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Imagine being married to Chris.”

I Love You / Damian Wayne x Reader


A/N: This was one of my most popular on my other blog and I still really love it, it’s one of my first works that I posted, It just really cute. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt Used: Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over on person B’s back, assuming that person B in asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.”

Word Count: 400+

You rarely had nightmares, but when you did, they got extreme and heart wrenching. Tonight was one of those nights, you bolted up to sit on your bed with a gasp in desperation to breath with a painful throbbing in your chest. It felt as if you were drowning and water had filled your lungs, it took you a second to calm yourself and realize you were in your room once again.

You slowly got up from the bed and stepped into the bathroom, wiping away the tears that stained your cheeks as you took a wet cloth to your face, cooling your skin.

You smile slightly and drop the cloth into your hamper as you exit, quietly opening the door to your bedroom and stepping out into the dark hallway, deciding to make your way to Damian’s room. Creeping your way through the hallway with careful steps as you pass by Dick and Tim’s bedrooms, smirking as you successfully make it past them. You stop at the last door in the hallway, hesitantly turning the knob and stepping it, quietly closing the door behind you.

“Damian?” you softly call out for your best friend, tiptoeing towards his bed and finding his sleeping figure peacefully sleeping. You couldn’t help but awe at your friend as you slowly slip under the covers next to him, easily waking the other up.

“Y/N? What’re… you doing?” Damian tiredly mumbles out, turning to his side to face you. You were slightly surprised he didn’t lash out thinking you were an intruder, however, you were too tired to question it.

“I had a nightmare, the… drowning one,” You answer as you lay on your stomach, shuffling into a more comfortable position. Damian hummed and placed his hand on your back and gently began to rub, slowly starting to trace shapes and random lines on your back.

You close your eye and begin to doze, silently observing each line Damian drew in your back, sighing as you relaxed.

Damian had thought you had gone to sleep, as you looked rather peaceful beside him. He subconsciously began to trace the words “I Love You” against your back in different fonts, having the urge to lean over and peck a gentle kiss on your forehead.

He snapped out of his little fantasy and shifted onto his back, pulling his hand away as he closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep. He couldn’t help but flick his eyes open when he felt you shuffle closer, sliding your arm over his waist while gently placing a soft kiss on his nose.

“I love you too”

Dating Diana Prince Would Include

• lots of hugs from behind
• because she loves to nuzzle you hair
• and leave kisses on your neck and behind your ear
• when you pout, she attacks your face with many, many, many pecks
- “stop Diana!” You giggle
- “stop what?? I don’t understand what you’re saying??? ;)”
• she likes to teach you different languages and when she asks you random questions and you get it right, she awards you with a short, sweet kiss
- “(y/n), je t'aime plus que tout au monde,”
- “I lo-”
- “Non!”
- *sighs* “moi aussi Diana. Je t'aimerai toujours,”
Then her beautiful smile appears and you feel soft lips on your own.
• she always holds your hand when you’re in public
• few kisses here and there
- *pointing at some pretty flowers at the florist* “Diana! Don’t you find them beautiful!?”
- *Diana clearly zoning out on what you were pointing at because you’re too damn beautiful*
- “who?? My girlfriend?? I know she’s beautiful! I mean, have you seen such beauty everyone???”
• she has her ways to make you feel and let people know that you’re hers
• when someone looks at you for too long, she slides her arm around your waist and kisses your jaw while giving the person the death stare
• when Diana and you are at an important event and someone flirts or gets too touchy with you, the first thing she does is press her lips on yours, cutting the conversation
• of course your insides will turn all giddy because that kiss she gives you is the same hot, sweet and passionate one you get before she leaves for a mission, so it takes your breath away
• obviously you get flustered and aroused, so you two leave the event
• and while you guys are leaving, she glances at the person one last time and winks at them (maybe she decides to grab your butt at the same time too😏)
•anyways, you guys are in a happy relationship and you love each other like crazy

(Dw guys, soon I’ll be posting the requests.. I can be a slow b*tch so sorry😅)

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So how about it?

So these two requests were similar and I just decided to put the two together! Thank you for sending in your requests and I hope you enjoy this! The ending is a little bit so-so but the process of writing this had been fun! (Though I do have to tell you, I got distracted a lot of times by watching Kitchen Nightmares).

It is Saturday night and you are currently working away on the documents that have kept you from going back to your apartment early. Not that you quite minded: things between your boyfriend and you have started to become really dull and he also just does not quite understand the commitment you have to your job. It made going back to your space unbearable. Sometimes he ever accuses you of having an affair with Bruce! As if he would go for someone like you.

Almost every single day, you have to reassure him that he is the only one that you love and that he is the one you are in a relationship with but it was starting to get very tiring of having to repeat the same thing over and over again every single day. Even though you would really love to be in your bed more than anything right now, the thought of having to see your boyfriend and sit through his accusations is really not appealing.

