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A classic continuity conundrum, from 1976’s Fantastic Four #176, by Roy Thomas, George Pérez and Joe Sinnott. Thanks to first Ben and then Reed losing their powers in this series but being active in Marvel Two-In-One, and very tight moment-to-moment continuity in Fantastic Four at this point (this is part of a long sequence that all seems to take place over the course of about three days), some genius came up with the idea that 16 issues of Marvel Two-In-One have to happen between the third and fourth panels here. And other issues are contingent on THOSE issues, so it works out to about 100 issues in all. 

By my reckoning, the sequence would have to go something like this: 

“…he ain’t ever gonna let us FORGET it.”

Marvel Two-in-One 21
Thor 246-247
Marvel Spotlight 30
Thor 248-253 (254 is a reprint)
Super-Villain Team-Up 5
Daredevil Annual 4
Super-Villain Team-Up 6-9
Avengers 155-156
Marvel Two-in-One 24
Daredevil 139
Iron Man 92-94
Marvel Two-in-One 25
Super-Villain Team-Up 10
Werewolf by Night 42-43
Quasar 1
Daredevil 140-144
Super-Villain Team-Up 11-12
Rampaging Hulk v. 1 #3-4 (backups)
Thor 255 (pp. 1-5)
Nova 4
Thor 255 (pp. 6-17)
Captain America 204-216
Marvel Super Special 1 (KISS)
Amazing Spider-Man 165-166 (pp. 1-17)
Avengers 157-160
Marvel Treasury Edition 13
Amazing Spider-Man 166 (pg. 18)
Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 4-5
Amazing Spider-Man 167-170
Spider-Man Family vol. 2 #6 (2nd story)
Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure 1-5
Marvel Team-Up Annual 1
Marvel Team-Up 53-55
Marvel Tales 262 (2nd story)
Incredible Hulk 208
Rampaging Hulk v. 2 #1-5
Marvel Two-in-One 26-33
Marvel Team-Up 56
Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 7-8
Marvel Team-Up 57
Marvel Two-in-One 34-36
“Well, anyway… here we are back in FUN CITY.”

This order actually presents its own continuity problems, but I’ll get to that next time…