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On Batman’s Dutch Wikipedia page they used this photo.

And I am sorry, but I can’t stop laughing. If some Dutch person googles Batman (you know the badass superhero) they will find this photo. THIS PHOTO!!

I mean come on, how am I supposed to take Batman serious? HOw? 

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can you do top ten dc villains?

Yes, but I do have a caveat: I don’t actually read DC comics. I read Marvel, but not DC. So these are all going to be a ranking based on characters who appear in adaptation rather than the character on the whole. So DC comics purists probably wanna stop reading now XD

10. Catwoman (The Batman)

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9. Edward Nygma (Gotham)

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8. Owlman (Justice League Crisis on Two Earths)

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7. Tala (Justice League Unlimited) - Who for some reason has no gifs???

6. Clayface (The Batman)

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5. Hartley Rathaway (The Flash)

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4. The Joker (The DCAU and the Burton Batman)

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3. Fish Mooney (Gotham)

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2. Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells (The Flash)

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1. Penguin (Gotham)

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This happens after you accept Ilima’s rematch at his house after the first trial btw

“The way that Ilima looked in that battle seems to linger in your mind…”


My life goal is to adapt every meme