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Character Selection, I.iii.5-11 

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Answers at last…? 

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I could’ve done so many “no, boss, that’s a flower” or “no, boss, that’s a broken lamp” jokes… but Papyrus doesn’t give a stick about Sans’ opinion. He decides that Frisk is a human, and that’s it!! They’re a human!!

He’ll PERSONALLY deliver them to the castle!! AND THEN… THEN!!

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I’m uploading it on mobile because the internet in my laptop is… slow. I have to explain this… ehm. McWhammy saw a paper floating on his back whilst he was walking AT THE WINDOW. So he took it and saw the signature. “ENTP”. Well… (I know a story is bad when you even have to explain it because no one could get it…). Read from right to left.


I just want to get all the icky things out of the way at once. I really do feel distraught after reading this comic despite being a person whose sensibilities are far from delicate. I guess I’ve just come to love these characters so much.

So the wives, or at least The Dag, seems to think there’s something sexual to the way Joe views his War Boys. The narration implies it as well when describing how Joe likes the women prepared for him. 

I’ve posted a panel from the first comic before of Joe with his War Boys: It was creepy enough on its own, but it retroactively becomes even creepier. 

Personally I don’t think Joe actually molests the War Boys or anything like that, but it seems plausible that he would get a sexual thrill from being worshipped by a bunch of physically fit and badass young men who would do *anything* for him. I’ve made jokes before about him not issuing them shirts, but damn, I never expected it could actually be a real thing.