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Daily #1,611! Don’t ask for my opinion on a book if you are not ready for HARSH UNFILTERED CRITICISM.

(I love the books I love, and for everything else there is Extreme Disappointment wrapped by a crisp layer of Snark and Judgement with a dash of Tough Love buried deep, deep, DEEP within the center.)

Also I’m reading like four books at the same time right now, which is probably a mistake.

Jimmy Swinnterton, Mr. Jack strip “The Tell-Tale Lather,” 1901. This is a great example of early comic strips that came under criticism for corrupting the morals of young readers, as Mr. Jack, lunging at a chambermaid, makes philandering seem cute. Before long, the Hearst papers removed the strip from the Sunday color comics supplement, temporarily featuring it on the sports page. The late comics historian Don Markstein pointed out that Mr. Jack was the first fully-realized “funny animal” comics character (with hands, upright stance, almost completely human below the neck).

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(Awesome. My impetus on April Fools was to spread around two other comic reviewers while “quitting fangirling” for Linkara. Really I just was changing the blog part as a joke but also to give The Punchline and A Comic Minute more views.

I just like shows about comics ^_^  He talks about comic strips and he’s worth a watch so go see his stuff. -Miss)


Baby Blues: This is going to be tougher than we thought (by ComicStripCritic)

The episode that got me into it! -Miss