comic shelf


  • inside of dresser
  • little white cabinet
  • big wooden cabinet
  • 75% of standard bookshelves
  • under-bed crafty bins (thank u weeds)
  • yarn storage ottoman


  • remaining 25% of standard bookshelves
  • comics shelf
  • ~office shelf~
  • top of dresser
  • desk
  • couch???? can it be cleaned????


  • kitchen equipment
  • foods
  • art/decorations
  • bathroom
  • linen closet
  • put The Rest Of The Clothes in some kind of transportable situation (don’t have to actually pack them, it’s 1.2 miles to the new place, they can ride in the backseat on hangers)


  • actually make kitchen clean
  • remove screws + nails from the wall
  • food transfer

Today the annual book sale started here in Sweden, and instead of buying ordinary books I went for comic books. Of course. ;p

I’m thinking maybe I should have put back Archer’s Quest and gone for one more Convergence trade, but oh well.

The completionist in me is going to be screaming about how selective I was but I really had to limit myself to the ones with most stories I had an interest in reading. 

I wonder where these are supposed to fit in my comics shelf. It’s organized by eras so two silver age books, then pre-reboot, and the reboot is split into early reboot and late reboot based on the spine design, after that rebirth, and then all lantern books have their own space… It’s a very good system that makes total sense (to me). maybe since most of the late reboot books are from after the convergence event the convergence books should be before them…


I got a new printing of Earth Guardian Mamoru!!
The printing service I was using kept screwing up my orders, so I found a new one! They look so sleek and shiny! 💙

I’ll be selling them at Fan Expo this year, and you can buy them on my etsy for a smidge more than the other version.
I also couldn’t resist how they look in front of my SpiderGwen and Low comics on my shelf ;)
In front of the Zodiac books that I won’t shut up about :D Also, the other novels in that shot are fantastic too.

i have to do a 1 page comic in the style of a contemporary artist that i chose at the beginning of the class, my artist is stephanie hans who i know from journey into mystery

and i dont really have any ideas that i love, what i have in mind is redrawing a page from the 1960s thor in her style like haha see what i did there….do you….see what i have done here……ha…….but i feel like thats kind of cliche

i mean i love thor idk if yall knew this about me? im not really into marvel comics anymore and im a casual fan definitely but i love thor. my comic book shelf is probably 50% various incarnations of thor

what if i drew kid loki wearing this shit

i bet most of yall forgot that i’m in comic book school

  • Link: Hey.
  • Me: Busy now.
  • Link: Hey.
  • Me: No.
  • Misty: Usually I ignore him, too, but maybe you should look over here now.
  • Me: Fine.
  • Tiny shivering mouse: Help me.
  • Me: What- Are you guys just STARING at a mouse? Are you- This is not how you cat!
  • Misty: This thing is pathetic and I don't feel like moving.
  • Link: I don't understand what to do if they don't run. Why won't you run?
  • Mouse: (shivers)
  • Link: See? What do I do with this? What- (flops down)
  • Me: Oh my god, you guys haven't even- Fine. (grabs vase from shelf, uses comic to scoop mouse into vase) Okay, you pathetic thing, if I bring you way, way into the woods behind my house do you promise not to come back?
  • Mouse: So many cats...
  • Me: You're going to be back by nightfall. Fine. Whatever. Let's go hiking.
  • Mouse: Thank you...

An overview of my comic shelf (not including three buckets of mini comics) the top shelf has toys, including Jim woodring designed beer bottles, yo la tengo figurines, and mr bumper. Also a Polaroid of a little boy wearing a crown (very mysterious) shelf 2 has all my larger books, and some overflow, hidden gem is the masaaki yuasa sketchbook, and my folder of impressive riso printed comics, and stuff. The shelf after that is my hard bound books, really love those bprd collections, and the collection of batman comics from like 1930-70 I think really great stuff I had no appreciation for for a very long time. Then we have ,y overflow shelf which is all stuff I love but I can’t find a proper spot for, I need a second shelf. Also stuff that’s too big for anywhere else, like James Harvey’s image face lift comic. And the smithsonion comics collection. Dungeon quest is up there also. Then at the bottom we have superhero trade paperbacks that I was collecting in 2013 when for some reason I was spending vast amounts on superhero comics. And other assorted good stuff like weissman’s chocolate cheeks. And even that last air bender comic that was coming out for a lil while is kinda good. And on the final shelf is mostly one piece and shaman king my two fav comics from when I got shonen jump monthly. There’s also a This cool old book with great pencil drawings of scruffy kids. And bartkira.