comic space and time is still hard for me to figure out lol


Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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Hey, I really want to get into art but I seriously don't know how to draw a body? The stick figure just isn't working for me, do you maybe know another way or maybe tips?

so quick disclaimer before i start: i decided to do the female body because i learned how to draw women before i started drawing men… and im also a woman LOL so i have a better idea of how to break down each body part… also curves are really fun to draw!! whereas men im still trying to figure out what goes where

i also think its easier to start off with women and then transition into drawing men? at least that’s what i find… so if anyone wants a follow up tutorial on men just let me know! 

i think when it comes to drawing bodies, i find that it’s a lot easier if you imagine shapes first

by recognizing certain body parts as shapes you can sort of configure a guideline first in the pose and proportions you want first before adding any details

for example this is how i would plan out a (very skinny lol) female body before starting

so in red is my actual organic process, which is really quick and fluid and then in black is just a more defined demo of the shapes i have in mind 

one of the biggest problems i see for people starting out drawing bodies is that they’re so caught up trying to get every detail correct, by the time they’re finished the proportions are all off… so by planning the shapes first i can ensure i have every part the correct length and width i want

ok again this is going to be a really long post so more details on each body part under the cut!

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Lol can you write HCs for Ponyboy peeing himself in a bookstore after drinking too much Pepsi please??

You know I have like seven requests I’m currently trying to finish filling out but fuck it, here you go.

