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For Filipino Comics and Manga creators


Do you reside in the Philippines and want to make comics or manga? Then please fill out this survey! I’m trying to find out more about local creators- what stories do you make? What are your goals and plans for Filipino comics? How do you publish and distribute your comics? 

Even those who haven’t finished a book or comic are welcome to fill it out.

Thanks for your help! 

Pls. Signal boost for all local creators.

Fill out the Survey!


I’ve noticed several people posting on this group (and other Facebook groups) about their latest releases as promos. That’s great! You made a book! But for many people, the marketing ends there. All they do is post a cover. But it shouldn’t end there! Now you have to get us to read it! Here’s some tips for making us, your readers, interested in wanting to see more of your work. I hope this helps, and I wish you many sales!