You let out a sigh when you finished proofreading the third out of ten documents. The meetings had ran late causing more papers to pile up on your desk. Some of your fellow colleagues have already called the quits and went home but you knew you can at least manage a few more before you would not even be able to make any sense out of the documents anymore.

You are halfway through the fourth document when a knock resounds throughout your office and you are startled out of your reverie. You stare wide eyes at the door, tensing slightly but the moment the door opens, you visibly relax.

Bruce looks at you with that almost smile of his and you let out a sigh, willing your heart to stop racing. Just because Wayne Enterprise has one of the top notch’s security, it does not mean that no one might try to break in to the building. As you recall, there had been several attempts a few times. You are horrible at fighting despite taking self-defense classes.

“You scared me, Bruce.” You place your pen down on the table and gently massage your wrist. You definitely did not know how tired you had been until you placed that pen down.

Bruce shakes his head. “Highly doubt that, Y/N. I was about to head down to grab some coffee but saw that your lights are still on. Do you want to grab some coffee with me before we dive back in to finishing the papers?” Bruce feels a little bit guilty that he is making you work overtime but those documents need to be on his table come tomorrow morning. Though, despite the guilt, he is quite happy to be able to be spending some time with you now.

You nod your head. “Oh, sure. Coffee sounds so good right now.” You abandon your table and Bruce gives you a full smile, motioning for you to follow after him. You thought by heading down, Bruce had meant the pantry but apparently not, since the two of you headed to the elevator, heading towards the ground floor. “I may have to grab my wallet –“

Bruce shakes his head, cutting you off. “My treat, Y/N. Because of me, you are behind on those documents. The least I can do is offer you some coffee.” Right at that moment though, your stomach growls, demanding to be fed and Bruce chuckles. “Perhaps we should grab something light for dinner too?”

You laugh sheepishly, patting your stomach to calm it down. You don’t even remember when was the last time you had eaten anything. You remember eating a granola bar for breakfast that morning but that was about it. No wonder your stomach is protesting – you missed lunch too.

The walk to the closest café took about ten minutes and in that ten minutes, you have come to realize that Bruce Wayne is extremely handsome and has very good humour too. Your boyfriend used to have some very good humour as well until he started becoming very cynical and just downright annoying you. At times, you wonder why you are even with him.

“So how’s life?” Bruce asks as he holds the door open for you and you accidentally let out a sigh. Bruce raises one of his eyebrows. “That bad, huh?” You thank him and the both of you walk in to the café. You gave him a nod, letting Bruce lead you to the counter.

Bruce hasn’t always liked you in the first place. He had thought you were a tremendous worker and you had obviously the passion for whatever it is that you do. He thought you were a nice friend, one that is not afraid to state your opinions too. He enjoys being friends with you. Somewhere along the way, the respect he had for you grew and he started seeing you in a different light. One that he had troubles getting his head around but now, he’s used to it. He knows he has feelings for you – it’s growing in to something bigger than just a crush now – but he also knows he won’t do anything since you are currently in a relationship.

“Thank you.” You immediately grab a table for the two of you. Bruce brings over the tray filled with drinks and sandwiches, taking a seat across of you. “I know I say this a lot but thank you for this, really. The last time I had food was probably this morning.” You tell him reaching for the sandwich.

Bruce chuckles and reach for his own sandwich, taking a bite. It doesn’t taste as delicious as Alfred’s but it will have to make do until he gets home. “No problem, Y/N. I would not have been able to finish the documents without you.”

You laugh, shaking your head. “That’s a lie – you probably would have stayed in the office the entire night.” You pointed out, taking another bite of the sandwich. “This is pretty decent. I feel like I’ve tasted better.”

Bruce nods his head. “I can’t lie about that and true, Alfred makes better sandwiches but this is decent and the place is pretty nice as well.” Bruce comments, looking around the café. There weren’t a lot of people, that is expected since it’s pretty late at night already but the fact that this café is still open, it’s definitely a great place to go to for late night supper.

“Yeah, I do agree. This is pretty nice and not far from the office too.” You finish eating your sandwich and began taking a sip of your drink. The two of you are quiet as Bruce continues to finish his sandwich. The silence had been nice and comfortable – not awkward at all – though the moment is broken when your phone began to ring endlessly.

You pick it up and let out a sigh, sending an apologetic look at Bruce. He shakes his head. You answer the phone and sigh. “I’m still working – I sent you a text earlier, right now? I left the office to grab a bite at the café – of course, I am with Bruce – come on, can we talk about this later? Please just drop it for now.” You exchange a few more words with your boyfriend and hang up the call after that. You press your hand to your forehead, feeling a headache coming from the conversation.

Bruce frowns. You didn’t look well after receiving that call. He supposes it was from your boyfriend – he had briefly glanced at the ID caller earlier – and wonders how you are truly feeling. “Trouble?” He couldn’t help but ask.