  • So Pony, Johnny, Soda, and Steve are all hanging out downtown one day. They stop somewhere to get some lunch, and Ponyboy, being the fucking junkie that he is, drinks like two and a half Pepsis while they’re there and then doesn’t think to pee before they leave because he’s a goddamn idiot.
  • Afterwards they head out to this little used paperback shop that Ponyboy aboslutely adores. By the time they get there, he kind of has to pee, but it’s not really a big deal or anything.
  • They’re in there for a little while. Pony’s in heaven with a whole stack of books in his arms, and he still has to pee but he’s pretty sure that there isn’t a bathroom in there or anything so he figures he can just hold it until they get home. Steve and Soda are both talking with the cute girl who’s working behind the counter and Johnny is happily digging through a box of comic books.
  • Eventually Johnny picks out a couple of good ones and he gets up to see how Pony’s doing. He finds him half-bent over in the Horror section with one hand braced against a shelf of Stephen King books and the other clutching his stack really tightly to his chest. He’s got his legs crossed and he’s shifting around really awkwardly and his face is all scrunched up.
  • “Uhh, Pony? You okay?”
  • Ponyboy’s eyes fly open. “Yeah I’m good.”
  • “You sure?”
  • “…I have to pee.”
  • “So go pee!”
  • “I can’t.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “They don’t have a bathroom here.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “I’ve been here, like, 40 times, Johnny. I think I would know–ohhh, shit.”
  • Johnny’s just standing there awkwardly with no idea what to do. Pony’s insisting that he’ll be fine, he just needs a minute, etc. etc.
  • And Ponyboy’s thinking to himself: it’s not actually going to happen. Like. Come on. There is no way in hell that he’s actually going to pee himself in a public place. right?
  • And then then next thing he knows there’s heat rushing down his legs and oh fuck.
  • He and Johnny just stare at each other for a second and then Pony goes into hysterics.
  • “Oh my god, oh my god. Fuck, fuck fuck fuck–” in this high-pitched whisper.
  • Johnny’s trying to calm him down and it is not. Working.
  • Pony hopes that maybe people won’t be able to tell because the spot on the front doesn’t look too bad; maybe nobody will notice.
  • “How bad does it look?”
  • “Uhhhmmmm.” Johnny just kind of…looks back and Pony’s jeans are soaked through until like halfway to his knees. “Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem here.”
  • Pony starts freaking out again because where they’re standing is right by the door and anyone can walk in and see him but at the same time, moving anywhere else would mean that Steve and Soda and the girl behind the counter and the one other customer in the shop could see him.
  • “Johnny what the hell am I going to do?!”
  • “Um. Okay. Just. You just–stay there, and I’ll go get Soda.”
  • Johnny leaves him by the Stephen King books and makes his way over to the checkout counter. He tugs on the sleeve of Soda’s flannel to get his attention.
  • “Hey, Johnny. You guys ready?”
  • “No, uh. Pony kind of needs your help.”
  • “With what?”
  • “He’s got kind of a…problem.”
  • Soda tells Steve to wait right there and Steve watches curiously after them as Johnny leads Soda back to the Horror section.
  • “What’s the problem?” Soda asks quietly.
  • “He wet his pants.”
  • “He what?”
  • “He–”
  • Sodapop takes one look at his mortified little brother standing with an armful of books clutched to his chest and a huge wet spot on the back of his jeans. 
  • “Oh. Oh. Okay.”
  • At this point Ponyboy looks like he’s going to burst into tears so Soda hurries over and pulls the books out of his arms, setting them down on the floor.
  • “Okay. It’s okay. Here’s what we’re gonna do.”
  • He shrugs out of his flannel and starts to tie it around Pony’s waist, low enough to try to cover the spot on the back up.
  • Of course right at this moment Steve comes over to see what’s going on and everybody just freezes and Steve’s just like, “The fuck.”
  • He’s a Smart Boy™ though so it only takes him a few seconds to catch on and then he just fucking loses it.
  • Like seriously guys Steve Randle is doubled over clutching his side with actual, literal tears running down his face he is laughing to hard. Loudly. And Ponyboy just whisper-screams at him “SHUT THE FUCK UP.”
  • He tries to pull himself together for like two seconds. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”
  • And then he starts right back up again.
  • “It’s not funny!”
  • “Aww hell, yes it is!!”
  • It’s the best day of Steve’s life tbh.
  • Soda gets the flannel situated so that it’s mostly totally covering up the wet spot and then he steers Ponyboy up to the checkout counter. The girl, by some miraculous stroke a luck, has no idea what’s going on.
  • “S’cuse me. There wouldn’t happen to be a bathroom somewhere in here by any chance, would there?”
  • “Oh, yeah, follow me.”
  • So, as it turns out, there is a bathroom in the bookstore after all! She just has to take them through a door behind the counter with a sign on it that says “Staff Only,” and through a massive storage space filled with more books than are probably even in the whole store, through another door, down a hallway, around a corner, and then down another hallway!
  • It’s just not a good day to be Ponyboy Curtis okay.
  • He finishes peeing and attempts to dry off his jeans with a paper towel but it’s just not going to happen.
  • He’s so ready to die by the time he gets back from the bathroom.
  • Johnny, bless his heart, is holding onto Pony’s books for him.
  • Soda pays for them and Johnny’s comics and they get the fuck out of there.
  • They’re walking through the parking lot. Steve’s still laughing his ass off and cracking so many jokes.
  • “This…is the worst day…of my life.”
  • Soda slings and arm around his shoulder and ruffles his hair.
  • “It’s okay, kid. Happens to everyone.” He glares at the back of Steve’s head. “For EXAMPle, I remember this one party Steve and I were at once and he–”
  • Steve stops laughing. “Hey wait a minute. That kid is not getting in my car.”
  • There’s a five-minute argument that ends with Soda convincing Steve that his shirt will be more than enough protection for the fifteen minute drive home and Steve telling Ponyboy that if he gets piss all over his backseat then Steve’s sure as fuck not going to be the one cleaning up.
  • When they get home Ponyboy asks everybody, “You guys aren’t going to say anything, right?” and Johnny and Sodapop are both like “Yeah of course not.”
  • They all turn to look at Steve.
  • “…Fine.”
  • Pony tries to sneak straight to his bedroom once they get inside but Darry catches him though.
  • “Ponyboy, where you going off to in such a rush?”
  • “Uhhm. My room.”
  • Darry knows something’s up.
  • And then without missing a beat, Steve comes up with, “Darrel, you are not going to be-lieve what happened at the book store.”
  • Darry turns around to face him. “What?”
  • “Well this old lady there who kept knockin’ everything around with her cane, she ended up sending a whole shelf over! It was a disaster–books everywhere, somebody coulda been killed if they was standing in the way. And the broad workin’ the register was in hysterics, so me and Soda–”
  • Soda jumps in with, “She needed somebody strong enough to lift it back up, right? So Steve says to her–”
  • Ponyboy is in absolute disbelief. He sneaks away to his room to get changed, manages to get his jeans and Soda’s flannel shirt into the wash before Darry will be able to notice, and nobody besides the four of them ever find out about what happened to Ponyboy that day at the book store.
  • (That doesn’t mean that Steve doesn’t try to blackmail Pony with it because, come on. He’d be an idiot to pass on that oportunity.)
“ATTACK ON TITAN” two Mikasa's Interview with Kiko mizuhara & Yui Ishikawa(Mikasa voice actor)

【Kiko】Nice to meet you. Thank you for wish me luck through by Satomi Ishihara of the cast of Hansi.

