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so this part took me so much time to make not because it was hard to draw but i had exams so i drew very fast so i could get one page done soon ughhhh thats why panels look kinda off please enjoy and if you dont know i have my own youtube channel now where i post this comic in HD bonus some animation bits and new panels so please check it out


The Flash 2017 Comic Con Panel: Part 1


Supergirl Panel Comic Con 2017 Part 1

JDM at The Walking Dead Comic Con 2017 Panel - part 1

Fan: Actually I do have a question for Jeffrey, but I’m curious will there ever be like an episode where there’s just, I don’t know, karaoke night or something and they’re just chilling in Alexandria? But also for Jeffrey, uhm…if Sasha had lived where do you think she would have ended up in Negan’s organization?

Jeffrey: First of all, every night is karaoke night for Negan. He’s having fun. I…you know that would have been an interesting storyline to move forward. I think Negan saw something in Sasha.

But I think he sees something in every one of these characters thatis rare in this world. They’re all very strong and…as a team and individually and I think he respects everyone he’s come up against and Sasha was no different and he liked her. She knew that she had a good head on her shoulders and she was…would have been a great ally. So, I think…you know, he was as sad as everybody else to see her go. 


Once Upon a Time Panel Comic Con 2017 Part 1


The Flash Panel Comic Con 2017 Part 1


part 2 of my yuri on ice fantasy AU comic! find part 1 here! o// 

also I decided to make the second part because almost half of people who participated in a polling that I made on my twitter, voted for the continuation of fantasy AU comic that I made before. so I hope you guys like it! :’D/

also marked as my contribution for victuuriweek day 3 : superpowers

(Anyway, read from right to left o//)