You nod your head. “It’s just things have been rough lately and I feel like I’m not in to him anymore. He’s a nice guy but lately, I don’t know.” You have no idea why you are telling this to Bruce but you really needed to let it out. “Every single day he is always gripping me about something and I just, I feel like I am starting to get really tired of it all.” You used to really love your boyfriend – you had been high school sweethearts too – but nowadays, you are starting to think that maybe it’s time for the two of you to break up. Your eyes widen slightly when you realize what you have just thought of.

Bruce nods his head. He has a lot of things he wants to say but he doesn’t because he does not want to be the reason you break up with your boyfriend. He rather you break up with him on your own accord so Bruce can pursue you after that. “I have nothing much I can say, perhaps you can try stopping yourself by holding back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.” Bruce offers an advice, thinking about all the times he had been unhappy with the situation in his life. Thankfully, he had Alfred to help him. Perhaps all you needed in your life is an Alfred.

You ponder his words for a few seconds before nodding your head. “That makes sense.” It really does. Perhaps you need to move on from the past to be able to live in the present.

“Should we head back to the office?” Bruce takes note of your absent-minded look. You blink a couple of times before nodding your head. “Though I do want you to go home and rest even if you did not manage to finish going through all of the documents.” Bruce reminds you and you smile at him.

I Told You So, Too

Request: I told you so part 2 where Bruce and Alfred and Jason find out what the boys did (I love your writing btw and I hope you continue writing because you’re amazing)
Requested by: softmambo 

Part 1

Word Count: 878

Requests are Open HERE.

You did your best to clean yourself up, but knew it would be impossible to hide the evidence of the damage done to your face.  A quick look in the mirror confirmed that although you had gotten the bleeding to stop, the dark bruises were beginning to blossom around your nose and under your eyes.  You knew you would probably need someone to help set your nose, but you figured for now, you’d find a new quiet place to read.

Dick, Tim, and Damian were still too busy with their blame game, so you and your book quietly slipped into your father’s study.  You were tucked away in one of the armchairs, locating your place in the book when you heard another argument coming your way.

No matter how hard you tried, it seemed impossible to escape the fighting, even in a home this large.  You snuggled a little deeper into your seat, hoping that if this argument also turned into a scuffle you’d be left unscathed.  What surprised you was that it seemed you were the subject of this argument.

“C’mon B! Y/N should have some physical training,” Jason tried to reason with him, “You know how nasty the world can be, and how she can’t just live her entire life within the confines of the manor.”

You could tell by the way your father tried to collect himself before answering that he was getting more frustrated with the conversation. “You think I don’t know that, Jason? I just don’t want Y/N getting hurt.”

Sometimes your brothers seemed to forget that you were the only one your father had from infancy.  He had spent your entire life protecting you, and felt that training you would have given you an invitation to a more dangerous life - eliminating his efforts.  He’d seen the pain in your eyes as a small child when you realized your mother only wanted you when she thought you would be her lifetime meal ticket and when she left because you weren’t, and Bruce Wayne wanted to avoid such a deep pain like that ever again, physical or emotional.  He always encouraged you to live your life and to love and help people, but he never wanted you to have to raise your fists.

You were still focusing on the book, mostly tuning out the argument when Jason took notice of you. “Too late, Bruce.  Looks like Y/N already got hurt.” You could see that Jason was visibly concerned about what had happened to you, but you could plainly hear the smugness in his tone present only to annoy your father a little bit more.

You really couldn’t catch a break today.  Once again your book and bookmark go flying in separate directions as both men practically glue their hands to the sides of your head, moving you every which way to inspect the injury, and hitting you with a barrage of questions in an attempt to find out who hurt you, how and why..

You tried to answer three times, but for more men with crisis training, the sight of you hurt sent them into a panic.  Wanting to protect your brothers, you tried to lie and say you walked face first into a door, but they were not buying that.  Instead of pointing fingers, you decided a bigger picture explanation would be best.

“Well I haven’t left the ground and there have been no intruders,” you started. “But there was a bit of a fight in the sitting room upstairs on the east wing where I was reading.  Dick and I tried to contain the damage and break it up.” You paused before continuing. “We managed to stop it, but I also ended up getting hit in the face.”

“Which one of them hit you? Because your nose is broken and we will need to deal with that,” your father asked, a little bit of relief making its way into his usually stoic expression.

“I’m not really sure, but we can start a rumor with the press that I got a nose job so I can still go out while we wait for my poor broken nose to heal,” answered quickly.

Jason, who probably worries about you the most out of your brothers, finally finds part of this whole mess funny and begins to laugh. “Geez, Y/N’s got a plan for everything! If there was any ever doubt that she was your kid, it is GONE!”

Before Bruce could scold Jason for joking about the fact that you’d been hurt, a very upset Alfred entered the study with your three guilty brothers behind him.  As his eyes fell to you, you could see he was changing his approach to telling your father about the boys’ path of destruction.  

