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Dib wears the wrong pants… WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!!  Can the Earth survive an invasion from the waist down? (Spoiler: Maybe!)

Tell your LCS you want to get your grubby hands on my variant cover with the code DEC151491 (or DEC151490 for the main cover). Cut off date for pre-orders is Feb, 29th. Thanks for letting me do this @onipress!

PANTS! is a legendary “LOST EPISODE” of Invader ZIM.  A story that finds Dib battling an invasion of disgusting alien pants with mind-control powers, it was originally shot-down for reasons that are now lost in the mists of time.  But writer Eric Trueheart never gave up carrying the torch for the trousers.  Now Trueheart, series-creator Jhonen Vasquez, and artists Aaron Alexovich and Dave Crosland finally bring the pants out of the closet and onto the page.  A tale as funny as it is creepy, PANTS! will delight old-school ZIM fans and newcomers alike, and make you never look at your legs the same way again.


Comic Market 90th at Tokyo Big Sight (2016 august)

the world’s largest doujinshi fair, Comic Market 90th is held this summer.
this year, on the opening day, it attracted no less than 150.000 visiters.
there are also many booth of official merch and fanarts(handicrafts, clothes, music CD, photo-book, game CD-ROM, and many more) in the event.

in the episode 17 of Osomatsusan, Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu joined Comiket.

for three days, everyboby enjoy Comic Market fully.
at a convinient store near the venue, they display Osomatsusan signboards to welcome manga/anime fans.

Hey remember when I told you guys that Invader ZIM Volume 1 was coming out in January? Even if you don’t remember or maybe you’re new here, get a load of this final cover art.  Awesome right? Head down to your local comic shop this week and tell them you need ZIM! 

OCT151564,  FINAL CUT OFF DATE ¼/2016
ON SALE: 1/27/2016



We are planning a Touhou photo and costume exhibition in Japan on Asagaya anime Street( August 14, 15 (16:00 to 21:00)! We are selling the costumes we’re showing off here. There will be a Touhou-themed cafe and a Touhou-themed escape game (similar to will also be featured too. The artists who made the Touhou Font books ( will join us and also sell their books here as well!

Please, thank you

NEW ON SALE DATE: INVADER ZIM #12 will now be on sale August 10!

(W) Eric Truehart
(A) @sketchhero-warren
© @artofstresing
(CA) @sketchhero-warren (Cover A), Rashad Doucet (Cover B INCV)
ON SALE: 8/10/2016

Synopsis: ZIM and Dib are slingshotted to a horrifying future where the earth is ruled… by ZIM and ZIM? Yes, Emperor ZIM is triumphant, and humanity bows before his greatness. But Invader ZIM decides his future self is a huge ungrateful jerk, and now ZIM must go to war against himself!

Find your local comic shop with or, and add INVADER ZIM to your pull list so you never miss out on an issue!

So a few people have pointed to Kieron’s excellent post on the economics of Image comic titles, in relation to us having to put UMBRAL on hiatus.

Some have mentioned Kieron’s point that even if WicDiv’s single issue sales were bad (which they most certainly aren’t), the sales of collections (aka “trades”) would more than make up for it, and asked why the same wasn’t true of UMBRAL.

Well, it was. And that was entirely the problem.

Not only were UMBRAL’s single issue sales low after the first year, but we didn’t sell enough trades to make up for it. I actually stated that in the post, but perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough. So, in Kieron’s spirit of openness, here are some numbers:

UMBRAL #1 sold 16,500. By issue #6, we were down to 6,300. That’s quite a drop, but in terms of percentages it’s actually entirely normal for comics. We even have an industry term for it: “standard attrition”. Any comic that actually increases its sales from month to month is rare and wondrous.

So 6k isn’t great, and nobody’s really making any money with those numbers. In fact, Chris and I were already working for free, at that point. After paying our colorist and letterer, there was nothing left for us.

But that was OK. We knew some people were “trade waiting” the book, and if trade sales were strong, they’d make up for it.

They weren’t. Despite buying ads, taking out sponsorships, and doing as much PR as humanly possible, UMBRAL vol 1 sold around 3,500 copies in its first month. A respectable number, but nowhere near enough to turn a profit and make up for low issue sales.

Maybe we should have thrown in the towel at that point. But we didn’t, because Chris and I were enjoying telling Rascal’s story, and having a great time just working together again. So we carried on, still hoping things might pick up, and maybe the release of vol 1 would give the single issues a boost.

Nope. Issue #7 sold 5,000.