【Yui】Oh! When I was with Satomi she got idea and『send message to Kiko』so she recorded my message on a movie. I was nervous while recording.

【Kiko】It made me happy. however little pressure though because Yui’s voice of Mikasa in cartoon was amazing lol

【Yui】I watched live-action version of『ATTACK ON TITAN』. Imperious and mysterious atmosphier of Mikasa is perfectly suit to Kiko.

【Kiko】Thank you! It was always in my mind that Mikasa’s most attractive parts are danger and strength which seems to be about to collapse at any moment and she has deep love towards hero which is neither motherhood or love while I was acting.

【Yui】Also included different parts of cartoon, so I could act Mikasa who can sympathize with both who knows and don’t know the original story.

【Kiko】Mikasa is less speak character. It was kind of hard to act isn’t it?

【Yui】Well, have to show emotion in non undulation…..
So my personality changed like Mikasa with downcast eyes while I’m in postrecording studio. Co-actors sometime told me『you are scary』lol.

【Kiko 】Postrecording was hard for me too.

【Yui】However I had cartoon and it helped in my case.
For that point, it seems harder on live-action becasue have to show expression and move.

【Kiko】Well, it was all hard work, most hard part was the imagine real titan….. And yet Mikasa doesn’t show the fear much. I would scream if its was me in same situation.

【Yui】Acting without titan when you filmed isn’t it?

【Kiko】Exactly! It’s funny if you watch making movies. All actors screaming 『OMG!』but nothing there in fact.

【Yui】I said had cartoon to help, however it was still hard because still had to rely on imagination about titan. But I can imagine better by the experience of collaborated with actual size titan at projection mapping event.

【Kiko 】True, that’s the only way to improve imagination by add on your brain one by one lol.

【Kiko 】Where you met the original?

【Yui】I read deeply to know about Mikasa when I had audition of cartoon. Read rough all of them and then read slowly again, then I fond the parts a lot that to know『oh! This was underplot for later』, it attracted me more and more read by read.

【Kiko】Actually, I didn’t read it when it started to get popular. Because what I heard is titan eat human up, made me scared. But people told me『you must read it!』 so I bought all of them at once and read them all. Then have so much enegy and I fell for it, addicted to in a second. It’s wondering if think about it now, I was thinking 『If I act, I would like to act Mikasa』. So it made me happy when I got offer.

【Yui】Oh I see!!!

【Kiko 】But the imagine of cartoon was strong, aren’t you worried about 『How to act?』?

【Yui】Well, this is very popular, means there are imagine of Mikasa as much as numbers of who read this. I always listened characters voice in my head. And so I recorded my voice and listened, if it’s matched to imagine of what I was listening in my head then 『Should be ok』. I also had to belive in I’ve been choosen with my voice.

【Kiko 】I see! That’s interested that voice actors have different way to get ready for act! I thought anyway I have to train my body and so I went to gym 3 or 4 times a week. Otherwise can’t run around with ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞!

【Yui】It looks hard to move with that.

【Kiko 】You are right! It’s really heavy when you wear it!!

【Yui】Thought so. We were talking about our voice going to be change if worn that pretty heavy stuff on waist.

【Kiko】Waiting time was way more harder than when moving. ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞ bothers so then couldn’t take a rest on chair with back rest. Talked about what way is easier to sit is might be the most deep talk with co-actors lol.

【Yui】That gear is you can buy about 100,000 yen at shop. I want it and asked Mr.Kaji 『Please buy one for me!』lol.

【Kiko】Gear itself is really cool. Also the cape and the costume were cool either. I have promise that I can have all when it finished.

【Yui】Jealous!! I’ve a jacket of 『ATTACK ON TITAN』from the event and I wear it when I get interview.

【Kiko 】Ok, ask ViVi about ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞ as present!

【Yui】That’s a good idea! It looks take space, I have to clean up my room first lol

【Yui】Who is your favorite character?

【Kiko】Anni. The girl same as Eren, transform from human to titan. Pretty strong….. Were you asking about male character !?