“Master Bruce, I assume you are currently aware that the upper east sitting room has been as much a victim to your sons’ detestable behavior as Miss Y/N.” Nope, that man never missed a beat.

Before the boys’ could begin shifting blame between each other, you could hear Jason whisper to your father, “See? I told you so.  Train Y/N so next time one of these fists-for-brains has the broken nose instead.”

You couldn’t say you disagreed with him.

Raised by Bats- Part Three

Yay, Part Three!

Word Count- 1016

Summary- You, a four year old child, have just lost your father in a car accident only seven months after losing your mother. With no more living relatives, you have to be put in foster care, moving from family to family, house to house. Except when the richest man in Gotham City wants to adopt…again!

This is the story of how you grew up in what may be the most dysfunctional family there is, and how they came to love you, and you came to love them.

Warnings- mentions of death, angst

Author’s Note- Yay, Damian and Tim are in this one! To be honest I don’t have that much practice writing for them so sorry if they seem a bit out of character. Also I’m really sorry for taking forever to update this. I know not a lot of people follow me, and for those of you who do and actually read these, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I love you forever.

Now that school is over and done with I’ll have a lot more time to focus on my writing rather than finals and homework. Yay! I’m going to be posting some rules about taking requests later so stay tuned, for I will be taking requests soon.

Another note, if you would like to be tagged in “Raised by Bats”, or any of my Batfamily stories, send in the ask and I’ll add you to the list. That is all, have an awesome day!

The house was bigger than any building you had ever step foot in. The grand double doors, the lush gardens, the golden lights. You felt as if you were walking into a palace. A palace that was now your new home.

A wave of nervousness washed over you. What if Mister Wayne and Mister Pennyworth decided they didn’t like you and sent you away? What if you accidentally broke one of the nice looking vases or pictures in the house and they got angry with you? What if you could never feel home here? 

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The man

Art by the wonderful @shame-i-have-to-put-you-down 

Story by me

Lucille rolls out of his hand as Negan gets pushed on the ground of his room. The hard floor feels uncomfortable on his back and he tries to get up, but he puts his feet on his broad chest, dragging him back.
Negan feels powerless and turned on by the situation, staring up with round eyes.
“Asshole.” He grits through his teeth.
The man bends down and rips the scarf from his neck, throwing it over Lucille.
“We don’t want her to watch, huh?” He says and Negan nods quickly.

It’s better when his girl doesn’t find out what a cockslut he is, Negan thinks with a small smirk.

Like before the man doesn’t waste any time with undressing him and just pulls his pants and boxers down. A small gasp is given as the cool air hits Negan’s half hard cock which grows to full length under the man’s gaze. Small goosebumps building on his ass as it touches the cold ground and he suppresses a shudder.
“Don’t fucking tease me.”
Again Negan tries to move as the man grabs his wrist to hold him in position. He doesn’t expect an answer. That he spoke was more than a damn miracle and it gives him chills.
Outside these walls he’s a talker, but inside he’s demonstrating his power by staying in silence.
The man nods to his legs and automatically Negan spreads and bends them, being fully exposed now. Some precum trickles down on his happy trail as he thinks about what follows now.
He doesn’t get disappointed as the man settles between his legs and gives him a light smack on the balls. His body jerks from pain and pleasure and at the same time he moves closer to him.

More, he wants more.

Moaning his eyes fall shut as the palm meets his groins again and again in a steady rhythm.
It’s almost masochistic how much joy he gets from the pain and pathetic how he begs for another slap. But the man doesn’t seem to have much fun as he takes one of the pillows from the bed to put it under Negan’s ass. A thrill of anticipation spreading in Negan’s chest as the man’s head disappears between his legs and he feels the cool fingertips how they spread his ass cheeks.
“Oh fuck.” Negan huffs and closes his eyes again as he feels his mouth.
The tongue moves teasingly slowly through his ass crack before massaging the tight muscle. Negan feels wonderful light headed and don’t ashamed as he relaxes under the touch, the sounds he’s making far away from reality. 
The man’s name falling from his lips as he buries his tongue deep in him, stretching and penetrating him for what’ll come.
Again his hips jerks and he grinds them against the man’s face as suddenly nails burying in his thighs as a warning. Immediately he stops, giving him the control back with a grumble.
Negan’s head rolls from one side to the other as he gets eating out and the man finds his prostate.
His lower stomach already wet with salty precum as he sucks one last time on the muscle of his hole before straighten up. The man smirks and opens his jeans, only that much to get his dick out before making a grab in the pocket for a condom.

A punishment for Negan’s impatientness.

