My drawing for the #septicart for the @therealjacksepticeye PMA thing!!

A comic book art cover for jackieboy man if he had a comic! :D which should happen already.

I did one like this last year as well have a look!
My first one.

My second one.


#36 Sapotis (Season 2 Episode 10) 

Here is my part for the @squadmiraculous Comic Collab! The squad created fake comic covers for each MLB episode and I’m really glad to be invited by @powerdragonmoon to join in this project! I had a lot of fun drawing this! <3

I originally wanted to draw for the episode Glaciator (because it’s my favourite episode) but I ended up choosing Sapotis because I wanted an excuse to draw Rena Rouge. I love my girl Alya :P


Squad Miraculous: Comic Cover Collab - Issue #16 “Animan”

Hey ya’ll! So several friends and I from my main discord server all decided to do this whole comic cover project for each of Miraculous Ladybug’s currently existing episodes :D I immediately grabbed at Animan cuz as soon as I remembered the episode, my mind came up with the layout you see above. Detailing was a challenge but I’m super happy with how it came out!

If you wanna see what the rest of us had done, check out the tags #SquadMiraculousCollab and #SquadMiraculousCovers as well as the @squadmiraculous Tumblr for more content :D

Heroes in Crisis 

7 Issue Limited Series Written by Tom King Art by Clay Mann

Heroes in Crisis is not a tale of universes colliding and dying. Instead this is a story centering on the humans and superhumans under the mask; this is about what allows them to get up and fight when it appears they can’t ever get up and fight again. When it’s too much, and it’s often too much, heroes go to Sanctuary — created by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman — to find a moment of safety before returning to a universe of violence. Heroes in Crisis is also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DCU.

“If I could do anything to the DCU, it would be to bring a sense of community of superheroes and people. I feel a duty to talk about what violence does to a society through the comics I’m creating.” - Tom King

Issue #7 of Steven Universe is out! The stars aligned and my cover goes quite well with the story inside this time. The Gems are going on a sailing adventure! For this one I wanted to draw the Crystal Gems being happy a family, because family can be a kid and a bunch of Gem Moms.

To support the comic, you can get it at your local comic shop, order online from BOOM! Studios, or read digitally through ComiXology! :)

Squad Miraculous Cover Collab: Tada! My alternate cover for Volpina. I drew both the first one and this one, cause i drew up both thumbnails and realized I wanted to do both lol.

For more like this keep an eye on the tags #SquadMiraculousCollab and #SquadMiraculousCovers, a good few have already been posted and there are more to come in the future. 

Cover I did for Steven Universe issue 5! You can get it in comic shops, order through the BOOM! Studios website, or get it digitally on Comixology. You can also see the WIP of this over on my Patreon (same username as Tumblr), though don’t worry - all the Steven cover work I post there will always be free to look at, just after a few days of early access for patrons.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports the comic by buying it - because of you I get to keep doing this cover gig and I really love it!! Please keep supporting the Steven comic!

PS: Spot the historical reference!