Hannibal Drawing a day 2/25/2014 (( Picture 5 ))

I couldn’t help but think that Will Graham would benifit from having a sercive dog during his “seeing” sessions so that when it’s over, he can ground himself by hugging the dog and reminding himself of what keeps him going and exactly who he is in the moment. Plus, if he started having an episode, the dog could provide some kind of aid, rather it was drawing attention to Will’s state or knocking him out of it. And Winston would be perfect for it!!


Played the Arbor Wilds again the other day and I was once again disappointed that Celyse couldn’t show, like, ANY sort of support towards poor Cullen who, according to soldiers, has been up for like 2 days at this point, with only an hour or so of sleep. PLUS he like gets hurt in the fight while you’re there and still keeps on fighting. I mean SERIOUSLY >_< So I did a short comic about what would have actually happened :P

Celyse usually isn’t one for the PDA (I mean, aside from the ramparts kisses ^_- ) so this would be something very special, coming from her and in this situation. Hey, Cullen gave her his lucky coin, he needs something for luck too ^_-

Enjoy! ^___^

You can read this comic on Deviant Art too!


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Sans was pulled back to the underground and the barrier remains permanently closed. They now struggle to live separated from one another.

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Fun fact time

The royal flag of Alabasta is almost never seen in full in any part of the manga or anime. It’s a circle representing the sun surrounded by eight raindrop shapes (though just as often it’s drawn with as many as nine or as few as five). Here are some decent shots of it.

External image

External image

External image

Look familiar? That’s right, the scene at the top of this post invokes a symbol that barely made it into the manga at all. Oda is a fucking dedicated dude, just so you know.