Normally they fuck without a condom and Negan loves to feel every vein of the man’s dick on his walls.
But not today.
Negan whines and making a pleading attempt, but the man just shakes his head and gives him another slap against the cock. Distracted by the wave of painful pleasure he misses how he slides the tip of his dick in him. He bends forward, resting each of his hands next to Negan’s hand to stare him in the eyes while he pushes further in him. His hole tightens around the, what feels like, massive dick. He makes some soothing sounds until he’s fully in him, the smirk turns for a second in a smile as it works.
It feels like his ass gets ripped open, but also he feels so motherfucking good, filled and stretched out. As he doesn’t move Negan knows that he’s waiting and rocks his hips up and down on the dick. The obscene sounds whenever his balls meets Negan’s ass cheeks and his own groans are the only one in the bedroom.
It pisses Negan the fuck off that he doesn’t make any noise. The only sign that he’s fucking him are the lust blown eyes which stare in an intense gaze down.
He has enough and pulls back to get on his knees, nails burying in Negan’s hips as he determines the speed. Another whine leaving Negan’s mouth as the man takes his cock in a solid grip.
An order that he isn’t allowed to come until he wants to, 
But it’s quickly forgotten as Negan tightens his muscles around his dick and enjoys the sight he gets of him. His head falls back, ramming faster in the hole while Negan stifles the urge back to sink his teeth in the man’s bobbing Adam’s apple.
The world starts spinning around Negan as the orgasm builds between his loins, his prostate slowly overstimulated and cock twitching hard.

“Please!” He nearly screams, cheeks flushing.

And then it’s finally fucking time. He takes the hand away before giving another slap. Jolting and heavily panting Negan spills all over his shirt covered stomach.
His body collapses on the floor, sweat running down his forehead and arms while he desperately tries to pump air in his lungs. Negan makes another strangled noise as the man pulls out and throws the condom away to jerk himself until he mixes their semen together.
Foolish like he is Negan stares up and waits for the man to say something while he puts his dick back in the jeans.

But like the first times he’s leaving him on the ground like a 10$ dollar whore, half naked and full of come. 

Where the hell are all the interracial imagines for Riverdale?? and not just with a black reader I need ALL races

Pillow talk

No one asked for this but I felt like I should write this for Tim. I honestly don’t think I write enough for him - other than when you guys ask for headcanons of the batboys - so I am here to rectify that! It’s short but I hope it’s alright enough for you guys! Enjoy!

The bed dips enough that it startles you awake out of your sleep. You frown a little bit at being disturbed from your slumber but by the dip in the bed, you know it is Tim. You did not even need to lift your head from the pillow or turn around. Mr. Captain – your adorable corgi – is not that heavy and most of the time, Mr. Captain likes jumping on to your stomach and sleeping comfortably there.

“Did I wake you up, Y/N?” Tim asks you, confirming your suspicion.

You snuggle against your body pillow and nod your head sleepily, opening an eye to peek at him. Tim shifts on the bed so he is sitting against the headboard now, laptop in his lap. “You should sleep, Tim.” You say sleepily but you knew he was probably not going to sleep anytime soon.

Tim had been working on a case earlier and judging by the laptop that is in his lap, he probably is still doing some work on it. “Babe, since you’re awake, do you mind me talking about it? You don’t really have to listen but, I just need to talk about it.” He tells you, pushing your hair away from your face with his hand.

You nod your head and that was the signal Tim needed. As soon as you gave him permission, he began to talk about the things he had been hung up about on the cases he had been looking at. You really tried your best to keep up with him but because Tim’s voice is just so soothing, you keep finding yourself dozing off and startling awake a couple of times.

You totally lost him when he started using jargons though.

“Do you think I’m too empathetic, Y/N?”


“Yeah, babe?”

You let out a yawn, pulling the covers all the way to your chin. “I think we may need a rain check on finishing this pillow talk, I am super sleepy and if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m going to be delirious come morning.” You yawn once more. “Can we please continue this in the morning? I promise, I’ll even help do some research.”

Tim drops a kiss on your forehead. “Sorry, babe.”

You shake your head, closing your eyes. “’s right.”

“We can take a raincheck for sure.”

“Night, Tim. Love you.”

“Love you too, Y/N.”

“Go to sleep, babe.”


So I was reading injustice, and I almost didn’t notice this. Barry didn’t just CARRY Bruce, he gave him a FUCKING PIGGY BACK THROUGH METROPOLIS IM SCREECHING THIS IS THE BEST PANNEL IVE EVER READ

Silly you.

Hi! I have been so busy lately, I hardly ever posted anything that wasn’t on queue. I finally have some time today and hopefully; I can get through some more requests. As per usual, this is a gentle reminder that: yes, requests are open until stated otherwise and I will get to your requests as soon as I can. This was inspired by a comic strip that I found when I was looking up recipes for potato egg salad (I want to make some for dinner!) and it just became like this. Hope you enjoy it! 

