”

What about a save word?” He tried to look in your eyes, but that dress made it hard. Usually Jason wasn’t like this and he wanted to slap himself.

You chuckled, “whatever makes you feel better, Jay. Melon juice?”

“Melon juice,” he nodded.

You took the car and Jason his motorcycle back to the club.
You weren’t scared, maybe a little intimidated and Jason’s panic was inexplicable to you.
He knew what you could and he never acted like this before.

You got into the club. Loud music blaring through your ears.
First a drink, you thought and walked to the bar.
You didn’t see Jason, but Miller was sitting in one of the lounges.

“Pff, his eyes are already on you,” Jason huffed.

You brought your glass in front of your mouth like you wanted to drink to cover your talking, “did you expect something else?” You took a sip. “Thanks.”

“No! I mean, he’s a bastard. You look breathtaking.”

You chuckled, walking on the dance floor.

Jason tensed up the closer the mob boss came to you.

“All alone?” Miller whispered in your ear, taking a hold of your hips from behind.

You laid your head back against his shoulder, “seems not anymore.” You swayed your hips to the music, bodies rubbing against each others.

If Jason thought his blood was boiling earlier he now knew better.
He had to bundle all his willpower to not storm onto the dance floor, punching that piece of criminal garbage for touching and being so all over you.
Jason liked you. He liked you a lot and as much as he tried to deny it, because you were friends right now his feelings for you were fuelling his jealousy.

You could tell Miller enjoyed the dancing. It was all over his face and in his pants.

“How about we take this to my place, kitty?” It was not really a question. He knew he would get what he wanted.

“Sounds good to me,” you batted your lashes.
He grinned and nodded to his men, walking out of the club.
He held the car door for you open like a gentleman before getting in himself. His hand rested on your bare thigh throughout half the ride, but then he lifted it, grabbing your chin and brought your lips to his.
It wasn’t bad.
You didn’t kiss anyone in months and therefore it was nice.

The car parked in front of a gigantic mansion.
You got out and he walked you to the front door his arm was low around your waist.
No key opened the door, but a password he typed on a little screen which you now knew.

“You got the password?” Jason’s voice rang in your ear.
Was he thinking you could answer him? 
Miller lead you inside and into a living room (you were sure there were three others in this house) before excusing himself for a second.

“3485382,” you said. “And now shut up.”

“No need to be rude.”

You took your leather jacket off and sat on the couch, keeping it on your lap. It all looked very luxurious and thinking about him earning his money by killing people and selling drugs to kids made you want to throw up.
Okay how do I get out of here, you thought. Miller would come in any second and then?

“Hope you like some good wine,” he called before walking around the corner with two glasses filled with red liquid. “I told my people to leave us alone.”

“That’s surprising seems like he wants to talk,” you could hear the eye rolling in Jason’s voice. "Be careful not that it’s poisoned.“

"Thank you,” you smiled, keeping eye contact as you took a sip.

“I’ve never seen you in this club before, (Y/N). I sure as hell would have noticed,” his eyes were burning into yours.

“Usually I don’t party in this part of town, but a friend recommended it and, well, I’m glad I listened to her.”

“Hm,” he licked his lips in agreement. You put your glass on the table and crawled ontop of him, giving him a sloppy kiss while putting the liquid in the glass of wine without him noticing.
You got up and moved your hips from side to side, pulling your dress a little up.

Jason wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. You did all this just for the sake of the mission… right?

Your hands moved up your body. He took a sip of his wine.
The urge to slap the pleased grin off his face was definitely there, but you had to maintain character.
You slowly took your dress off, hearing him hiss.
Miller took another sip before putting the glass away. He patted his lap and you straddled him. Miller’s hands rubbed your bare thighs and he started to kiss your neck.

“You totally enjoy this,” why was Jason sounding so bitter? “Shall I better go? You got everything under ‘control’ I see.”

Then Miller passed out.
5 minutes.
You started to tell him what (didn’t) happen, making him also believe he thought he could trust you 100%.
5 minutes over.

“Why are you so bitter?!” You looked to the window.

