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I’m struggling to figure out why people find the need to point to the current line up of dceu movies that are or will be released and complain that they’re not following the comics in the Exact Way™ they want them too. Why is that a problem now?

You know what else doesn’t follow the comics exactly? The dctv shows. The dc animated movies. The dc animated shows. The other DC movies that were released before, starting with the very first. Even comics don’t follow comics exactly, or retcons wouldn’t be a thing and Superman would have only been written by his original creators.

Like, I’m trying to wrap my head around how the dceu is committing a sin akin to murder with how it’s developing its universe and characters, and I’m coming up empty. They’re just movies (and I know that’s funny coming from me); you don’t have to scream at them like they’re ending the world. Don’t wanna watch it, to give it your money? Then don’t, it’s not like its hurting for cash, or ever will. 

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So I've only recently gotten into Spidertorch because I read Amazing Spiderman #680 so I went on TUmblr and read your fic and now I'm hooked. Do you have a list of MUST read comics for spidertorch shippers? That'd help me so much with my newfound obsession

I definitely do! Since we’re talking 50+ years worth of team-ups between two of Marvel’s biggest heroes, this is far from a definitive list - I mean, they literally meet in Amazing Spider-Man #1. Mostly I’m just highlighting my favorite issues. If anybody else would like to add onto it, please feel free!

Marvel 616

Recs under the cut! Surprising nobody, it got long.

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Beginner’s Guide to Marvel Comics

I’ve updated my blog with a link to my Beginner’s Guide to Marvel Comics series and included the how-to guides I’ve completed so far. If you have any questions on where to start reading comics or recommendations on what characters you’d like to see next, feel free to send me an ask!

Beginner’s Guide

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