Sometimes the two of you argue about the silliest things. When you think about it, it always manages to make you blush in embarrassment and laugh at how most of the arguments started. Out of all the stupidest things Jason and you argue about, it had to be that one time when you were sun-tanning at the back of your house, eating boiled eggs – you were craving for some boiled eggs that week – and making sure your Alaskan Malamute – Hood, very original name from Jason – is getting the exercise he needs. You had been about to sit up when one of your boiled eggs rolled off of your plate and fell on top the chair before falling to the ground.

You gasp, setting as the now empty plate on to your table and is about to reach for the fallen egg – you reckon if you wash it, it will still be alright – when Hood races towards you and gobbled up the egg right before you. He barks happily and puts two of his front paws on your thighs, reaching forward to lick your face before rushing off to run around again.

Jason walks out of the house to see you looking extremely annoyed and sad at the same time so he approaches you. “What’s got your panties in a twist?” He asks, sitting down beside you.

You turn to face your boyfriend. “Hood just stole my egg.”

Jason raises one of his eyebrows, looking at you for further explanation. “What?”

You repeat your previous answer. “My egg fell off my plate to the chair and on to the ground!” You explain and Jason nods his head. “Hood took it right before I could even reach it and now it’s gone!” Your voice is starting to raise in volume now and Jason looks at you as if you had another head coming out of your shoulders.

“So? It’s just an egg, babe. Hood eats anything and everything he feels like.” Jason glances at Hood who is currently rolling around on the grass. No matter how many times the both of you tried to manage Hood’s diet, he somehow manages to destroy what effort the both of you have put in.

“It’s not just an egg, Jay! I wanted to eat that egg!” You exclaim, starting to get annoyed about how nonchalant your boyfriend of four years is being and Jason turns to look back at you again. “Why can’t you be considerate to my feelings, Jay? I really wanted to eat the egg!” You cross your arms, narrowing your eyes at Jason.

Jason is slightly taken aback by your expression. “Babe, it’s just an egg – why are you getting so worked up about this?” Sometimes he really wonders what goes on in your head. “If it means so much to you, I’ll boil one egg for you, okay?” He stands up, shaking his head. “It’s just an egg, Y/N. Come on.” He picks up your plate and holds on to your arm before tugging you back inside the house.

You pout and sat by the counter, watching Jason move about the kitchen. He poured water in to a pot and waited for it to boil before placing the egg inside. As the minutes tick by, you are slowly starting to realize just how much of a jerk you had been and honestly, you should not really be surprised by Hood stealing your food – you know Jason feeds him chicken and baby carrots topped with peanut butter, every now and then – he does it all the time. Like one time, the two of you got him a new bed and guess who didn’t sleep on his new bed at all? That’s right, Hood. But that’s another story for another day.

When the egg is boiled, Jason even went as far as peeling it open for you. He sliced the egg in half before drizzling them with some warm olive oil and sprinkled it with flavored sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. He brings the plate over to you and places it in front of you.

You blink a couple of times at his sweet gestures. “I’m an idiot.” You tell him as you reach for the plate.

Jason rolls his eyes before chuckling affectionately. “Yeah, well, I’m the idiot that’s dating the idiot.” He tells you cheekily, causing you to laugh.

See, sometimes the arguments the two of you have – though half of the time, it is you who tend to blow things out of proportions – are just the silliest but you know, you will never trade it for anything else in the world.



Decided to combine these two requests. Hope you like it!

Your eyes were growing heavy as you continued to stare down at the history assignment that was currently sprawled out on Archie Andrews’ kitchen table. The smell of pizza was wafting through the kitchen as the greasy box sat untouched on the kitchen counter; it was enough to make your stomach growl in anticipation but there was no time for that – not until you finished.

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Bare // Jughead Jones Smut

Summary: Heading to Pops after the reoccurring verbal fight between your sibling and Dad, your boyfriend notices how tired you look. Admitting the fighting he takes you to his favourite place to wait for to calm down. Things get heated quick between Jughead and you.

Characters: Jughead x reader, Hermione Lodge, and Archie Andrews (mentioned)

Words: 1702

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I also want to clarify, in the tv series Jughead is NOT asexual and this is based on the series not the comics.

Warnings: Fluff, mention of fighting, and smut

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N Someone posted wanting Jughead smut because there isn’t. Under the forever tags I’m adding them to a Riverdale taglist. If you want off please let us know.

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The night was cold, the type of cold that seeped through the thickest of jackets and clung for hours. The type that made you think that you would die from hypothermia at any point despite compelling evidence that it wasn’t possible. You were trying to get away from the fighting between your sibling and father.

Lately it seemed that the sounds in the house were the screaming match that went down every night when you tried to sleep. You would sneak out half an hour into the fight and you always walked yourself to Pop’s for a milkshake. It was getting around that your home life was terrible.

“I’ll have a strawberry milkshake this time.” You mumbled digging into your pocket for change.

“It’s on the house.” Mrs. Lodge smiled seeing the pain and fatigue clinging on your features.

