『It’s Okay to be Shy』is my original comic series. It’s a story about a man and a girl who have an "opposite" personality of their gender. It’s based on true stories included mine. The reason I made this comic is I don’t like, "girls/guys should do/be like this" kind of social stereotype; I want to break the concept of the standard of gender stereotype to “girls/guys also can do this”. It’s from my personal opinion and some of my friends’ opinion, so please don’t take it so seriously. Enjoy! 

* Btw English isn’t not my native language, please understand my mistake. I will do my best to not make a mistake.  

* I upload this comic series whenever I finish the translating. If you don’t mind, you can read this comics in Korean first. 【X】



"I didn’t punch you. You ran into my fist." 

#28 Draw yourself punching something: requested by exile-wrath

Based on a true story of the shit he puts up with me things I do to my close guy friend all the time.

As a matter of fact, the majority of our relationship was strengthened due to me punching him every time we see each other (in a friendly way of course). He gets a little more buff each time to withstand my punches but I’m sure the masochist inside him enjoys my company.

We’re very close, just to let you know.