Still we soldiered on, hoping good word of mouth would keep sales of Vol 1 turning over. Readers kept telling us how much they loved UMBRAL. Page 45, a single small store in England, sold 200+ copies of Vol 1 in the first two months. Surely, if we just kept going, we could turn things around.

But by issue #12, sales were down to 3,400. And then Vol 2 sold just 1,600 copies in its first month.

*sad trombone*

Three final things, make of them what you will:

1. Digital made no meaningful difference. Even #1, our best-selling digital issue, only sold a few hundred on Comixology.

2. We often heard from readers frustrated that their store wasn’t stocking issues of UMBRAL, and in some cases didn’t even fulfil pull list orders for them.

3. When we made the hiatus announcement, one anonymous message boarder said, “This makes me sad! UMBRAL was the first book I torrented every month!”

It’s absolutely true that single issue sales don’t matter as much for indie books, if you’re selling lots of trades. But it’s also true that you have to sell lots of trades. Sadly, UMBRAL did neither.

Once again, thank you to everyone who bought UMBRAL, whether in issues, digital, trades, whatever. Every sale made us feel we were doing something good. Alas, there just weren’t enough of you.

Onward and upward,

- Antony
22 Jun 2015

(I Feel I should add a quick coda, so people don’t make wrong assumptions: I’ve been making creator-owned comics for my entire career, more than 15 years. The above is normal, and expected. I’m just explaining things here for the benefit of readers who aren’t familiar with industry insider stuff like this.)


So you missed out on By Chance Or Providence? Never you fear, retailers all over the world got you covered! Written in alphabetical order by location. (Country, State, City) A handful of stores have bookplate editions as well, I’ll post those up later!

Books will start shipping in late April, so please look for these in the first or second week of May! :) 


All Star Comics Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria


Alpha Comics
Calgary, Alberta

Strange Adventures 
Nova Scotia, Halifax

Big B Comics
Hamilton, Ontario

The Beguiling
Toronto, Ontario

Millenium Comics
Montreal, QC


Big Bang Comics
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin


Travelling Man

  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • York

Forbidden Planet

  • London (Megastore!)
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Coventry
  • Croydon
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Chaos City Comics

OK Comics


Orbital Comics

Page 45


Ash Avenue Comics & Books
Tempe, AZ 

Pulp Fiction
Long Beach, CA

Secret Headquarters LLC
Los Angeles, CA 

Red Sky Comics
Merced, CA

Escapist Comics
Oakland, CA 

A Shop Called Quest
Redlands, CA

Mission: Comics & Art
San Francisco, CA 

Muse Comics & Games
Colorado Springs, CO

Big Planet Comics
Washington, DC

Coliseum of Comics
Orlando, FL

Dr. No’s Comics & Games
Marietta, GA

Challengers Comics
Chiacgo, IL 

Chicago Comics
Chicago, IL

Arcadian Comics & Games 
Newport, KY

Crescent City Comics
New Orleans, LA 

Friendly NeighborhoodComics
Bellingham, MA

New England Comics
Brockton, MA

That’s Entertainment
Worcester, MA

Big Planet Comics
College Park, MD
& Bethesda, MD

Fantom Comics
Washington, DC

Casablanca Comics
Portland, ME 

Vault of Midnight
Ann Arbor, MI

Bombshell Comics & Stuff
Hattiesburg, MS

Midtown Comics
New York, NY

Royal Collectibles
Forest Hills, NY 

Escape Pod Comics
Huntington Village, NY

Comic Envy
Asheville, NC

Chapel Hill Comics Inc
Chapel Hill, NC

Atomic Empire
Durham, NC

Heroes Are Here
Goldsboro, NC

Bill’s Books and More
Canton, OH

Big Planet Comics
Columbus, OH

Bridge City Comics
Portland, OR 

Floating World
Portland, OR

Brave New Worlds
Philadelphia, PA 

Comics on the Green
Scranton, PA

Rogues Gallery Comics & Game
Round Rock, TX

Laughing Ogre 
Fairfax, VA

Big Planet Comics
Vienna, VA
& Fairfax, VA
& Lansdowne, VA

Zanadu Comics
Seattle, WA

お知らせです。8/12〜8/14ビッグサイトで開催のコミックマーケット90の公式ドリンクのイラストを描かせて頂きました!素敵なロゴはI.S.W DESIGNING柊椋さん(によるもの。8〜10月くらいビッグサイトの自販機にあるとの事😊良かったら飲んでみて下さいね。