Normally you would argue that but as of lately you didn’t have the energy to do anything so you nodded before sitting down in a booth. It was late so you were one of the very few people sitting in the diner. You barely noticed the person that sat down in the booth until they spoke.


You looked up to see your boyfriend looking at you concerned, taking in the inky colours underneath your eyes. It wasn’t hard to see that sleep had evaded you for the last little while. It was concerning for Jughead.

“Hey.” You smiled placing your hands back into your lap while Jughead ran his eyes across your features, “Something wrong Jug?”

“Why are you here so late?”

“Can’t sleep-“

“The truth.” Jughead firmly said.

“I haven’t been sleeping.” You admitted, “I can’t fall asleep in a house where screaming takes place every night. There’s no peace at all.”

Jughead’s heart broke when the tears gathered as your voice broke in synch with his heart. You were normally one of the strongest girls he had ever known. When you learnt about his home situation you had fought him to tell the Andrews, despite Fred being a main reason why Jughead didn’t have a home anymore.

“Oh.” Jughead breathed sliding into your side of the booth instead. He wrapped his long arms around your shaking frame, leaning his chin on the top of your head, “It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled, “Why are you out so late Jug?”

“Couldn’t write in the house. I’m so used to writing with you by my side or in here. I have words racing in my head but I couldn’t write with Archie playing his songs. He’s an amazing singer but those songs aren’t putting me in the writing mood.”

You chuckled as Jughead pressed a kiss to the top of your head. You were still wired so Jughead gripped your hand and tugged you out of the diner. The milkshake forgotten and if Hermione Lodge was being truthful, she hadn’t started making it when Jughead showed up.

You knew that he could see that you wouldn’t be able to sleep for awhile so he did something he knew you would like. The Twilight Drive-In was still in the process of being demolished but the shack that Jughead had slept in still stood.

“Come on.”

“Aren’t we trespassing?” You mumbled walking in while Jughead made sure the coast was clear.

“Probably.” He shrugged, “I know you though.”

You chuckled as the two of you dropped to the bed in silence. Jughead was different when it was just the two of you and not around your peers. You each had an uncanny distaste for public displays of affection to the disappointment of Kevin.

“Do you remember when I invited you here for our first date?” Jughead asked putting his arm around your shoulders.

“Of course I do!” You laughed.

“Movies, and when the second movie started I couldn’t help myself from kissing you.” Jughead whispered leaning his forehead against yours. The atmosphere got charged when he pressed his lips against yours.

“I remember you pulled back and I crashed mine against yours.” You breathed.

“I don’t…” Jughead trailed off before, “Can you refresh my memory?”

Without another word you pushed your body onto his lap and pushed his hat off his head. Your lips moved against each other passionately as you gasped when Jug’s hand came to rest of your thigh.

Jughead pulled away to trail his lips down your neck to suck on your collarbone. You released a breathy moan as you clenched his hair in your hands, arching into his chest. You took pride in knowing you had turned him on.

“Y/N…” Jughead breathed as you rubbed yourself on his hard on. He moaned as his head rested on your chest before gripping your hips in a bruising hold.

He pressed his hands on your hips down as he slowly dragged you up and down his lap. You hissed when your clit dragged across the zipper of his black jeans. He let go to push his jacket and sweater off his arms before returning his hands back to your hips.

You grinded against him harder both of you hissing and panting as you leaned down. You ran your lips slowly up his jaw, teasingly leaving small bites. You bit him at the same time he groaned lowly.

“I also remember what happened a few dates after that” you said as a smirk crossed your face as you began to speed up.

“You talking about the one that Archie walked in on?” Jughead smirked dragging his hands up under your shirt and pulling it off and onto the floor within seconds.

“More like the one after that.” You breathed slowly dragging his shirt up his body, “The one where we-“

You gasped when you turned flipped onto your back with Jughead hovering above you with one hand trailing fire down your chest to the button of your jeans. He slowly kissed the underside of your jaw while his fingers carefully and awkwardly undid the button and pulled back to remove your jeans.

“I’ll never get out of this.” Jughead whispered, his eyes igniting the fire in you to higher temperatures.

“Jug…please.” You whispered pulled him back down onto your body. The start had been intense but it slowed down, possibly because of the awkwardness, to wear you caressed each others skin.

You made quick work of Jughead’s black jeans by shoving them off by your feet along with his boxers. You moaned taking in his size despite it not being the first time you had seen each other naked.

“You’re wearing too many clothes. I’d prefer the soft, supple skin.”

With shaking fingers Jughead couldn’t entirely release your bra clasps with fluid movements but that was okay. With an apology breathed into the crook of your neck you switched positions with Jughead, now you straddled his thighs as you swiftly removed your underwear. Jughead had taken the time to stroke himself.

You took your tall and lean boyfriend splayed out on the cot with his green eyes darkened with desire and his tongue running over his swollen lips. Your heated gaze raked over his form from his ruffled raven hair going everywhere both from his hat and your fingers.