【Yui】No lol. My favorite is the girl Hansi. First impression is just a geek about titan’s research and funny character, fact is many of her friends got killed and trying to figure it out the way how human live. The gap is twinge…..

【Kiko】How about Eren?

【Yui】I was taking as family love when I was acting. Have to protect.

【Kiko】Same here. In Live-action, he has complicated feeling because he experienced many things in his childhood, still Eren’s is definitely protect existence for Mikasa. I think that’s right and acted.

【Yui】How do you think about him as private?

【Kiko】Eren as a man… sigh…

【Yui】Gave a sigh lol

【Kiko】Because he is a kid. He got great charismatic but he is very childish. If he was in front of me, I’m sure I will say 『Seriously stop it!』lol.

【Yui】Agree with you. But I might feel 『I have to protect』.

【Kiko】If subscriber of ViVi, they may like Eren’s childhood friend Armin. He is a herbivore boy also it’s fun to be with.

【Yui】It may possible to being like as girlfriends. I read more story on original comic then realized that many boy characters changing their personality if compare to the beginning of the story. Then it makes me think 『is this person right?』of many characters. I think Armin is good including that in long term.

【Kiko】You are right. Peace is the best both of world and love lol


Hey anon, I’m like. SUPER fond of this crossover ok?? I actually drew it a little already! It’s actually BECAUSE of a Mob Psychonauts crossover that I discovered Psychonauts! If I never reblogged that art way back when, and if Xi didn’t explain it more to me, I would have probably never played this wonderful game! ;v; 

That crossover was a “what if Psychonauts came to Mob’s world”, which I do love, but I wanted to try it in the opposite direction here :’D I tried real hard not to draw stuff for it coz HECK I HAVE ALOT OF AUS BUT here are some short dumb comics and my attempt at Black Velvetopia! Raz and Mob ;7;


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An Earthling (Man-Earthling) in a Moon Woman’s World (or Moon?) Part 1 of 57

Hi, my name is Brent. I’m a boyfriend, father to three to six children, brother, pilot, professional snowboarder, webmaster, fashion consultant, sommelier, hair stylist and half-brother to my sister-wife. Chuck, the only guy who I can count as my friend, describes me as lazy, hopeful, optimistic, unique and driven. I mean, I don’t drive, but I’m driven everywhere.

I’ve seen some serious allegations against me and BetaCon. I want to address these in a public manner on some blog on Tumblr. I mean, I could have gotten a PR person, but those are expensive and I totally don’t have time to reach out to these people personally. I’m going to make this as public as possible, barring buying time from a local TV station. Also, I’ve been in safari in the Serengeti, so I haven’t checked the Internet. I’m busy shooting rhinos and all. So many damned rhinos. So many.

My Goal for BetaCon

For those who know, I work as the Chief Grand Overseer for BetaCon. I love all things nerdy, from comic books to Pop Figures, including sexily clad female cosplayers. I work hard to bring quality enjoyments to the Moon and back. Think of me as a pop culture astronaut, majestically floating in the weightless dark void of pop culture, bringing you discoveries. I bring to you amazing nerd culture like the ancient astronauts brought life to this very earth. The idea of an ancient astronaut bringing life to Earth is called panspermia. In many ways, bringing BetaCon to life is me pansperming your humble lives with JOY and EXCITEMENT and JOY!

Also, I like hot girls in cosplay. I mean, so much so that I had my wife (THE DIVORCE IS STILL PENDING, SARAH! YOU ARE STILL MY WIFE!) dress in my favorite characters from Witchblade, Queen’s Blade and Blade. I see sexy cosplaying as the moon woman’s world. Being a simple earthling brings challenges. Despite my suave and non-threatening, yet handsome, demeanor, I get harassed and trolled. I mean, seriously, you guys.

Making BetaCon Come to Life

It’s hard creating a convention on the Moon. Space travel, logistical issues and moon Nazis (Moonzies) aside, it takes a lot of people to put a convention together. Who knew?! I’m sure as hell not going to get much cooperation from the Moonzies. Seriously, screw those guys. Anyway, I reached out to many groups, one of them being the Sexy Kosplayers Association, or SKA. First of all, I was unsure because they spelled cosplayers with a “K”. Then again, their letters spell SKA and I’m totally a Reel Big Fish fan. (On a side note, my only friend, Chuck, told me that the “Reel” in Reel Big Fish is spelled R-E-E-L, not R-E-A-L. MIND. BLOWN.) We had several ambASSadors from SKA and we worked real hard to make BetaCon the con on the moon. To make sure we establish a good relationship, BetaCon used its massive DogeCoin pile to put together an event for SKA and its ambASSadors. We worked with SKA president, Anoosh Bahri to organize this event.

