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i hope you know that whatever goals you have (high gpa, dream college, etc) are VALID. you can do WHATEVER you set your mind to! ‪✧ also, thanks so SO much for 300+ followers! you guys are truly the best ‪♡

So I listened to this Nekoma drama CD and was inspired to draw the hairstyles Kenma tries out (or rather Kuroo inflicts upon him):

1. Bangs on one side

2. 7:3 parting

3. Bangs swept back

4. Pointy tips

5. Sunglasses?

The drama is hilarious and everyone should listen to it, at least to hear Kuroo’s glorious reaction to seeing Kenma’s freshly dyed-gold hair ^///^


akaashi in this chapter was the best because he literally… did not have to do any of that like he tried so so hard (look at his face in those panels. he is so stressed) to get bokuto back in the game – but they didnt need him to win at all (e.g. washio says this SUPER OUTRIGHT)! and then when konoha at the end tells akaashi “you ignore him if u want” he basically ignores him completely O|-<

i bet after the match akaashi’s regretting everything