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Believe it or not, but this actually happened in real life between me and @unu-nunu-art at the last Convention.

And to make it even more awesome, I was cosplaying as Ink and she as Error (she also sewed a Paperjam puppet). Neither of us knew how to play the infamous Pocky Game, but hey, at least we tried (and failed).

Error Sans belongs to
Ink Sans belongs to

Oh, and nice detail to add - I got the Pocky from the Blueberry and Lazy Carrot that accompanied us!


Part 2 maybe…. I’m not so good with plots lol I just wanted to draw baby bones being cute (I just realized there’s a typo) by instead of bye

Sans can be a bit mischevious with his powers 

Gaster would never hurt Sans, he just uses his powers to intimidate him and to make sure he’s doing the right thing

And Gaster eye’s are just a one shot theory on how he could of damaged them. It probably won’t show up in any of my other drawings or I might come up with a different theory later on


tfw your face is stuck

i’ll stop stealing jokes from the Simpsons when they stop fitting everything, okay…. (x)


Oh its true. We went there. Its awesome!

Comic by @nsfwshamecave

Dub by @natibeeva

Hosted on @pshattuckproduction