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One day my sister and I were talking about cherry stem knotting, specifically how impossible it is to do (for us, anyway) and how it’s seen as an indicator of being a good kisser. Now, IDK about kissing, but I’m thinking that cherry stem knotting would be a thing among Kunugigaoka students as well. Naturally, Gakushuu would be absurdly good at it because he has to be #1 at everything, and would outshine even his most flirty classmates like Ren, who is probably the only one of the three that actually cares about things like that. However, when it comes to being absurdly good at random things, Gakuho still outshines Gakushuu by a longshot, and he’s not going to let Gakushuu forget that. And so the cherry stem knotting escalates…

I tried out screentones with this. Maybe I’m just not doing it right, but they’re hard to use ;A;  


when u fall asleep with your glasses on (look, finally,another midosak comic, what has it been, a year?? lmao)


Hey guys~♡♡
If you want to know how to make screentones digitally, I made a tutorial for it! (Made a long time ago but it still works.)
It’s on my channel!


HoriKashi Week Day 4: Touch

Over a month belated but it’s finally done

The idea itself can be taken generically (as in, it applies to HoriKashi regardless) but it and the environment was based on scenes from this chapter of The Roman Travelling Theatre Troupe. Go check it out! It’s an interesting AU. I’m especially fond of the worldbuilding.

Otome Contest~ Round 1: Childhood friends

Of course, I’m going to do Tatsuro and MC

Still waiting on that sequel .-.


I made another drawing video! This time I talk about markmaking, mostly hatching techniques with pen and brush.
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