You didn’t even notice that his free hand had moved to the apex of your thighs. It never failed to amaze you how his touch could make you nearly collapse. You felt more than saw him move to lean against the wall and drag you up. In unison Jughead and you hissed as you sank down on him.

Jughead had this thing where he wouldn’t let either of you move as he let the feeling overpower him. A beat later he had you bouncing using his power as you felt boneless before you met him thrust for thrust. Swivelling your hips as you sank down you had Jughead gasping.

“Oh god.” You breathed squeezing your eyes closed as Jughead’s thumb pressed into your clit, “Holy sh-“

“I’m c-lose.” Jughead exclaimed tugging you down with his other hand. You ground your hips gripping his hair tightly. With a harsh brush against your clit you fell into your climax

Jughead got off on the way you came. You’re skin would colour into the most beautiful pink he had ever seen. Your toes and fingers would curl together while your nose crinkled at the strongest crest. Your hair would be a halo around your head and his favourite part was when his name fell from your lips like a raindrop from a flower petal.

Breathing was difficult as you both came down from your highs shaking from the intense love-making. Jughead dragged you down to lay down but the chill in the room caused goosebumps to raise on your body.

“We should probably go home.” Jughead breathed, “Getting caught by the cops in here wouldn’t be fun.”

“Yeah.” You yawned, “Do you want to stay over at my place?”

“What about your-“

“You know my parents love you. They’re fine with you staying if the door isn’t closed all the way.” You whispered.

In a comfortable silence you dressed quickly, only this time Jughead’s sweater was wrapped around you. In typical fashion it was much too big on you but in your rush to get out of your house you had grabbed the thinnest sweater you had by accident. Jug’s hat was back on his head and his arm was around your shoulder.

Jughead had a lot of shades to himself where he was a novelist, student, best friend and boyfriend. He was sarcastic and intelligent with a certain way of words. He was cool and collected with a witty remark to anything but he was different behind closed doors. Sex with Jughead wasn’t the smooth sailing in tv shows and movies but instead it was true with awkwardness that dissipated when you got more and more well versed with each others bodies.

“I love you.” Jughead whispered into your hair when you were asleep in his arms in the safety of your room. He didn’t say it often but he showed it a lot. Jughead loved you even if he didn’t say the words and you returned the same feelings.

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Headcanon: Damian Wayne

I wasn’t sure if you wanted an imagine or a headcanon so I just went with the latter! Never really gave much thought about a vampire!AU but after doing this, it seems really fun! Perhaps maybe in the future I should try to explore this. Thank you for sending in your request and hope you enjoy this!

  • You have never seen or met anyone who has treated you with the same amount of respect Damian gives you. That’s one of the reasons you had agreed to test the waters together with Damian. Damian knows what he wants in life and he wants to spend it with you which is why he had pursued you in the first place.
  • The Wayne family is a family of aristocracy so Damian has impeccable manners and when you are with him, chivalry is never dead. Damian will open and hold the doors for you, pull out your chairs, make sure you aren’t cold if the two of you are going out late at night. He even brings your favourite flowers almost all the time whenever the two of you meet up.
  • Damian isn’t a fan of PDA and at most, if you are in public, he will stand close to you just so your shoulder will brush against his and at the very most, he leaves kisses at the back of your hand. You don’t really mind his aversion to public display of affection but it’s what Damian very lovable. At least, when the two of you are away from the eyes of public, he is very affectionate and is almost always touching your hand, or holding your hand, hugging you even.
  • Damian likes giving you forehead kisses.
  • Damian is also very proud of you and very supportive of whatever you choose to do in your life. He pays a lot of attention to whatever stories you tell him about college, or work or high school. He is also very insightful too so you tend to get really good advice from him. He also never lets you forget about how proud he is of you.
  • “You are doing so very well, my beloved. I am proud of you.”
  • Damian is also a man of his words so you can be assured that Damian will never break any of the promises he makes to you (unless they are absolutely necessary and/or you are in grave danger!).
  • “I give you my word, beloved.”
  • Damian likes holding you whenever you are about to sleep. He tells you stories from the past and plays with your hair and he might even watch you sleep for a bit before he tries to rest himself.
  • Damian is very protective of you – tends to worry about danger / consequences of bringing you into his life and the world of the supernatural. He is a little bit assured that if he is ever away for some Vampire business, his brothers are all willing to watch over you and keep you safe.
  • Obviously, you love hanging out with his brothers too and you think despite being born in to aristocracy, all of them are very chill people and a fun group to be around with (even though you know they can kill you with their pinkies probably). They tend to teach you a few tricks just in case you aren’t with any of them – protecting yourself from super natural entities 101 with the Wayne family.
  • Despite all the good, you have seen Damian at his worst and he too, has seen you at your worst too so the both of you are quite inseparable too. You are each other’s rocks.