“Don’t know. Maybe just surprised you’re such a slut.”

“Wow,” you chuckled dryly. “Fuck off, Jason. I’ve actually got this under control.”

“Maybe you just actually start dating him and working for him,” Jason hissed. He didn’t mean to be rude. But he was angry at literally everyone in this moment.
You. Miller. Bruce. Himself.

You took the little ear piece out, holding your middle finger in direction window.

Jason threw his spy glass to the other side of the roof, breathing heavily. His hands were burning, his heart ached.

“It’s just a mission,” he told himself, but he didn’t believe his own words. Why would someone like you like someone like Jason anyway.


You woke up alone not on the couch, but what you doomed was his bed.
You sat up, seeing a wide shirt and a pair of socks laying on the free side of the bed which was still warm.
You put it on, thankful for the socks since the floor was cold shiny stone.
You walked out of the room, down the stairs, standing in the familiar entrance hall. You looked to your right where the living room was.
His and your clothes still at the places you threw them to as he was passed out.

“Raymond?” You called.

“Here,” his unreadable voice called, making you jump around. “I made breakfast.”

You raised an eyebrow, “okay?”

“What?” He sat down on the other side of the table.

“Well, you don’t seem like the I made breakfast guy,” you shrugged.

“Well, usually I’m not,” he winked.

After eating you put the dishes in the sink.

“I have a business dinner tonight and I want you to come,” it was really not a question. “At 7 and wear something fancy.”

“Sure, sir.”

Miller grabbed your chin, “don’t tease me.”

“Never,” you grinned and he peaked your lips.

“One of my man will drive you home.”


“Oh, didn’t think you’d come home,” Jason snapped as you walked in.

“What’s your fucking problem? I’m closer to that virus than you’ve ever been!?
Is it that? That (Y/N) is better than the former Robin Jason Todd?!” You hissed. “You’re pathetic!” You added before heading to your room, this was not what you needed right now.
Jason came up behind you and for a second you thought he was going to fight you, and he did… but not in the conventional way.
He pressed his lips against yours, holding you tightly. You could feel all sorts of anger and frustration being taken out in that kiss.
Passionate, angry, bruising and full of love.
All you ever wanted.

By the time he pulled away you were both almost passed out because of lacking oxygen.

“I liked you, okay?! God damn! (Y/N), I fucking like you!” He didn’t bother to catch his breath. “And seeing that filthy piece of dirt touch you is making me want to kill him slowly and painful!
He doesn’t even know how amazing you are, (Y/N)! What a gift you are.
You are so precious. You mean so much to me, (Y/N).
Every time you’re around I don’t feel completely worthless.
And it kills me! You–”

“Breathe!” You cut him off, because he seemed to forget. Your hand was still holding onto his black shirt. “Breathe, Jason.”

“I’m sorry for what I said. For being such an asshole.
And for thinking I would have a chance, because you’re so far out of my league I don’t understand why we are friends at all–”

This time you cut him off by kissing him again.
It sure made sense.
Being angry because being jealous, trying to build some self defense around oneself by insulting the other.
You sure as hell were no spy. This was so obvious, but you didn’t see it.

“Don’t be stupid now, Jason,” you whispered, your lips brushing against his as you talked. “I just… I never said anything because I didn’t want to risk our friendship.”

He blinked, being quiet for a long moment.

You frowned, “Jason?”

“Well, I… I didn’t think you’d say that so I don’t know what to do now,” he was staring at you.

“Like that one time you thought we wouldn’t even make it inside the LexCorp building and as we made it inside you had no plan?” You smiled.

“Exactly like that time,” he nodded. You hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry,” he pulled you even closer.

“For being an asshole or for what?”


“And now?” You pulled away looking at him.

“Will you be my g-girlfriend and are you willing to deal with my jealousy, angst and all the other issues I have?
Yes. No. Maybe.” He was so helpless. Out there he fought the biggest criminals and right now he stammered, nervously looking everywhere but your eyes.

“But I will still get the virus from Miller.”

“I know,” he nodded not very fond of it. “But I will still kill him!”