We worked through the night, I think it was several nights to make several SKA members meet at a Denny’s right outside of Plano, TX. For most of them, it was their first time in Texas. For one, it was her first time at a Denny’s. I envy her. You could say that the event was a GRAND SLAM!

During the event, we totally used some of the DogeCoins to make a donation to a local school. Holding an event in Texas made as a target for some taxes and we totally needed to make a donation to make a tax break. I mean, we are totally good people and donated from the goodness of our hearts NOT A TAX BREAK.

And here it is on Instagram, totally legit

And here’s a picture of the check. I take pictures of all checks I write because I don’t trust banks.

What I’m trying to say that I give to the community on Behalf of BetaCon. Anyone who gives to the community, even if it’s for tax purposes, is not an entirely bad person. Like the great Chris Pratt said, “I’m not an entire dick” or something like that. I didn’t watch the movie. I was busy deforesting parts of Brazil to make way for condos! Also, booty. Look at the booty. I want that booty.

Amy Lowndes (I’m going to just put her full name up here, because I don’t give a fuck! Thuglife.gif)

Those who know me, Chuck and Sarah (YOU WON’T TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ME YOU HEARTLESS HARPY), know that I get comfortable and joke around with people that are close to me. If you’re offended by innuendos (lol, in-your-endos), orgasms, bukkake, furry porn, scat, sounding, hot-gluing, taking the glass eye out and skull fucking or comments about boobs, DO NOT BE MY FRIEND. SRSLY. I DO NOT WANT YOU AS A FRIEND. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but if you can’t get on my level, you’re totally dumb. This is how I act around my friends and my soon-to-be ex-wife Sarah. Being professional is totally square. I’m trying run a con, not a company with investors and shit.

So I was good friends with Amy, WAS. WAS as in the past tense. She posted up a blog talking about how I harassed her. She got some examples, but no one reads her shitty blog. I mean I’m the one who has the money right? Anyway check this shit out.

Amy posted this screenshot of our PRIVATE conversation on her blog to discredit me and make me look like a pervert, WHICH I AM NOT! It totally lacks context. You see, I treat Amy as my friend and I treat her like I treat all my friends, with a fervent desire to jizz on their face. I sometimes do that with Sarah until the restraining order. Again, I want to reiterate that THE DIVORCE IS NOT OVER, SARAH. I KNOW YOUR ARE SLEEPING AROUND. I KNOW HIS NAME IS JAKE.

Anoosh Bahri

As I mentioned earlier, Anoosh is the president of SKA. First of all, yes her name is Anoosh. Second, no I didn’t call her the word you are thinking of right now. Fucking perverts all of you. Her name is Indian. You know what? The fact that you are thinking that right now makes you racist. You are a pervert and a racist, like Oliver Stone. The Wall Street sequel sucked! So that makes you a pervert, racist and an inept movie maker! You’re basically Uwe Boll!

Anyway, check out this conversation I had with Anoosh, WHICH SHE USES TO DISCREDIT ME AND ALL OF BETACON!

Again, WAAAAAY out of context. I’m not trying to be a pervert, I was under the influence of several uppers and downers. I can’t be responsible for what I do when I’m under the influence. I AM UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SOMETHING ELSE. Anoosh now has the nerve to paint me in a bad light after I donated all that money to that dumb school.

In conclusion

I ain’t gonna apologize for how I talk, walk and shake around my cock (that rhymes!). I know that without context, those screenshots are pretty damn damning. Instead of me pretending to apologize, cuz haters gon hate, I’m just not going to.

BetaCon is a work in progress. Hell, this year it isn’t even on the moon! I worked hard on BetaCon even after Will Zard fuck the whole thing up. Fuck you, Will Zard! You’re worse than my soon-to-be ex-wife! We want BetaCon to be the convention where everyone goes and totally know that it’s not a scam.

I love nerd culture, I really do. I love spreading it, I really do. If my behavior is strange, it’s not because I’m sad and lonely. It’s because I fucking rule. I’m motherfucking Brent, bitches. For those of you on my side and didn’t get on the hate-train, I thank you and I will gladly jizz on you all first. You are the heroes.