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It’s finally here! I’m so sorry this took so long guys! I really am. I don’t have any excuse for such a long wait.
But it’s started. I WILL finish this, i have the ending and a  lotta of the story figured out already. It’ll need some beta readers who are ok with spoilers, and stuff.
Not sure what else to say so…hope ya like it?


Some time back (over the course of 2014/15) I took advantage of @davidbaronart ‘s generous comic page commissions and had him do a series in which my character Jenn trained with his boxer character, Shelby.

David’s original comics were in black and white, and I added the colors myself. I’d never shared them here, so I thought I would! 

(For those viewing on my actual tumblr homepage instead of on your own dash–there are a total of five pages here–make sure you click the little arrow on the right to scroll through each one).

Here’s a direct link to a post on David’s blog with the original black and whites of part 3 (which includes links to the other black and white parts).